oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It Continues...

Some twenty plus years ago my hair was curled, my finger nails were painted and photos were taken with a camera still containing film. I specifically remember the fifties themed year. I wore a purple felt poodle skirt made by my grandma and my dad took me to a local fifties themed diner which I'm sad to report is now a spray tan shop. My hair was piled high on my head and my mom even put a light swipe of pink lipstick on me. Last night it was her turn. With hair piled high on her head and mango flavored chapstick coating her lips she went to her first father daughter dance in the same auditorium I went to mine. It continues...

Remember hot sticks? These babies curled my hair for every dance recital, holiday and special occasion. It continues...

We painted finger and toes with her favorite hot pink. I could feel hot tears pooling in my eyes. She's growing up so fast. Last night was her first official dance and her date was Daddy. Will she still let me paint her nails when it's her senior prom? How am I going to handle it when her date isn't Daddy? I'm already praying the Lord will give us grace when the time comes. For now I will cherish her littleness. The way she admires herself in the mirror, admires Mom's handy work on her fingers and toes and was almost beside herself with giddiness waiting to show Daddy how she looked.

She made a special request for Daddy's pink tie. These two just love each other so much.

Then they were off. Hand in hand they walked to the school.

Fun fact, my first high school dance that I was allowed to go to I held that same hand and the same hot sticks curled my hair. I'm blessed he's my husband, my kids are blessed he's their daddy. He postponed a work trip so that he could take her. They had a great time. She came home bursting. The dance was fun, but I know it was because he was her date. Call me partial, but he is a pretty fun date. She has already mentioned next year's dance. It continues...


  1. Seriously Lisa... I have tears in my eyes! So precious!

  2. Every girl needs to feel the love of her father..special dates and time alone with daddy is so precious. Dad and I got teared up reading this as it brings back so many wonderful memories. Those "hot sticks" are amazing and they have made it through so many years and events (dance recitals:) ) And as I always say "Every little girl needs a little white sweater"! LOVED THIS POST!!

  3. This post is adorable :) This is exactly what I love about you Lisa; you are always such a romantic. Your outlook on life and family is really amazing and admirable to me. Even as an adult you are innocent and look at everything with such a pure heart. That, in itself, is a true testament to how the Lord has worked in your life. I know I can struggle with my own views and my own heart, but this comes so naturally to you. I think your heart is what makes this blog so special.

    This tradition of the daddy and daughter dance is wonderful. It is something I wish I could have experienced as a little girl. But hopefully, Lord willing, I will get to experience the mommy side of this tradition one day :)

    Cute post, keep them coming!

  4. Darling!! How cute is your little girl?!! love the dress and the sandals and the little pink toes! :-) glad they had a wonderful evening!

  5. Lisa, I love reading your blog and read it all the time, but this is my first comment. What a sweet post. It made me all teary. I think it was the combination of thinking back to how much I loved Father-Daughter dances when I was little, to thinking ahead to the near future when Hannah starts going to dances with Andy. How special!