oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Wrap-Up

{grandma added two pumpkins to her patch this year}

Oh October. You came and went so fast. You left us with fond memories of cousin time, brisk mornings, birthday parties and stolen kisses in a vineyard. Tomorrow we will bid you farewell until next year and welcome the holiday season, but first a look back...

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch (translated: local fruit stand that sells pumpkins) didn't disappoint (read: we got a few good pictures, there were no tears and no one fell off the tractor).

Drake and I had the privilege of spending a few days in Napa courtesy of Aunt Kelsey and Grammy. We savored good food, great wine and precious time together.

{photo cred: our amazing friend Lindsey}

We have acclimated to our routine of homeschooling. Some days are more productive than others, some run smoother than others, but isn't that true of anything? Juliana has fully embraced her role as big sister and teacher and takes her job very seriously...sometimes too seriously.

For Trent's birthday Grandma treated us to an overnight stay at the Legoland hotel. After an afternoon playing in the park we cozied in our room to enjoy pizza and later sang Happy Birthday out on the patio. It was the perfect way to celebrate his day.

That weekend we had a few friends and family over to celebrate Buddy. 

Pizza+jumpy+pinata=fail proof little boy party.

Just a few tidbits that are worth tucking away in the memory bank...

These two...

{their relationship is so special}

{"stick with me Em, I got this"}

Crossfit 80's workout...

{girls just wanna have fun}

{jazzercise?? I wish...}

Lastly this face...

{too. much.}

Tomorrow evening we will join friends for trick-or-treating, we will go to soccer games on Saturday and family dinner on Sunday. Prayfully we will ease into November with a sense of gratitude for the numerous blessings the Lord has graciously given us. God is so good!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

It's October 3rd

{16 years ago Drake and I declared our "like" for each other on this very day}

It's October 3rd.

"Daddy! Daddy!" they chirp from the backyard, like little birds vying for his attention. They are playing a post dinner game of football, our last ditch effort to wear them out before bed.

It's a comfortable 84 degrees inside our house (insert sarcasm). Will this heat ever let up? I can't remember what it's like to sip my coffee and not sweat. Regardless, October has started off well.

Homeschooling is currently going better than I could have dreamed and we are taking full advantage of our big kid time while Sammy is at school...like exploring our town and taking trips to the library.

We are also taking advantage of how many wine corks we have and incorporating them into our art time (insert some joke about the many benefits of mommy and daddy loving wine).

 {see the bubbles: wine cork}

{school project: a travel poster for a fairytale}

Despite the weather, glimpses of fall are popping up around our house and Trader Joe's has declared an all out pumpkin revolution in their stores. Today I tried the pumpkin greek yogurt (delicious), tasted the pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds (also good) and good glorious day I purchased these...

My kids had "Crayon Day" at their school to celebrate the end of the first unit. Each grade wore a different color and they got to eat popcorn and watch a science movie (oh the thrills).

We are now at t-minus 35 minutes till bedtime. We have some friends coming over for a glass of wine (the kids need more art supplies) and this weekend promises scorching temps (soccer should be fun). Have a good one folks, it's October 3rd.

{do you see it? tablecloth is on wrong...so much for the "look how pretty my dining room is" photo}

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nutrition Challenge Fail and Other Miscellaneous Things

It happened Thursday night. Something in me snapped. I left the gym and drove promptly to Starbucks where I proceeded to order a full fat pumpkin spice latte. "Would you like whip cream on that?" the barista asked, I could barely answer because I was inhaling a peanut butter cup while she was making my beverage. After eating plain chicken and noshing away on raw veggies, I needed flavor. I needed sugar.

Drake and I have been participating in a six week nutrition challenge at our gym. Have I seen results? Yes. Did I need a break? H. E. double hockey sticks YES!!! I plan to jump back on the healthy train Monday, but the weekend has been good. Really good.

A few highlights.

{waking up to this Thursday morning}

{new do' for the Lou bug}

 {fall baking}

{final product, minus a piece}

{goalie girl}

{snack mom}

{sweaty face, sweetest boy}

{domesticating, start em' young}

{saturday snuggles}

Air is crisp, football is on and rumor has it spaghetti sauce is simmering at Grandma's. Daddy is home and all is well. Hope you all have some "other miscellaneous things" that are making you smile. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Today I Laughed

The sun rose too early this morning, cereal spilled on the kitchen floor and legos weren't going together the way they should. Matching shoes couldn't be found and that darn non-spicy toothpaste went missing again. We had frustration and tears all before 7:15 am.

After dropping the big kids off, Sammy and I did our usual loop through the drive-thru Starbucks. Grande drip (no room), venti ice water and a chocolate milk please. By the time I pulled up to Sammy's school I was ready to do the quick drop-off and bolt...or so I thought.

