oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life and Thirty

Tonight I laid on Juliana's bed watching her as she double laced her converse high-tops. White and neon pink in case you were wondering. I asked her where she got the idea of double laces. She told me from Amelia at Awana.  We talked of other things, but mainly she was focused on getting the laces just right. In that moment I was overcome with emotion that I have a child old enough to lace her own shoes.

We prayed together and I kissed her sweet face. The other two were already asleep and I was compelled to look at old photos. You're welcome all of you who received texts of my babies. I'm blown away by how time seems to speed up the older I get.

This week I turned thirty. I have almost a decade of marriage under my belt and three beautiful children. I wear over priced yoga pants and feel justified in doing so. I drove on my first class field trip this week. I drink too much coffee. I'm surprised by how often insecurity will still creep in. My husband drives me crazy, but he is my most favorite person on the planet. I am overwhelmed by God's grace. I will always cry when I watch the Blindside. I am crying right now.

Drake confessed he wanted to throw me a surprise party, but being the smart man that he is he decided against it. Instead we went out, just the two of us, two nights in a row. Perfection if you ask me.

Though the pictures are few, the celebrating was much. Another perk of sharing your birthday with your spouse. I was again reminded of the amazing support system we have in our families and how there is no one else in the world I would rather share my birthday with.

Happy Birthday to you my Honey, love you to the moon and back, always and forever. Can't wait for Cabo!!!!

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