oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Daddy Love

We made the drive yesterday we've become quite familiar with. The airport drive. I've gotten so good at timing it, that the past two times we've picked him up we've seen his plane flying in as we exit the 5 and make our way across the train tracks and into the hustle and bustle of Lindbergh Field.

Typically we have to circle the terminal a few times until his bag comes. Their big blue eyes know to pick through all the people waiting on the sidewalk and they usually see him before I do. "I see him!" "I see Daddy!" Their excitement can't be contained. They shriek and shrill as he opens the door to quickly greet them before the airport hall monitors shoo us away.

Inside our vehicle none of the weeks joys, sorrows, victories, injustices, or owies go unmentioned to Daddy. They must tell him everything he has missed. He is eager to hear. We have a good Daddy.

He takes us to lunch.

And to get cupcakes.

Once home the love fest continues. I know he is tired, but he knows they need him.

We had a beautiful Sunday. After church we went over to Grammy and Grandpa's to swim and bbq. Juliana was eager to show off her mad diving skills and Trent is content to squeeze on mismatched floaties and motor around the pool.

Samantha doesn't quite share their enthusiasm for aquatic activity.

She acclimated...kind of.

These cuties on the other hand would have stayed in all day and night...have I mentioned how much I love the exhaustion that swimming brings? Just sayin'

We will say goodbye again to Daddy in the morning. Work is calling him east this week. We will miss him terribly like we always do, but we are so grateful he works hard for us. I tell the kids he works hard for their warm beds, the food in their tummies and for their 24/7 access to Mommy. Indeed, they love their Daddy.

Mommy loves their Daddy too.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hooray for Friday

It's been a good week. We've tolerated the absence of Daddy and occupied our time trying out new things at home. I am a homebody and I feel like this week I've settled deeper into the grooves of my home as I continue to embrace the "less is more" philosophy.

Not only do soaring gas prices encourage homeyness, so does the realization that the Lord has greatly blessed me in my surroundings. As does conviction that I'm to train my children to be content.

So we pretty much stayed home this week.

Enjoying our backyard with friends...

and the joy of post rain mud.

I opened my kitchen and my mind to a new way of "cooking".

My friend Vanessa came over and taught me how to make a paleo cheesecake. We cheated a bit and added a layer of dark chocolate, but other than that it was completely raw and absolutely delicious.

{I'm now convinced I need a vitamix}

{"cheese" part made from cashews and crust made from almonds and dates}

Trent loves to challenge his mind and embraces new concepts. The latest, telling time.

I'm blown away by how smart our children are and their eagerness to learn. This past year I've loved watching Juliana learn the art of friendship. This is her best buddy from school Maryann (her mama is Vanessa). 

Well folks can I be honest right now? I'm trying my darndest to articulate thoughts so that when I look back I can remember these sweet days of being at home with my children, but right now I have a certain someone scaling my body and crying. She absolutely can't stand it if my attention is occupied on anything other than her. I won't name names...

I must go. She's driving me crazy. What was I just saying about sweet days at home with my children..? Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Praise the Lord

I've been feeling very sappy lately. Songs, sounds and moments have been effecting me differently. My mom and I have been having an ongoing dialogue about gratitude, thankfulness. Thanking the Lord for even the irritations in our midst because they are signs of life, of vibrancy going on around us.

Samantha gets frustrated very easily. She squawks and throws herself on the ground. Praise the Lord I have a healthy little toddler who is spirited and eager to learn. Praise the Lord he has given me purpose in training this precious blessing. Praise the Lord I get to be her mama.

Trent is focused and likes routine. He demands a lot of my attention and cannot do ANYTHING without getting dirty. Praise the Lord for the incredible intelligence he's given my sweet boy. Praise the Lord for the loyalty he has to his mama and that he is healthy and active to go out and get dirty. Praise the Lord I get to be his mama.

Juliana doesn't miss a beat. There seems to be nothing going on in the house that she's not aware of. She asks me hundreds of questions everyday and won't hesitate to tell me if the answer I respond with is wrong. Praise the Lord for my curious firstborn. She holds me accountable, watches my every move and forces me to live more like Christ. Praise the Lord he has given me a helper who is willing to entertain younger siblings. Praise the Lord he chose her to make me a mama, I love that I get to be her mama.

