oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Friday...Fess up :)

Disclaimer: This post will not be very interesting nor will it contain photos. I'm blogging to you via iPhone as I wait for Nordstom Rack to open. Samantha is asleep in the back and I am mentally making a list in my head of things I want to look for. It's time for this hoodie/cardigan girl to explore the world of blazers...that's why I'm here. I've also been wanting a white watch and this feels like a good place to look.

Wow, this is boring...perhaps a few confessions to spunk it up a bit.

 1. I wish I could show you a picture of what our bedroom looks like right now (Cara-James' head would explode). Drake was home for two days this week with tonsillitis, once the zpack kicked in he was bounding with energy. Just enough to empty cabinets and drawers, however not enough to sort and put away. That was Tuesday folks. Hasn't been touched since.

2. We already know I'm sitting outside of Nordstrom Rack.

3. I've given up heavy cream in my coffee and I resisted the cinnamon rolls I made this morning, but I've had a hankering for salame and cheese this week and let's just say I've eaten more than my fair share.

 I know there's more, but they're about to open the doors. My computer is getting fixed tomorrow so hopefully we'll really be able to catch up next week. Any cool weekend plans, confessions you need to get off your chest?? Do share. Love you ladies-xo


  1. Confession #1: I have been in a very shoppy mood lately; went to the LOFT store yesterday in search of khaki dress pants, because the store was having a big 40% off sale. Didn’t find any, but of course found a couple other items to purchase. On my way back to my car I had to go to Anthropologie because of course it was on the way … and made a couple more purchases (unfortunately not 40% off). So today I am at work, and decide to go to the LOFT store at Horton Plaza at lunchtime; STILL no khaki dress pants but I find a nice pair of black pants. OK – 40% off. So then I’m headed back out of the Plaza and stop into Banana Republic, since of course it was on the way … and finally – SCORE on the khaki pants. I am pleased to report that they were marked down from $70 to $24.99 plus an additional 25% off, so I walked away with 2 more pairs of pants, but for only $19.00 each. I hope that bargain on khaki pants justifies the earlier purchases of not-khaki-pants. And remember, most everything was 40% off…

    Confession #2: At the supermarket, they had 5-lb. bags of navel oranges; buy one bag, get one free. Well I am typically not a big citrus-eater, but these oranges really looked good so I grabbed a bag. And heaven forbid I pass up a bargain (see above) so I had to grab that second bag, for free. And so I am the proud owner of 10 pounds of oranges. What do I do with so many oranges? Well, we went up to my mother-in-law’s house last weekend and I brought her a bag. However now that I have been eating these oranges, they are the most delicious oranges I’ve ever had and I’m down to the last one. And I’m regretting my generosity towards my mother-in-law. Isn’t that awful?

    Confession #3: I made quinoa last night for dinner and it was awful. I’m a terrible cook. Bless my husband for eating it AND for finishing off the leftovers today for his lunch. He said he smothered it with barbeque sauce and it didn’t help at all.

    Confession #4: Do all men fart in bed? Frankly, I’m sick of it. Yes we have been married 12 years next month.

    And… on that note (teehee)… That’s it. Lisa – hope you scored yourself some bargains today!

    1. Re: #4 as far as I know, yes. Also I can barely type because I'm laughing so hard!!

  2. #1- I'm rigging the raffle for the pink toy kitchen at the new childeren's relsale shop by asking everyone in our families to enter their name.... it's next weekend so I'll let you know if it works

    #2- I nurse 2 to 3x a night and usually wake up once and go find a treat to eat. Looks like my "baby weight" will stay on a little longer :)

    #3- Said treats are usually frozen because I am trying to keep them out of sight... by me... but I know where I've hidden them...

    #4- Taxes got the best of us this year, and we're on a tight budget, but I've started my coffee addiction back... hopefully the $10 a week won't set us back too much ;)

    #5- Beth I think I'm the gross one in our marriage... maybe qualifying me for TeamG?!

    1. I put my name in for you today :)
      I do the frozen thing too, unfortunately "out of sight out of mind" doesn't seem to apply to me

  3. Good Morning! Its not Friday, but better late than never... And I must say that I think the whole "out of sight, out of mind" thing only works on men. At least it works on my man. Sometimes it helps me if a package isn't opened, I can resist much easier. Not always, but sometimes.

    1. I was so excited that this new job had caused me to lose about 4-5 pounds. Because of this I have felt freer to eat whatever I want. Guess who gained back half of those pounds? Yeah, that would be me.

    2. Jake has lovingly pointed out on an almost weekly basis that I use way too much creamer in my coffee. Is that so wrong? I love it. I don't care what he thinks - or about the extra calories (RE #1).

    3. I made a pact with myself that I would not eat the Que Bueno cheese unless Jake was eating it and I would be mooching off his portion. This means that I would have to eat it less often, and I wouldn't be able to eat as much out of the guilt of stealing Jakes. (I really don't feel that guilty). Well, on Saturday after getting my tattoo done I was STARVING. It had been a long day of picking up my mom at 5:45 am to take her to LAX and then driving home, showering and heading out to solana beach and sitting in pain for over two hours. Needless to say when I got home I went for the warm cheese without really thinking twice. (RE #1) I felt justified. To my dismay, I couldn't finish it because it was actually a liquid consistency. I got halfway through my bowl and gave up. Thats what I get... Jake then concurred when he got home he thought the cheese was bad because he'd left it out on Easter. Awesome, I ate spoiled Que Bueno. Thats what I get for breaking my own pact. Thanks for keeping it in the fridge Jake.

    4. After said Que Bueno incident, I then proceeded to eat Costco pizza for dinner less than an hour later (RE: #1 - And I was surprised to see I'd gained weight?). I was feeling a little nauseated before eating the pizza so what did I do? I took a Pepcid. Jake agreed it was a good idea. I think he secretly likes chubby girls and he's trying to get me a little more round. Yes, I am that gluttonous folks. Oh, I don't feel good, but there's pizza... let me just take something so I can eat it anyway.

    5. This is my 4th day off in a row! Wow! I have not had this much consecutive time off since I started two months ago. It has been glorious! I watched Twilight and New Moon on Sunday afternoon while Jake was at work. I might have to complete the other two today when I am finished baring my soul. Usually I only gorge on watching multiples of the Twilight movies if I'm sewing. I had nothing to sew, though I did bake cookies (again RE: #1).

    6. Because of these days off, I am finally getting myself moving on getting goodwill and old text books out of here that have been sitting in my dining room for forever. This purging of stuff also includes last years paperwork for Jan's business. It doesn't bother Jake, but bothers me. So I nagged... I mean motivated.... Jake to get it all together. I will be dropping off the bags of stuff at my mom's today to get it out of here. Poor woman is on vacation and now I'm just dumping stuff off at her house to get it out of my sight. (I guess out of sight out of mind does work?)

    xoxo Sarah :)