oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nutrition Challenge Fail and Other Miscellaneous Things

It happened Thursday night. Something in me snapped. I left the gym and drove promptly to Starbucks where I proceeded to order a full fat pumpkin spice latte. "Would you like whip cream on that?" the barista asked, I could barely answer because I was inhaling a peanut butter cup while she was making my beverage. After eating plain chicken and noshing away on raw veggies, I needed flavor. I needed sugar.

Drake and I have been participating in a six week nutrition challenge at our gym. Have I seen results? Yes. Did I need a break? H. E. double hockey sticks YES!!! I plan to jump back on the healthy train Monday, but the weekend has been good. Really good.

A few highlights.

{waking up to this Thursday morning}

{new do' for the Lou bug}

 {fall baking}

{final product, minus a piece}

{goalie girl}

{snack mom}

{sweaty face, sweetest boy}

{domesticating, start em' young}

{saturday snuggles}

Air is crisp, football is on and rumor has it spaghetti sauce is simmering at Grandma's. Daddy is home and all is well. Hope you all have some "other miscellaneous things" that are making you smile. 

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  1. Love all that's going on at the Kellas home without all the craziness of go, go, go.. Jules is getting a good dose of "home economics" a lost art if you ask me. Sammy's "do" is adorable and totally her. Trent is making strides in the soccer world. Who knew? Smart and athletic.. Love that boy!
    Spaghetti sauce was simmering and the evening was such a blessed good time. Loved having everyone here (even though it's football season LOL)
    xxxooo mom