oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

She has rehearsed and rehearsed. Our wood floors bear proof that every step was practiced to perfection for her shining moment. We put curlers in her hair and glossed her little lips. Recital day had come.

Yep, she rocked it. Stole the show if you ask me...not that I'm partial.

Backstage wasn't too bad either.

Neither was dinner with her fan club.

We are so proud of her. Not only does she exude confidence she is tenderhearted and kind. She is a leader. My heart was swelling as I ran through a gamut of emotions in the three minutes she was on stage. This was my baby that I nearly twisted my arm while driving because she had to be touching me at all times. We spent the first few months of her life parked on our couch just nursing and cuddling. I met her needs, we established trust and there she was center stage and beaming. Confident, not holding my hand. I love her. I needed her. I'm so glad the Lord entrusted her in my care.

You're our sunshine Julebug.

...and for the record, this is my brother and he is for real.

{we heart Uncle Jake}

Back to Washington

{Camano Island, WA}

 We were blessed to visit the great state of Washington for a second time this year (sans the kids). Visiting without the kids allowed us to both start and complete a conversation. We were able to linger over wine and dig a little deeper into the lives of our Pacific Northwest family. I fell in love. Especially with these two.

We timed our trip so that we would get to celebrate their 87th birthday (they're two days apart). I told Drake I want to be like them when I grow up.

He takes care of her. She takes care of him. Their love story is almost 65 years long. Absolutely beautiful.

Together they share three daughters, all are amazing women who love the Lord.

Each night before bed they prepare their coffee mugs on a tray to be filled and carried into the bedroom come morning. I love that they value time together.

The morning before we left we gathered in their room with them to soak up every last minute. I wish I had taken a picture of my giant husband kneeling at the foot of their bed as he listened to his grandfather tell a story about flying an airplane. I wish I had taken a picture of Grandmom's teacup collection or of the soft pink bunny slippers she wears around the house. Being with her made me miss my own grandma and I didn't want to leave. I'm so blessed the Lord brought me into this family.

As for this guy, he's pretty great too.

Our time in Seattle was precious. Our first night there we stayed in the city. We enjoyed an amazing meal on the water and hitting up all the local attractions the next morning.

I'm so blessed he values time with just me, my prayer is that even after 65 years of marriage that desire will remain.

I think we're on the right track...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Reason

I apologize for the sparse blogging, but I have a good reason. I'm just plain worn out. By the time bedtime rolls around my brain barely has the capacity to string sentences let alone the energy it takes to type them.

Granted I have three children, but honestly the brunt of exhaustion comes from just one of them. She's roughly twenty pounds and has the cutest pixie face you've ever seen. She has an opinion about everything and frustrates very easily. She can often be found wherever I am, mostly because she likes to be held, except of course when I need to hold her in which case she is running away from me.

Have I mentioned she frustrates easily? We're talking 0-60 in the blink of an eye. God forbid the baby doll doesn't sit right in the stroller or worse, Trent looks at something she was thinking about wanting. She ate cat food today and my poor mom near lost a finger digging it out of her mouth.

Lord have mercy though she is cute and loves to snuggle. Especially at 3 in the morning, which is when the nursing marathon begins. What's that you say? Make her cry it out...ok, then I'll call you when her droning has woken up the other two and I'm dealing with three kids at 3am.

Sometimes in the afternoon I lay on the living room floor and cover my face. While this seems to be their cue to come and crawl all over me at least I'm laying and they're entertained, right?

Honestly I'm not complaining. The Lord is teaching me so much. While my flesh cries out to have tidy home and clean hair (I can dream can't I?), the Holy Spirit is teaching me to rely on Him. Through the exhaustion He replenishes my energy. Through the outbursts He teaches me patience. Through the personality differences He teaches me thankfulness. Each day I fall more in love with Him and my three sweet blessings. Yes even the little one, her feisty disposition has completely stolen my heart and I wouldn't change her...

nope, not one single thing. Love you baby girl.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Up to Speed

It's Friday again. How did that happen? Where did the week go?

I know where it went. It went to the airport, to brunch, to Trader Joe's, to preschool, to Target, to dance class, to Starbucks and then to bed. Yet even in the midst of the busyness there still has been time for Bible study, breakfast with my favorites, morning walks, a heart to heart on my couch, and silly texts exchanged between good friends.

Bubbles have been a favorite around here for the little ones and big sister patiently obliges.

Last Saturday we gathered for what I hope becomes a monthly ritual. Generously pouring coffee and slathering cream and lemon curd on our scones as we swapped stories and shared laughter. Thank you Lord for the amazing women in my life.

Our drive to the airport brought Daddy home. We celebrated.

{monkey in the middle}

Sunday morning we played hooky from church and had an early Mother's Day celebration with Grammy. It was lovely. We even left with an appetizer for that evening {more on that later}.

Here's our week at a glance and then we'll move into confessions and the said appetizer story.

{i bought mint pants, huge step for me}

{trent has started branching out from Dr. Seuss} 

{baby enjoyed her pasta}

{pumpkin cookies in May...I see no issue}


1. All you can eat buffets can really bring out the chintzy in all of us, however most don't smuggle home an entire block of brie. Meet the Kellas'.

We enjoyed it with crackers and wine. I did stop Drake from shoving sugar packets into his pockets {seriously}, I must draw the line somewhere.

2. The only thing equal to the number of times a day my children say "mom" is the number of times a day they step on my barefeet. Sometimes I hide from them and sometimes Drake finds me.

3. I have ridiculous baby bangs growing in from my pregnancy with Samantha and I hate them.

4. My dinner last night was cookies.

5. My feet are being stepped on right now and I'm annoyed.

Well folks, gotta get...we are making homemade pizza tonight and slicing watermelon, the dishwasher won't empty itself and I smell something foul coming from my youngest.  Praying all you mamas out there have a blessed Mother's Day. Feeling generous? Share a confession or two...