oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm back...

Where to start? It's been awhile friends. The holidays have kept me away from this space. While there has been much to document, there has also been much to savor. The savoring is what has kept me away.

Many times I've thought, I need to blog about this...I want to remember this...but when the kids finally did go to sleep the famous Christmas quilt and a cup of hot chocolate glass of wine were far more appealing than a computer screen.

So here goes, I'm going to make a list of all things I wanted to blog about.

*My new slate cheese board from World Market
*Watching Friends Thanksgiving episodes with Drake and thinking about how much I love his laugh
*Hosting Thanksgiving dinner
*Eating too much cheese
*The "joy" of taking family Christmas photos
*Decorating the Christmas tree and the way Sammy says ornament, "oment"
*Our family's obsession with drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn
*A new cheese I discovered at Trader Joe's
*All the many holiday parties we attended this year
*How much our family loves pajamas (seriously Trent's goal sometimes is to wear his all day)
*The smell of Christmas trees (we finally got a real one this year)
*Christmas festivities
*Daddy being off for a week (i.e. our most favorite week ever)
*Needing to cut back on cheese (my pants are getting tight)

I'm really hoping to get back in the groove (I know you've missed me :P ), but it's still December and the Christmas quilt is calling. Happy New Year!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

9 Years: Now and Then

Nine years ago today we got married. I wasn't even of legal drinking age and we both worked at Starbucks. We rented a one bedroom apartment next to the railroad tracks for $750 a month. We loved each other more than anything in the world. We still do.

Our life looks a lot different now. Today I picked him up from the airport after he returned home from his umpteenth business trip this year. We had a wonderful lunch overlooking the bay and then went to pick up our three beautiful children from my mom's. We came home to our house we bought four years ago. Our front door is red. Behind that red front door lots of life is happening.

We are not perfect, but within the four walls of our house with the red door, we are choosing to love each other. Choosing to love each other more than we did the day before. Choosing to accept that we are flawed human beings, but with the help of a perfect Savior we can love each other the way He loves us.

Happy 9th Anniversary my Honey, I love you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Days

{online Christmas shopping+coffee, while the kids played in the backyard}

Today was one of those days. The ones where you feel like you're able to accomplish so much, yet didn't feel pressed for time at all. The kind where you feel like you're very present and in the moment. The kind where you get to dust the furniture and bake cookies, but still manage to take a mid-day park break. The kind of day you need every now and then as a mom to remind you that you are capable.

I liked today.

{chick-fil-a at the park}

{"chocate milky", her new fave}

{look at me mama!}

{her new word today: motorcycle}

{melt my heart}

Once home we extended our outdoor time in the backyard. Rather than shooing them out so I could get stuff done, I sat on the wall soaking in the afternoon sun and them and all their littleness. Such blessings they are.

Yep, it was a good day. Tomorrow is looking pretty good too, my Honey comes home and we will celebrate 9 years of marriage. Stay tuned...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Monday

It's Monday. What started out as a fantastic weekend ended not so good for the mama. Thankfully I'm surrounded by people who love me and my family and support me through poor decisions...like running a half marathon I'm not really prepared for.

My good friend Beth and I got up before sunrise on Sunday to compete participate in the Silver Strand Half Marathon down in Coronado. Let me just say Beth is like a half marathon pro. We're talking the watch, the hat, the sleeves,  she even has the little belt for energy drinks. Me on the other hand...oh sure let's go run 13.1 miles after downing a double espresso and half a banana, did I mention I've been having neck problems? Can't imagine why...

With all that being said, I finished. By some standards I even finished well.

And then I paid for it. The rest of the day. And somewhat today. I'll spare you the details.

Regardless of that my babies are loved and cared for. I have amazing support when Drake is out of town. This morning my "support staff" and I caravanned down to Encinitas for a little Lofty Bean and park time. I have the best family and the best kiddos in the world.


{his hands are always in his mouth, i'm told this is a sign of intelligence.}



That is all for now. I want my Honey home. Things are just out of balance when he's gone. Thank you to all the people in my life who help keep me sane in his absence. I love you all more than you know.

Happy Monday.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday Confessions (a little early)

1. One week.

2. I decided to paint the kitchen this week. Let's just call it the domino effect. Now the kitchen AND living room have been repainted, furniture and decor has been repurposed, one couch has been eliminated and lastly I received a text from my brother tonight blaming me because he and my sis-in-law were at Home Depot buying paint...what can I say? I inspire people.

{french gray}

{transferred our dining area}

3. I'm obsessed with Instagram. I often check it before I tell Drake good morning. Sorry Honey.

4. I actually tear up every time I think about this one turning two. 

5. I send embarrassing enticing photos like these to Drake when he's traveling. This one is supposed to communicate "even though I haven't showered and I'm eating goldfish while watching Lois & Clark, I'm still sexy" Yeah, right.

