oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Balance. Anyone got that figured out yet? Not just balance of time and activities, but balance of emotions. Just this morning, I was up early {the Honey plays basketball at 6am Friday mornings} and excited to squeeze in a blog post of this week's happening's before the household was up. I no sooner opened my computer to begin editing a few photos when I heard the creak of a bedroom door open. Annoyed. I was annoyed. Annoyed that I couldn't sit down and reflect and gush about how much I love and enjoy my children because now one of them was up and demanding my attention. Hmmmm, balance.

If you're a mom you know what happened next. The domino effect. They're all up. I'm sitting at the dining room table and not cozied in my bed. My thoughts are not organized. I have little fingers trying to reach at the keyboard and the lovely serenade of The Fresh Beat Band in the background. One child wants pancakes and another wants yogurt. My saving grace is that the coffee is already brewed and poured.

I've resolved to push through the craziness of the moment to reflect and gush because these moments deserve to be remembered. Like making bird's nest cookies and watching their faces light up when I serve them.

Afternoons spent reading on the couch. Juliana has blossomed as a reader and has been generous to share her newly acquired skill with Trent. Not only does she read to him, she has taught him how to read himself. Now let's not get too crazy. Neither will be reading The Hunger Games this weekend, but both have the skill set to sound out words and read almost ever Dr. Seuss book we own.

And then there's this one. She keeps us on her toes. She's busy and vibrant and we continue to fall more in love with her.

Lately getting the mail has been a big deal. An anticipated event that stirs excitement when they finally hear the mail truck rounding the corner and onto our street. As for the little one, any opportunity to run out the front door is one she takes.

Lastly, it was viewing week at dance. It never fails, I always get a little teary. Seeing her clad in her leotard and tap shoes is one of the sweetest sights. At home she is the big girl, the one I rely on {maybe a little too much} for helping with the other two, but when she's at dance I'm captivated by her littleness. I'm reminded that she's still only five.

When I started this post is was 6:02 am. It is now 5:24 and we are supposed to be at some friend's for dinner in 6 minutes. Life. That's our life. We have our kinks, but overall it's pretty great. Praying you all have a blessed weekend ~Lisa

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Confessions and Smiles


1. A three in one...

The worst part, I could careless that adorable Reese is pregnant, I just wanted to know about Bachelor Ben and Courtney...and of course the sad split of Carlisle Cullen and Kelly Taylor...you know what I mean. At least the cookie is homemade.

2. The Hunger Games came out this weekend and I have not seen it yet. However, by the way I've been eating you would think I was preparing to compete in the arena myself. Seriously, I don't know what has come over me, I can't stop eating. For the record, I'm not pregnant. I checked. Twice. I might start to look pregnant though if I don't get a handle on it. I'll work on that tomorrow...definitely by Tuesday.

3. Samantha is on antibiotics for an ear infection. I skipped a day of dosing because the process is so painful. I pin her head between my knees, plug her nose and pinch her mouth. Then quickly hold her mouth shut so she must swallow. We do this twice a day. She hates it. So do I. Friday I just didn't have the energy. We'll make up for it though. Please don't judge me.

4. There are three laundry baskets of clean clothes in our house that have been untouched for two weeks. At this point I'm considering donating every item. Clearly we haven't missed any of this stuff and loading it in my car and dropping it somewhere sounds easier than folding it (well first throwing it back in the dryer to fluff) and putting it away.


1. Saturday morning walk and coffee with Auntie Jess and cousin Emily.

2. Family snuggles

3. Grammy and Grandpa came home from New Zealand

4. Samantha and her swim ring crown. You can often find baby sister walking around our house with one on her head.

The list could go on, but right now my computer cursor is misbehaving and it's making it difficult. I'm tired. It's been a good weekend. We experienced both sunshine and rain. Time catching up with friends was balanced with time snuggled up catching up on our DVR. I feel ready to take on the week and maybe even those three laundry baskets, we'll see...

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I was reunited with an old friend today. I have practically abandoned this friend over the past few weeks. She's been sitting on a countertop in the corner of my kitchen, beckoning me. I think to grab her before I head out the door with the kids, but then I reason that I have my phone, which satisfies the same job in a pinch. Today, however, I could not resist.

It was the sight of barefeet caked with mud. Then it was the lopsided bike helmet sitting atop a blonde head. Next it was my sweet baby running through the grass, she runs now...So I dusted off my old friend and started clicking away.

