oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Balance. Anyone got that figured out yet? Not just balance of time and activities, but balance of emotions. Just this morning, I was up early {the Honey plays basketball at 6am Friday mornings} and excited to squeeze in a blog post of this week's happening's before the household was up. I no sooner opened my computer to begin editing a few photos when I heard the creak of a bedroom door open. Annoyed. I was annoyed. Annoyed that I couldn't sit down and reflect and gush about how much I love and enjoy my children because now one of them was up and demanding my attention. Hmmmm, balance.

If you're a mom you know what happened next. The domino effect. They're all up. I'm sitting at the dining room table and not cozied in my bed. My thoughts are not organized. I have little fingers trying to reach at the keyboard and the lovely serenade of The Fresh Beat Band in the background. One child wants pancakes and another wants yogurt. My saving grace is that the coffee is already brewed and poured.

I've resolved to push through the craziness of the moment to reflect and gush because these moments deserve to be remembered. Like making bird's nest cookies and watching their faces light up when I serve them.

Afternoons spent reading on the couch. Juliana has blossomed as a reader and has been generous to share her newly acquired skill with Trent. Not only does she read to him, she has taught him how to read himself. Now let's not get too crazy. Neither will be reading The Hunger Games this weekend, but both have the skill set to sound out words and read almost ever Dr. Seuss book we own.

And then there's this one. She keeps us on her toes. She's busy and vibrant and we continue to fall more in love with her.

Lately getting the mail has been a big deal. An anticipated event that stirs excitement when they finally hear the mail truck rounding the corner and onto our street. As for the little one, any opportunity to run out the front door is one she takes.

Lastly, it was viewing week at dance. It never fails, I always get a little teary. Seeing her clad in her leotard and tap shoes is one of the sweetest sights. At home she is the big girl, the one I rely on {maybe a little too much} for helping with the other two, but when she's at dance I'm captivated by her littleness. I'm reminded that she's still only five.

When I started this post is was 6:02 am. It is now 5:24 and we are supposed to be at some friend's for dinner in 6 minutes. Life. That's our life. We have our kinks, but overall it's pretty great. Praying you all have a blessed weekend ~Lisa


  1. I am 51 years old with 3 grown and married children, 4 grandchildren and I still don't have the "balance" thing under control. I can plan and plan but as the saying goes "Life is what happens while you're making plans". Life is unpredictable and unbalanced. Sometimes you have it together only to watch it come apart. Just enjoy the moments, learn from them, and realize that we were never meant to get too comfortable so as to become stagnant. The Christian life is meant to grow, change and be refined to become more Christ-like. We can go willingly or drag our feet but refining is coming...Praise God He loves us so much!!

  2. Me again! Love the dance pictures. She has some dance talent. Look at that poise....

  3. Balance is tough for sure. I agree, life is VERY unpredictable and unbalanced in general. The moment I think I have something good going, things just don't work out the way I plan... but of course, life is not about my plans, its about God's plans. And while many times I don't understand His plans, I know its all for our good, and His good.

    In less serious topics - your front yard looks so vibrant in that picture of the kids bringing in the mail! And Jules looks so cute in her dance pictures! Beautiful girl :)


  4. I feel the same way about Joey! At home he's my oldest, the big brother. Then I see him playing soccer and I see how little he really is. It's a good reminder! Also, I sent a message to you via Drake's Facebook page, but the kids and I will be at Diane's house this Thursday around 10:00 or so. I hope you guys can come visit!

    1. That would have been fun!! Thursday's are the days I help in Juliana's class. Monday's are good days...especially since Diane lives across the street from the school!! Have fun and tell her I said hi :)