An hour and a half later I pulled out of that parking lot, my spirit filled to the brim. While talking to my sister-in-law, Jess, we ran into a sweet lady who we did Bible study with last year. Bless her heart, she just had her second baby and needed to know that someone has been where she's at... exhausted and un-showered with a non-compliant three year old and an infant that needs her, a husband that travels and that feeling that you're doing it all wrong. I'm familiar with that place and so is Jess.We chatted for awhile and I pray we encouraged her.

It was right as we were ending our conversation that our friend Chris was passing by. Chris and I go way back. There are many stories I could tell, but the thing about Chris, we always laugh. There is never a time, even if it's just for a moment that I don't laugh when I'm with her. Whether it be stranded in New York City, stuck on a train in Paris or in a hospital room she always brings humor. Always.

Boy did she deliver this morning. I can't even tell you specifics, I just know that at one point I had tears pooling in my eyes and Jess had that shoulder shake thing going on (that's what happens when she laughs really hard and I love seeing it). Bottom line. I needed to laugh today.

More than I needed to work out or grocery shop or waste time roaming Target, I needed to laugh. Laughing transformed my day and renewed my spirit.

Drake was gone the greater part of last week and has been gone all this week. Even with the amazing family support I have, it is easy to feel depleted when your spouse is away so much. Tonight I let Juliana make a pumpkin pie. Our house smells amazing right now and the legos all seem to be fitting the way they are supposed too. After the kids eat their pie and go to bed, my neighbor is coming over. She's never seen Notting Hill (I know right!!!). I will cut my self a generous piece of pie and top it with an even more generous dollop of whip cream and I will enjoy watching an American movie star fall in love with a British travel book shop owner.

Laughing with a dear friend and my sweet sister changed my day today. Laughing at ourselves and at life. If you're feeling at all depleted can I just encourage you to find someone to laugh with...and eat pie with because let's face it, life is too short! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Slower Pace

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday has become one of my favorite days. Sammy and I drop the kids at school in the morning, drive-thru Starbucks and come home. The house is quiet. It's just her and I.

I pour my hot coffee into a big mug and sip away while I do my Bible study and make a to-do list for the day. Sammy wanders off to play with her dolls and occasionally checks in to get a snack or tell me she's going potty. Sheets get changed and night stands get dusted. Sliding glass doors get cleaned and bathrooms get wiped down. We make lunch and read a couple of books.

She chats to me about all sorts of stuff as we wait in the pick-up line for the big kids. They are home just long enough to have a snack and mess up their clean rooms before Grandma comes to whisk them off to Awana for the evening.

Wednesdays are great, but life in general is great. Our pace has slowed down a lot. We have pulled out of activities and have chosen not to replace them with anything. We can visually see that a burden has been lifted off the shoulders of Juliana as she relishes the freedom that homeschooling three days a week has brought. Her countenance is joyful and her creativity has soared. My younger two aren't being dragged everywhere and I'm not frazzled from driving all over the place.

I recently ran into a friend of mine in Sprout's. Her daughter and Juliana were in the same dance classes, Girl Scout troop and soccer team last year. She told me that by Wednesday every week she was exhausted and ready for Sunday because Sunday is the only day they don't have anything that keeps them away from their house till 7 or 8 pm. My heart was tender toward her because I know the feeling. However, I came to the realization that my kids can't drive themselves places and I was the one who holds the reigns to our family's activity load.

All this to say, if you feel frazzled, LET SOMETHING GO!! I finally did and it was empowering.

Because by 7 or 8pm this is what should be happening...

{love how intense Buddy is...making sure she doesn't make any mistakes}

That's all for now, happy Wednesday!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Return Of...

Friday Confessions (a day late)

1. Sammy started pre-school on Tuesday and it was the happiest day of the week (kidding).

2. I HATE this heat. I normally like warm weather, but I feel like it has been summer since Christmas and I'm over it. Time to put away the tank tops and flip-flops and pull out sweaters and boots. Can I get an amen??

3. Drake thought I was going to yoga...I took a detour and went and got a pedicure, I even sprung for the extra foot massage. WAY more relaxing than yoga.

4. We are participating in this nutrition challenge at our gym, chocolate has been my "4 ounces of a non-veggie carb" a few times this week.

That's all for now, we are headed to Grammy's pool for a little reprieve from the heat (it's only 86 degrees INSIDE our house). Have a great weekend and stay cool!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


In the boxing ring, fighters must retreat to their corners at the end of each round to regroup, catch their breath and receive a little pep talk from their coach. The same holds true for the Kellas household.

Our corner retreats are not always the same. Sometimes it's one reading, one outside and one doing a puzzle. Other times it's "find a spot on the couch where you're not touching anyone" (we have a very big couch) while I put on an educational mind numbing show so we can all take a breather. This past week, the beach was our corner.

We had a little too much togetherness and just needed to spread out. I love the beach for this reason. We can buzz down there for an hour with as little as towels and juice boxes to regroup, catch our breaths and get a little pep talk from mother nature to persevere till bedtime.

If you don't have your own corner, I encourage you to fine one...cause we all need a recharge every once in a while. Happy weekend!