oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Love

The weekend came and went. It is now Tuesday. It is the end of another perfect Southern California summer day.

My day started with sunlight streaming into the kitchen before the household woke up. I pieced together workout clothes from the laundry basket in the living room and snuck out before anyone could wake up and deter my gym plans. Oh happy day!

The kids are in VBS this week and swimming lessons continue. Our backyard is undergoing a make-over. None of these things have hindered staying up late, soaking up the sun and enjoying our slip n' slide with friends.

I feel behind on blogging, but that's only because we have been busy. I say busy and that sounds so unenjoyable, so rushed so "unsummer". Actually the opposite is true, summer has swept us away and we are busy doing summer things. Time with family, eating watermelon and "camping out" in our new sleeping bags.

This weekend we became the proud owners of a slip n' slide. I'm still not sure who has more fun on it, Daddy or the kids...

Much like the pool, Samantha prefers to be a spectator  with this too. I don't understand this child. Bath good, pool bad. Ocean good, sprinklers bad. Makes no sense, but man did she love watching this.

On Sunday we gathered with my mom's side of the family to celebrate an 80th birthday and two graduations. Truthfully it had been too long since all the family was together and it felt good. Pushing swings alongside my uncle, him pushing his grandchildren and me pushing my children. I loved laughing with my cousin over old memories...something about a large pie and a fork...and of course there was the immense joy I had watching my little ones make memories and be loved on by family members.

 {the graduates}

 {birthday boy with his kids}

Back to today. It was good. I enjoyed an invigorating walk with a close friend and I got to grocery shop with just one child. My day ended with 7 children I fed, bathed and braved the slip n' slide with. It was full and we are all high on summer lovin'.

 {these two have been best buds since babyhood and I'm convinced they speak their own language}

 {stick+mud=little boy heaven}

The house is quiet now. All have gone home. Mine are tucked in. I am tired. I am happy. I love getting to love on my friend's kids. I love a backyard full of squeals and laughter. I love serving homemade chocolate chip cookies. I love watching my kids blossom in their own friendships. My prayer is that by God's grace by the end of summer we will have a new long list of things we love...what about you? What are you lovin' this summer?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Lovin'

There is aloe chilling in our fridge and sand lining our tub. Bathing suits hang on every hook in the bathroom and even after a good scrubbing my babies still smell of sunscreen.

Summer lovin' is in full swing.

Beach days are tenderly locked in my childhood memory bank and I'm desperate for my kids to have them as well. Wave jumping, running free and rolling in sand. Feeling the sun warm their bodies and dry their salty skin. Southern California summers, is there anything better?

Another summer staple...swimming lessons.

{sister won't be joining a dive team anytime soon...just sayin'}

Yep we're embracing summer. Playing hard and sleeping well. Eating pancakes for breakfast and enjoying dinner in our backyard. Hanging with friends and soaking up the extra hours of daylight.

I had beautiful childhood summers. I want that for my kids. Impromptu afternoons at the beach followed by soft serve ice cream. Night swims at the community pool and corn dogs swirled in ketchup. Sprinklers and popsicles. Library books and bike riding. Sleeping bags and popcorn. I want them to have it all. You only get to be little once.

I only get to watch them be little once. I intend to make the most of it.