oh honey

oh honey
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Wellness Day

Juliana was supposed to go to school today. I was considering taking Trent to an egg hunt. We needed to pick up cream for coffee and purchase a birthday gift. None of this happened. I drank my coffee black and we stayed home. It. Was. Fantastic.

It was not fantastic that Juliana didn't feel good, I'm still not sure she's in the clear, but the staying home part was great. We had no agenda and no routine was followed today. I made chicken and vegetable soup and played race cars in the kitchen with the little ones while Juliana slept. We ate oranges and played barefoot in the backyard. Everyone took a nap at some point (including myself) and we even squeezed in snuggling and book reading on the couch. 

Baby loves her baby.

Poor girl. Sore throat and fever equals no fun.

Trent has entered this new phase where he brings the same three cars everywhere we go. Even at home he usually has them clutched in his fingers or within arms reach. 

He's typically not too keen on sharing with Samantha, but exceptions were made today. 

I would be remiss if I completely skipped over the events of this past weekend. There was a lot packed in, but I wouldn't go back and change it. Friday night kicked off with enjoying pizza with new friends. The Valentine's just moved here from Wisconsin. Kelly (the mom) has already joined my Bible study and I'm pretty sure Sammy and Ella are destined to be best friends :)

Saturday morning was definitely a highlight for me. While Drake went to play basketball with my brother I had my sisters {smile} and mom over for coffee and scones.  All I can say is that if you haven't had Trader Joe's shortbread biscuits, you're missing out!!!

{emily love}

{grandma with her "tiny" babies}

{such a blessing how much my kids are loved}

{my brother and I with our "tiny" babies}

Later that night the Honey and I headed downtown to celebrate his sister's 30th birthday. So fun to celebrate her and so fun to indulge on Italian food.

Lastly, Sunday morning our sweet girl sang in the Palm Sunday service. I wish I was more savvy and could post the video. Of course I cried. The sight of her fine wispy hair and her sweet face a little unsure. Her mouth forming the words "Hosanna" as she searched the congregation for Mommy and Daddy, Such a good reminder of the importance of instilling the true meaning behind Easter in our children. Can't wait till next year when Trent can participate.

Please continue to pray for healing and wellness is our household...and please don't wait till you're sick to take a wellness day...or to make yourself some hearty chicken soup...

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