oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Walk to Remember

This morning Drake was home so I got to go for a walk with no children. Yes, that's right. Instead of hoofing it around Carlsbad with my double wide and answering a gazillion questions, picking up nasty cans (Juliana is really into the recycling thing), pausing to break up a spat between #1 and #2 or picking a flower from a specific flower bush because I let them one time and now we must do it EVERYTIME, I was free. Free to enjoy conversation with my cute pregnant sister-in-law. Free to slow down or speed up when I wanted without Trent questioning why the pace had changed (seriously). Mostly just free to take a few deep cleansing breaths of the cool post-rain air. It. was. nice. Bonus, I got to break in my cute new shoes.

While we're on the subject of walks, here's another walk I would like to remember. Our morning walks to kindergarten. Seeing her with her lunchbox still chokes me up sometimes. These were taken on Monday before the weather turned cooler and she was dying to wear her flamingo dress to school because Maryanne wore a flamingo dress last week...it's already started.

Could she BE any cuter?

There were reports of a cold front coming which meant it was time to make the first soup of the season.

I love that Trent still likes to set up shop and play wherever I'm at.

I really do love being a mom and here's a few things that have reminded me of that this week...

Her afternoon recitals. This one was complete with a program she made. This little number was called Hip and Dip.

Future blackmail photo?

You'll notice that Sam is not as featured this week. She's going through this adorable phase where I pretty much have to hold her all the time. This is my view of her usually.

It's not just that she wants to be held, it has to be ME holding her.

Poor Uncle Jake, he used to be one of her favorites

Same with Auntie Sarah


These were taken at Sunday dinner at my parent's. They're just too cute not to share.

Well I suppose I should fold the laundry on my couch before kindergarten pick-up. I'm thinking hot chocolate and marshmallows are on the menu this afternoon. Happy Wednesday.

Go Daddy!!


  1. "Pictures please!" I love it! And we are still her favorites, she just doesn't know it yet, or at least she doesn't know it while she's tired. Cute post ;)

  2. Walking to school is such a "rite of passage". I was always so blessed that you and your brothers could walk to school. It gives you a feeling of independence, it helps get your blood pumping and it also gets the wiggles out before a day of sitting and listening. :)