Praise the Lord for my Honey who loves our babies.

Praise the Lord for toy cars that race down our hallway.

Praise the Lord for little feet that dangle from dining room chairs.

Praise the Lord we live in a house with running water where I get to bathe my three little loves.

Praise the Lord that I see this scotched taped over Juliana's bed.

Praise you Father.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Will Miss This

Sometimes I'm overcome with emotion over a song. Anyone?

Today I was driving home from Trader Joe's with just my Trenter Bug in the back. He had scored stickers and a lollipop {organic} at the check-out and was now wearing both. He loves his rain boots and although it wasn't raining today he proudly pulled them on before we left. This song by Trace Adkins came on. I had tears rolling down my face after the first chorus.

I can so relate. Today of course is Sunday. Sunday morning is notorious for being a difficult morning and as God would have it this morning we (I) was in charge of snack for our Sunday school class. We left in our usual fashion. Everyone was dressed and fed, but the house was ransacked. I prayed away my irritation and the Lord faithfully reminded me that my messy house didn't matter.

One day, Lord willing, it will just be Drake and I driving to church together. There won't be three dangling pairs of feet in the backseat. We won't be answering 100 questions while we drive down the 5 and we will miss it. I ache just thinking about it.

Thank you Mr. Adkins' for the gentle reminder. It was needed. Perspective is such an important thing.

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Friday...Fess up :)

Disclaimer: This post will not be very interesting nor will it contain photos. I'm blogging to you via iPhone as I wait for Nordstom Rack to open. Samantha is asleep in the back and I am mentally making a list in my head of things I want to look for. It's time for this hoodie/cardigan girl to explore the world of blazers...that's why I'm here. I've also been wanting a white watch and this feels like a good place to look.

Wow, this is boring...perhaps a few confessions to spunk it up a bit.

 1. I wish I could show you a picture of what our bedroom looks like right now (Cara-James' head would explode). Drake was home for two days this week with tonsillitis, once the zpack kicked in he was bounding with energy. Just enough to empty cabinets and drawers, however not enough to sort and put away. That was Tuesday folks. Hasn't been touched since.

2. We already know I'm sitting outside of Nordstrom Rack.

3. I've given up heavy cream in my coffee and I resisted the cinnamon rolls I made this morning, but I've had a hankering for salame and cheese this week and let's just say I've eaten more than my fair share.

 I know there's more, but they're about to open the doors. My computer is getting fixed tomorrow so hopefully we'll really be able to catch up next week. Any cool weekend plans, confessions you need to get off your chest?? Do share. Love you ladies-xo

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Confessions

1. I DVR old 90210 episodes and watch them when Drake is out of town. I appreciate that the women look like women. Rather than having the body of a twelve year old with glossy lips and fake eye lashes they are soft, supple and most importantly, healthy!!

2. I ate all the Peeps I put in my children's Easter baskets. I maybe shared one with Juliana, maybe.

3. I went several nights this week without brushing my teeth before bed. Chalk it up to laziness and exhaustion. Team Gross anyone?

4. I fell for a prank this week. Sarah had me absolutely convinced that she was going to get the same tattoo that Josh Hutcherson (Peeta from the Hunger Games) has on his wrist. Beth was a co-conspiritor and they got me. Touche' ladies.

5. I discovered grape licorice at Sprouts. It totally tastes like Dimetapp and for some reason I can't get enough.

I haven't touched my camera all week, while it's important to capture and document life's fleeting moments, it's also important to be present in them. I left my camera in the bag this week to absorb a little more and click a little less. Praise the Lord for modern technology though because there were some moments too good not to snap, enter my Iphone...

Here's our Easter break via Instagram.
{walking crew}
{frozen yogurt pit stop}

{Ms. Thang}

{our brave child}

{seaside afternoon}

{coffee cheers via text messages with a couple of my favorites}

{pre-run fuel}

{maybe if I stare long enough it will fold itself}

{monthly pow- wow with my sarah}

{justification for all the peeps}
Rain storms are headed our way, date night tonight and pizza with friends tomorrow. Should be a fun weekend...what's everyone else up to?