oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy Weekend

It started off slow.  Just the girls and I on Friday night. Trent was with Grandma and Drake was at the Santa Fe Alumni Event.

So we picked up a nutritious dinner (Juliana's choice),

to enjoy at a scenic location.

Big sis kicked back in the front seat while she divulged all the kindergarten gossip...if you're not a good listener (cough Parker) Mrs. Henken makes you a chart and if you're good you get a happy face at the end of the day and if you're not you get a sad face and Mrs. Henken will talk to your mom.

Come Saturday, Daddy made his pancakes with a little something extra...

*he's such a fun daddy

We had a Halloween party Saturday night and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out a costume that I could wear these shoes with.

However, it was a family Halloween party and everything I could think of using stuff I have on hand wouldn't have been appropriate. So we came up with this instead.

Here's what happens when two barista's fall in love...

Question: What do you get when you put a couple dozen sugared up kids together??

Chaos. But in a good way. This isn't even all of them.

the "Jessie's"

Hostess with the Mostess and her super creative costume

She's one of those Barbie heads you put make-up on.

The big boys

Trent's girlfriend, a.k.a. Cuppy, a.k.a. Avery

The party was fun and everyone went home tired. Especially mom. Sunday after church we headed over to the Ermanis' to hang out and watch football. We love this family. Dad's are buds, Mom's totally get each other and the kid's play happily for hours. Thanks Ermanis gang, can't wait to have you over in a couple of weeks.
My eyes are heavy and my bed is calling. Tomorrow is Halloween. Stay tuned for costume pictures part 2 (just the kids this time).


  1. Love the weekend recap!
    Especially the juicy tidbits about school, thanks Jules!

  2. Cute, cute cute! I love all the photos, and that you and drake had corresponding costumes! Drake is very photogenic, how did I never notice this? (Drake, I know you're reading this) You look very handsome in these halloween photos - and you and trent have that same boyish handsome look in the second to last photo. Lisa, I LOVE those shoes... are they new?

  3. What a cute family!!! All of a sudden I desperately want a grande non-fat mocha with whip. I miss those days of free drinks :). I noticed our little "kitten" is quite adorable in her little costume. Looks like lots of fun childhood memories for the kiddos! Bless the family that hosted this chaos of fun! (Just remember Jules is always watching and "sharing" info on her observations--next time it could be about you or me or ?) LOL

  4. Sarah~ Chris gave me the shoes last week. They are gold and fabulous...one might say glittertastic.