oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinwheels and Bird Baths

Wednesdays have become my favorite weekday. I have the joy of gathering with sweet sisters in Christ to study God's word. Together we reap wisdom from the Scriptures and run the gamut of both tears and laughter. Our current study has come to an end. I have had moments where verses hit me straight between the eyes and other moments where my heart was so tender toward my Savior and his abundant mercy I almost couldn't stand it. Next week we start the study of Daniel and Lord have mercy because I know I'm in for a rigorous heart and mind work out, can't wait!!

Tomorrow is the first day of March. March already. March makes me happy. A shared birthday to celebrate with my Honey. A Vegas getaway. And Peeps, yes Peeps.

A trip to Target today for dental floss, razors and bananas ignited my spring fever. The aisles of pastel and Easter goodness got me smiling.  The kiddos fell in love with pinwheels.

How could I say no?? We now have a couple new lawn ornaments.

They would get so excited when the wind would spin them. We talked about how the wind is like God.  Even though we can't see the wind, we can see the effects.

Post pinwheel planting we headed in for something to warm us up. It's no secret we love hot chocolate in our house. We like to get creative when it comes to this beverage. Around Halloween we spruced up our "Witch's Brew" with orange and black marshmallows. In December we made "Snowman Soup" with mini marshmallows and candy canes. Today...hmmm, it's almost spring what will we call our hot chocolate this season..."Bird Baths"...

hot chocolate+whip cream+Peep

{they loved it}

We continued our afternoon with a walk to the "seashell house". Around the corner lives a lady who's front yard reveals years and years of scouring the shoreline and collecting ocean gems, she also has a big pinwheel. Today she was out front and gave permission for the kids to pick a shell for keeping. Oh my heart were they delighted!! I love that they're innocence still allows for extreme joy over a seashell.

Spring is definitely in bloom around our house. I'm feeling the motivation to purge closets and drawers. Have fresh flowers and afternoon tea parties with my kiddos. Go on more walks to the seashell house and follow up with "Bird Baths". Happy March friends!! Anyone else have Spring fever??

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