oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lil' Man's Debut

Luke David Sammons
February 19, 2013
6 lbs. 12 oz.
19 1/4 inches

Yup, we're smitten. 

On that morning I glanced at my phone and noticed I had a missed call from my mom. Uh-oh I thought, it's Tuesday...she probably needs me to work at Mom's Day Out. I will admit I debated how soon to return her call (sorry mom). Fortunately, the Lord reminded me how generous my mom is with her time and will almost always drop what she's doing to help me. So I tapped her number and I'm so glad I did.

"Sarah's water broke!" Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! He was coming.

My eyes immediately welled up with tears (much like they are now as write) because I knew Jake and Sarah's moment was coming. The moment they would meet their baby. The moment they would become parents. For me now, the moment I get to see someone I love become a parent. I would have a thousand babies just to experience "the moment". There is nothing like it. 

There is nothing like him. 

I had the utmost privilege of watching Sarah bring this little one into the world. It was the best early present ever. Sarah you are a rockstar!!!

Happy Birthday lil' man. There is more love in this family than you'll be able to stand...and Millie will warm up :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013


"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, 
always with the same person."

This trip I fell in love again and I fell hard. We had the best time. The wine, scenery and good food was all a distant second to the togetherness. He had traveled quite a bit at the beginning of the year and the gift of a night away was needed. I had missed him, I had missed us.

Napa you spoiled us. 

Before heading home, we were able to grab a quick lunch in San Francisco. One of my favorite cities and the perfect end to a perfect getaway. Thank you again Mom for your willingness to take on the kiddos, certainly you'll have extra jewels in your crown for all the love you lavish on your family.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Father/Daughter Dance 2013

Drake had been on the east coast all week. His flight home was scheduled to get in at 6:30 pm on Friday...the dance started at 6 pm. Like the dedicated daddy he is he got up at 4am to catch the earliest flight out...he was successful.

Good thing too because this girl was ready to dance.

Much like last year there was prep involved. Nail painting, hair curling, decisions about what to wear. However, different from last year was this, she was aware. Excited yes, but the wonderment of what to come had vanished. As her mama I'm constantly being reminded that her naivete is fleeting. I know, I know, she's six, but a very perceptive six. A six year old who gets things, questions things and is always eager to learn new things. Ever challenging this mama who often wishes she could freeze time.

I know I'm helpless to slow life down. Heck sometimes I'm so exhausted I wish that Samantha was six already, finger crossed that at least by then she'll sleep through the night. The point I'm slowly working towards is this,  I'm grateful for the father daughter dances. Not just for their time together, but for my opportunity to reflect. My heart melts over her excitement to dress up for her daddy, she relishes in his reaction when she twirls in front of him...may she always...

Last year, I dressed her, I decided how her hair would be. This year we compromised. She wanted to wear flats, yes she said "flats", I won on the tights, and the hair was a joint effort. Sister lets her opinions be known and believe me she has one about everything (apple doesn't fall far from the tree). I'm glad she is confident. I'm glad that as soon as she got home we snuggled on the couch and she told me all about it. Her excitement over the corsage and the Candyland theme of the dance. I know what her friends were wearing and her favorite song they played (One Direction, "That's What Makes You Beautiful")

My prayer is that when she's sixteen, little will have changed. We will compromise on what she wears, she will relish in her daddy's reaction and that she will still come home and fill me in on the details. Most importantly though, I pray that her identity will be in Christ and despite her broadened awareness she will still be confident that we love her and that she serves a Heavenly Father who loves her more.

She is so special and I pray she will always be aware of that.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekend Mornings

In our household we cherish our Saturday mornings. When Drake is home there is something almost sacred about them. Sometimes we brew French press and make chocolate chip pancakes at home. Other times we venture out. This past weekend we ventured.

First stop, Lofty Bean, our favorite coffee joint for custom made lattes. My favorite, decaf vanilla coconut milk latte. Next stop, Elizabethan Bakery, home of the most amazing cinnamon rolls I've ever had.

Elizabethan is charming on it's own, add to to the fact that it is situated in a nursery makes it even better. Pastries with a view of pretty plants, don't mind if we do.

Our kids are never shy when it comes to treats and dug right in.

{"more cinnmin row peas"}

After we participated in what some might call gluttonous behavior we let the kids run free and explore.

{photo credit, Juliana}

Usually Sunday is a little less carefree, we get up and head out the door for church, but this past weekend we surprised the kids with staying the night at Grammy and Grandpa's house. My in-laws spend 3 months out of the year in New Zealand and we love taking advantage of their big beautiful house while they are gone. Popcorn and a movie on their big screen, yes please. 

Anyways, we were planning on going to church, but then we figured out the receiver wasn't working on the main television...naturally because we were hosting a Super Bowl party there that same afternoon. A situation like this qualifies as an emergency in our family, so we stayed home from church awaiting a resolution from DirecTV. What were we to do while we waited...?

Hmmmm, I guess we'll just have to have breakfast on their porch...which overlooks the lagoon and the ocean. Poor us.

I wish I had something eloquent to say right now. Something thought provoking or philosophical about family and lazy weekends. Uninhibited time, the importance of fresh air for clarity...but the only thought that comes to mind is to enjoy. Whatever your family circumstance or situation may be, take time to enjoy. 

Life gets cluttered. We over commit, we sign our kids up for things, we get invited to things, we place too high of expectations on ourselves and what we can accomplish in a single day. Take time to enjoy and if you get the chance eat a cinnamon roll. Happy Wednesday friends!