oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giant Easter Post

It's the Tuesday night after Easter and I feel behind. I could literally separate this into three or four decent posts, but alas laziness has won out. I've had so many thoughts spinning through my head these past days ranging from salvation issues all the way down to how many more days can I go justifying Easter candy as a meal...? I'll meet you all somewhere in between. Starting with the photo session that left me needing both a cold shower and a glass of wine.

Location: Carlsbad Inn
Attendees: 4 kids, 3 crazy hopeful parents

I'm still not sure what egg dying has to do with the resurrection of Christ...I guess it has about the same relevancy as wearing fancy dresses and taking photographs in a garden. Nonetheless it's fun and if you have 3 year old and a 5 year old it's a good way to shave off about 8 minutes of your Saturday afternoon.

Bonus: if you also have a 1 year old you'll shave off about 108 calories just trying to keep her away from the dye. Lord have mercy it's a good thing she's cute...

One day I plan to devote an entire blog post to the searing pain of a Sunday morning for a church going mama...while I don't have quite the energy to go into it now, I'll give you the Reader's Digest version. I'm pretty sure there's something working against moms on Sunday mornings. I typically make it to church with my hair in a bun, a touch of concealer {which I applied in the car} and a quick swipe of tinted chapstick. I may or may not have banana smeared on my shoulder and there's a 50/50 chance I forgot to put on deoderant. Anyone??

This Easter Sunday, I took a stand. I decided I would have clean hair, mascara on my lashes and absolutely no banana on my clothes. Samantha sensed my eagerness and cried at the door the whole time I showered, blew my hair dry AND curled it. Trent figured there must be something he should be wanting too and kicked the door to echo her screams. I finally let her in. Destruction in 2 seconds flat.

Yep, we left for church with the bathroom a mess and the rest of the house looking like a bomb went off. I put all of that out of my mind and resolved to have a beautiful day. And. We. Did.

Seriously it was a near perfect day. Blessed fellowship and worship at church. Followed by breaking bread and sharing laughter with family. 

level of accessibility is important 

you know she's thinking, "I'm so glad none of these children are mine"

older cousins helping younger ones

Indeed it was a great day. Dare I say we got a decent picture of our family of five? Gathering and celebrating needs to happen more often. Celebrating Christ's resurrection needs to happen more often, like everyday. Daily remembering His sacrifice on Calvary is crucial to our own victory over sin and abundant life in Jesus Christ. 

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16 Do you believe? I hope so. He is risen, He is risen indeed!!


  1. All the blue gingham is just killing me...I LOVE it!!! Someday I may have my act together enough to do matching outfits...but probably not. Oh, and every Sunday morning it looks like a bomb went off in our house too. Maybe that's why every Monday morning is devoted to cleaning it all up again! :-)

    1. Megan, thank you :) if you eve see anything on the girls that you want to borrow don't hesitate to ask

  2. EASTER!! What a joyous day! Our Lord conquered death! We have the gift of eternal life, abundant life...The day was such a wonderful celebration with family, friends, fun, fellowship and of course yummy food. It was delightful to watch and engage in all the conversations and the interaction of generation to generation. We were blessed to have 41 people ranging in ages from 80 yrs old down to 9 weeks. We had someone in each age bracket (80's, 70's, 60's, etc.) This was the first year I can remember where every egg was found from the egg hunt. 108 eggs this year!! Praise be to God for the beautiful weather and the beautiful fellowship. He is risen!

  3. It really was a beautiful day :) And Ditto Megan, the gingham is/was adorable :) Obviously Laurie and I were very involved in the egg hunt! I love all the photos! So great! xoxoxo