oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Praise the Lord

I've been feeling very sappy lately. Songs, sounds and moments have been effecting me differently. My mom and I have been having an ongoing dialogue about gratitude, thankfulness. Thanking the Lord for even the irritations in our midst because they are signs of life, of vibrancy going on around us.

Samantha gets frustrated very easily. She squawks and throws herself on the ground. Praise the Lord I have a healthy little toddler who is spirited and eager to learn. Praise the Lord he has given me purpose in training this precious blessing. Praise the Lord I get to be her mama.

Trent is focused and likes routine. He demands a lot of my attention and cannot do ANYTHING without getting dirty. Praise the Lord for the incredible intelligence he's given my sweet boy. Praise the Lord for the loyalty he has to his mama and that he is healthy and active to go out and get dirty. Praise the Lord I get to be his mama.

Juliana doesn't miss a beat. There seems to be nothing going on in the house that she's not aware of. She asks me hundreds of questions everyday and won't hesitate to tell me if the answer I respond with is wrong. Praise the Lord for my curious firstborn. She holds me accountable, watches my every move and forces me to live more like Christ. Praise the Lord he has given me a helper who is willing to entertain younger siblings. Praise the Lord he chose her to make me a mama, I love that I get to be her mama.

Praise the Lord for my Honey who loves our babies.

Praise the Lord for toy cars that race down our hallway.

Praise the Lord for little feet that dangle from dining room chairs.

Praise the Lord we live in a house with running water where I get to bathe my three little loves.

Praise the Lord that I see this scotched taped over Juliana's bed.

Praise you Father.

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  1. Amen and amen!!! Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord...We live in a world of constant complaints, critique, and comparisons thankfulness and gratitude get overlooked and understated. God has given his One and Only Son! That alone is enough for our praise and gratitude each and every day....