It felt good to see things through her lens again. Everyday moments that have now been documented memories. Backyard activities that feel normal right now, but will slowly transition to pastimes.  After all he won't always be three with mud wedged between his toes. She won't always be five and racing along on her scooter. Our couch won't always be a pirate ship or a fort and old paper towel rolls will cease to be spotting scopes.

I'm told we will love every new phase we enter and I believe it. Yes, we will celebrate when we no longer purchase diapers. We will cheer from the sidelines at their sporting events and maybe, just maybe I will go to the gym when they're all three in school {maybe}. Right now though, it's pretty great too.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring

Happy Spring! It feels good to be here. All day I have been mulling through my thoughts. Unsure of the direction of this post, but knowing I want to get back in the groove, the groove of documentation. Cyber journalling if you will.

In celebration of the first day of spring we will be treating ourselves to vanilla bean cupcakes with fresh strawberries tonight and the signs of spring are popping up all around our home. It started slow...a new candle here, a new soap there. Now we have fresh vibrant hydrangeas in the living room, new soap at every sink, my toes are the color of a robin's egg and there's almost always Peeps in our cupboard. Though traces of winter still linger, like the extra blanket tucked on everyone's bed and Samantha's gradual recovery of a cold turned ear infection, I'm feeling the birth of a new season and the excitement of what it brings.

Yes, we are literally at the beginning of a new season on the calendar, but I feel a stirring in my spirit that I am at the beginning of a new season in my walk with the Lord as well. I have been a Christian since childhood, attending church my whole life, traveling to camps and even other countries in the name of Jesus. I have participated in Bible studies, growth groups and served on staff in youth groups and it's only been until recently that I have seriously begun to exam the character of Christ. What does it really mean to be Christlike? To be obedient to His best for us? Knowing full well that I'm saved by grace, but choosing to live an obedient life as an act of worship to my Savior? I'm beginning to see that the Bible is way more literal than I ever thought it was and I'm excited about it.

Excitement...there is a lot to be excited about right now. Tonight's dinner is already cooked {love that crockpot}, I'm having our carpets cleaned on Friday and Grammy and Grandpa come home from New Zealand on Saturday after almost four months...oh and my house currently smells like cupcakes. I would love to know what has you all excited on this first day of Spring...

bonnets, another thing that excites me

Monday, March 12, 2012

Keeping Up

We can never just have it all together can we?? I feel like when I've got a good handle on a couple of areas in my life inevitably a couple of others fall by the wayside. The blog has fallen by the wayside as of lately in exchange for my Bible study homework being completed early, meeting a friend for a walk while the kids were at school and lingering to visit and share a meal after a play date. I've been exercising regularly, eating healthier (sans the Sprinkle's visit) and going to bed at a a decent hour.

I apologize for dropping the ball on confessions, I traded that post for a glass of wine and a hot shower. The sunshine has me inspired to document once again. Hold tight, I'm hoping to be a bit more regular next week, but not now.

In a couple of hours my "oldest" friend will be coming for dinner and dessert. Not only will we be celebrating our 29th birthdays, we will be toasting to 24 years of friendship. The Lord has taught me so much through her. We've had our ups and downs over the years, but still, few can make me laugh harder. There's comfort in being with someone who's known you that long. I cherish every memory we've shared and the time we still get to spend together.

I'll be out this weekend too, but I promise to be back next week. Gotta get...I've got company coming :).

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Know

Laundry will always be with me, but my children will not always be coloring at the dining room table. Today I took a time out from the endless pile to sticker, color and create with my sweet littles.

We love dancing in our family.

And kisses.

Afternoon iced lattes with my mom need to happen more often.

I have amazing women in my life {big and little}.

Some pretty great men too.

This face melts my heart.

Warm cookies, fresh flowers and bright scarves make me happy.

My brother adores my kids.

I LOVE my family.

I could continue on. I know that God is sovereign. I know that accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior  is the best way to live and the ONLY hopeful way to die. I know that CHANEL concealer is the best I've ever used and that I love shoes, but oddly I don't like feet {accept little chubby ones}. I know that time is slipping by quickly and that allowing mommy time-outs for coloring and baking cupcakes is always worth it. What about you? What'd you know?

Oh yeah...and candle lit dinners, good wine and a little footsie under the table is something every couple should make time for.