oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, May 31, 2013

A Friday Confession

"Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content 
with what you have..."
Hebrews 13:5

I have a confession. I have shopped this year. It started with buying myself a birthday present, then it was a sundress purchase for our Cabo trip. We now have new carpet, a new garage door and we are currently waiting on the delivery of new furniture. Oh and who doesn't want a new swim suit for summer? I fed the beast. 

Living in a culture that fosters lavish taste through commercials and magazines and encourages indulgence through credit cards makes starving the beast harder than ever. The Lord promises to supply all our needs and calls us to be content with what we have. One of the fruits of the Spirit is self control. 

 I have a responsibility to my husband and especially to my children. I want them to be content with what they're blessed with. 

Like sunshine and good friends.

Healthy beautiful bodies that can jump and swim.

Family, young and old that live close by.

 Cute clothes and new couches pale in comparison to the high I get from watching this little one.

I am re-committing myself to frugality. I am committed to contentedness with what I'm blessed with...because honestly it's more than I could have ever dreamed of. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Abundant Crazy Life

As predicted we kicked things off with a bonfire and marshmallows. The kids were in heaven, the bigger the flames got the louder their giggles.

Trent loudly proclaimed, "this is the best night ever!" Sammy girl kept squealing, "the fire goes up high in the ky (sky)" And Juliana our sweet oldest patiently taught her brother how to hold the hanger just right to roast the marshmallows and said, "I love Friday nights because we get to be with each other."

{i spy two little faces}

The next morning after a family breakfast on the patio we handed the little ones over to Aunt Lisa and loaded up costumes and curlers and set off for the recital. It was a good day. Our girl shined on stage...and so did our daddy :)

After a couple of intense costume changes, involving jamming her fingers into gloves in the curtains, she tapped, boogied and shook her way to celebratory frozen yogurt.

 {Keeva joined us for the second show}

{star performers}

After the crazy fun (emphasis on crazy) we had on recital day we were ready for a low key day. Homemade pancakes, mimosas and the new slip n' slide Daddy surprised them with. Aside from cooking breakfast we did nothing, literally nothing.

{there was bacon too :) }

 {my sweet babies}

 {cutest buns}

 {thank you daddy}

We capped off our evening with homemade sangria, an assortment of cheeses and coffee ice cream with hot fudge. Perfection. Sunday was perfection.

Monday, oh Monday. One more day to savor before the week began and Daddy flew off for Dallas. We had a big family bbq at Drake's parent's house. My dad manned the grill and the kids swam themselves to exhaustion.

Today we had a house full of children. Bare feet running in and out, bathing suits dripping and trails of goldfish crackers crumbling in their tracks. And yes, us mama's talked about the challenges of keeping a clean house with little ones and the practicality of wearing yoga pants all the time, but most importantly we shared laughter. I'm learning in the chaos that is motherhood, laughter with fellow moms is medicine to the soul. It affords you a perspective that is crucial to keep when your sleep is limited and you're hoping that yesterday's deodorant will suffice for today. 

The Lord has been so faithful to supply me with great friends. Sometimes we share coffee as the kids run a muck, sometimes it's an ongoing group text of nothingness and everything at the same time, other times it involves movies and chocolate...or squealing children in Golden Spoon spilling toppings everywhere. All of you know who you are, and I seriously can't thank you enough for the role that you play in my life. 

Early confession: I found Dawson's Creek on Netflix...I wasn't allowed to watch it as a teenager...it's the perfect guilty pleasure to pass the time while Drake is out of town.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Confessions

First off, YIPPPPPEEEEE it's a three day weekend!!! I think this calls for a bonfire and roasted marshmallows tonight :)

{sunday funday at grammy and grandpa's}

{this relationship is a special one}
1. I have dried the same load of laundry three times.
2. I let Juliana play hookie today (kind of...) and after my doctor's appointment (yes, I have a sinus infection) she asked if she could get a headband like mine...blame it on the Sudafed...I obliged...

{can't handle that pretty little face sometimes and the fact she's almost 7}

3. Sometimes when Samantha is unbearably tired I tell her we are going to run an errand. I then roll the windows down, strap her in and open the garage. While I'm "getting Trent and Juliana" this happens...

{works like a charm :) }

And we never left the driveway, seriously if I could get away with strapping her in this seat for bed I would.

4. This afternoon after our monthly chiropractic appointment for you know, health and wellness, I drove the kids through Carl's Jr. for dinner. Life is all about balance, right?

5. I have gained 5lbs. since the last time I was at the doctor and the funny thing is I couldn't care less. I plan on kicking this sinus infection in the bootie and thoroughly enjoying the BBQ we are having Monday.

Happy Memorial Day weekend all!!!! Pray for our soldiers and their families, we are so blessed to live in the land of the free, God bless!!

P.S. It's recital weekend, so keep my performers in your prayers :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Tiny Army

Hello, allow me to reintroduce myself, I'm Lisa. Wife, mama and Jesus lover. I have been away for awhile and I'm unsure where to start. Life has been full and rich, I feel abundantly blessed.

My little army? Oh they're doing good, real good. Our sweet dancing girl continues to prance her way down hallways, sidewalks and store aisles. She's preparing for her annual recital next weekend and we are all excited for it. In less than a month we will celebrate her seventh birthday and the end of first grade. This school year has gone by crazy fast and she has excelled. We are so very proud of her.

Our buddy remains as tender and kind as ever. He loves school and friends, but can still get lost in imaginary play. His race cars and legos are a staple that continue to entertain him for hours, Drake and I get tickled listening to his commentary on Lightening McQueen and Finn McMissile. He is such a special kid and never hesitates to tell me how much he loves me.

Little sister. Oh little sister. She has fully embraced her two year old status and has successfully managed to twist us all around her little finger while simultaneously driving us all completely mad. She loves clickety-clack dress up shoes, her baby dolls and playing boss mama. We love her so and life would be way too peaceful without her.

The Honey and I are doing well. Praying continuously for wisdom as we manage our little army and doing our best to love one another through our shortcomings and this crazy thing called life. I have missed this space so much, but have been daunted because I didn't know how to return. So I'm going to do it like this, a photo recap, snippets that best sum up the past two months. Enjoy...

 {lots of swimming at Grammy and Grandpa's}

 {beach for Easter pics, this sums up my kiddos}

 {we did the best we could}

 {cousin love}

{right of passage, no more two front teeth}

 {heart. bursting.}

 {warm weather ice cream trip}

 {cabo bound}

 {poolside bliss}

 {i wanna go back}

 {fwings :) }

{"take a picture with me mama"}

 {seattle girl's weekend}

 {in-flight shenanagans}

 {auntie kelsey and the jule bug}

 {pike's place}

 {nail painting, sammy free}

 {four generations}


 {mother's day tea}

 {sammy snuggles}

 {mother's day gift: cleaning without children}

 {family time}

 {little ones sneak in}

 {armed and dangerous}

{life is good}.

And there you have it...hoping to be more consistent with posts...I make no promises though. Night, night.