6. Mother of the year completely forgot to blog about Halloween and sadly didn't photograph it well either...kinda hard when you leave your camera at home. Nonetheless, iphone to the rescue...

Truthfully the lack of pictures speaks volumes of how much I enjoyed Halloween, I was in the moment. I was present. Laughing with loved ones. Listening to delighted voices coo "trick-or-treat". Feeling nostalgic about my own childhood memories. Halloween was wonderful. Thank you Jess (and Mark (but mostly Jess)) for hosting :).

7. I love this man and the life that we have together. 

Happy weekend friends.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Confessions

1. I think I ate Samantha's body weight in Kit Kats yesterday...if not Sammy's definitely my niece Emily's.

2. I went to the gym to work them off and then came home and at a full size Three Musketeer's while I blogged about Disney World (thank you Koops for handing out full size candy bars this year).

3. Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 comes out this month and my excitement rivals a giddy teenager's. I actually teared up during a preview.

4. I daydream about being on The Voice even though I can't sing. Drake told me I can't buy a karaoke machine for myself so I am getting Juliana one for Christmas. She will love it and so will I. It's a win win...maybe not for the neighbors.

5. I lovingly refer to Trent as The Professional Question Asker. While most of the time I'm amused by his questions, there are times, like today for instance, that I want to squeeze his cute little face and tell him to be quiet. And another thing, there is a downside in having a four year old that reads. Especially when he is a professional question asker :)

6. I like Thanksgiving more than Christmas and I'm SO excited it's November.

 I know it has been awhile since I've done confessions, but if you've got anything to get off your chest there's no judgement here. Do tell!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Walt Disney World and the Great Bathroom Tour of 2012

We had a great time. We laughed a lot. We splurged on a character breakfast and overpriced souvenirs. We used every bathroom on the Disney property. Okay maybe not every bathroom.

Drake and I went to Disney World nine years ago as part of our honeymoon. While this was a much different trip, much different, it was every bit as memorable...perhaps even more so because we have the pictures to reflect on...I accidentally erased all our honeymoon photos, but that's a story for another time.

Moving on.

Day 1: Recovery from the red eye flight. Pool time for the kiddos and a relaxing bath for mama.

{giant tub+pinot = bring on disney}

Day 2: Grammy and I take on Epcot.

While Trent may have questioned and peed his way through the Magic Kingdom, Juliana danced (and peed) her way through. Sister is always dancing and it melts my mama heart.

Truth be told they both melt my mama heart.

Day 3: Trent's 4th Birthday!!!

We had breakfast at the Grand Floridian, complete with real Mickey Mouse pancakes and then we were off to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Buddy's favorite ride of the day, Toy Story Mania!!! He loved it!!

He couldn't stop giggling the whole ride.

After a full day of walking, peeing and a few rides we headed back to our hotel for pizza and birthday cake.

Nothing seems to delight this boy quite as much as birthday cake and candles. I wish I could bottle his joy because it is precious.

Day 4: Character breakfast and the Magic Kingdom.

This was my favorite day. All the Disney parks are fabulous, but the Magic Kingdom is a child's dreamland and experiencing it through their eyes was, well, magical.

Starting with the character breakfast. What might seem like an overpriced buffet with mediocre food completely transforms when they arrive, the characters.

Trent was a bit bashful, but Juliana, oh my girl's eyes were sparkling the whole time.

Alice and Pooh were terrific, but then she came...the most beloved Disney character yet in our house.

Can you say supercalfragilisticexpealidocious?

{practically perfect in every way sweet little thing}

Next up, the Magic Kingdom.

We rode almost every ride. The kids loved all of them. My anxiety was through the roof while Trent sat in front of me on Space Mountain. I thought for sure he was going to fly out because technically he wasn't quite tall enough, but he hopped off safely and wanted to ride it again. Sorry buddy mama's heart can't take it.

Juliana had the privilege of meeting another favorite.

You have a whole new appreciation for It's a Small World after you've had kids.

Yes, watching them experience it is wonderful.

However, it also represents an air conditioned break. Lord have mercy it was nice to sit on that boat.

Look at my boys. This bench is right outside a bathroom by the way :)

Post lunch entertainment.

 {Trent's most favorite ride, hands down.}

Such a blessing to take this trip. I will spare you the less glamourous moments. The bathroom tour continued at the airport and I had a three hour wait with the kids by myself which included Trent doing headstands off the chairs in the airport and running over a man's foot with his Lightning McQueen suitcase.  We came home to our baby sister who we missed dearly, but are SO glad stayed at home with Grandma. 

I love my family and this time was precious. Thank you Jesus.