oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Garden

The other day I sat down to color with Trent and Sammy...immediately Sammy sat down on my lap to "help" with my picture and Trent remained perfectly still and focused on what he was doing. Instinctively I began to doodle a sunflower, that seems to be my go-to when I'm left with crayons and paper.

As the sunflower began to take shape, my mind wandered to Juliana. She is my sunflower. Golden hair with a spattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She blossoms when light and praise are showered on her. She is sturdy, strong and confident in who she is. She is a ray of light and energy in our home.

When I colored in the last golden petal, the assistant on my lap got me thinking about what kind of flower she is. A gerber daisy, definitely. Varying in vibrants colors, intense and beautiful. She is moody, like a daisy she has the ability to brighten a room one moment and then be drooping and wilted the next. She is a little more delicate than the other two and keeps our life colorful and interesting.

Then there's our boy. I couldn't think of the appropriate plant to represent him, so I asked him what he thought.
"hey buddy, if you were a plant, what would you be?"
"an apple tree"

I thought about that book The Giving Tree and he is like that tree. He is nutrients to our family. He is smart and wise even at five years old. He represents something different to everyone in our family. Student, playmate, conversationalist, sports enthusiast. He is kind, giving, gentle and tender-hearted.

I love all three of them so much and know that they each have more to teach me than I can teach them. The Lord has been so generous to entrust me with these three precious souls.