oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Confessions

1. I DVR old 90210 episodes and watch them when Drake is out of town. I appreciate that the women look like women. Rather than having the body of a twelve year old with glossy lips and fake eye lashes they are soft, supple and most importantly, healthy!!

2. I ate all the Peeps I put in my children's Easter baskets. I maybe shared one with Juliana, maybe.

3. I went several nights this week without brushing my teeth before bed. Chalk it up to laziness and exhaustion. Team Gross anyone?

4. I fell for a prank this week. Sarah had me absolutely convinced that she was going to get the same tattoo that Josh Hutcherson (Peeta from the Hunger Games) has on his wrist. Beth was a co-conspiritor and they got me. Touche' ladies.

5. I discovered grape licorice at Sprouts. It totally tastes like Dimetapp and for some reason I can't get enough.

I haven't touched my camera all week, while it's important to capture and document life's fleeting moments, it's also important to be present in them. I left my camera in the bag this week to absorb a little more and click a little less. Praise the Lord for modern technology though because there were some moments too good not to snap, enter my Iphone...

Here's our Easter break via Instagram.
{walking crew}
{frozen yogurt pit stop}

{Ms. Thang}

{our brave child}

{seaside afternoon}

{coffee cheers via text messages with a couple of my favorites}

{pre-run fuel}

{maybe if I stare long enough it will fold itself}

{monthly pow- wow with my sarah}

{justification for all the peeps}
Rain storms are headed our way, date night tonight and pizza with friends tomorrow. Should be a fun weekend...what's everyone else up to?


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  2. AH! I had to laugh at your #4! I so rarely try to pull anything over on anyone besides my mother. And I really never do it to Jake's side of the family because you guys dont seem like the pranking sort, but convincing you I was going to get a matching tattoo with Peeta was too fun! Confessions:

    1. I love Peeta. Its ridiculous, I know. And as I have told you and Beth (though you may not agree) I really do think he and Jake have a lot of similarities - confession 2 part of confession 1... Am I justifying my love of peeta by saying its because of my husband? Maybe...

    2. I am sad that I don't get to come hang out with you as much anymore :( I know I worked for forever to get to where I am, but I miss seeing you all the time. I hate that its our "monthly" pow wow when it used to be a bi-weekly pow wow.

    3. I always keep my phone on me at work, but I can rarely answer text messages except for when I'm on lunch, or when I'm in the bathroom. So if I'm responding to a message and its not around lunch... I'm probably peeing. Gross, I know.

    4. Our apartment looks like a bomb went off. I have no one to blame but us. Rather than Jake picking up my good habits, I'm picking up his messy habits it seems. Jake doesn't care, I do care, but I'm tired. What has happened to me and my obsession with keeping things tidy? Apparently I've lost the girl my mother taught me to be.

    5. I have girl scout cookies on my nightstand. Enough said.

    6. I am dying to see The Hunger Games again - Anyone?

  3. Confessions:
    Here we go...
    1. I have been trying to "give up" my daily need for sugar. I treat myself to desert on Sundays. However the leftover mini cadbury eggs called my name last night and well they are all gone.
    2. I like to tape reruns of "The Closer". I am very sad that the season finale will be this summer. Only six new episodes and then DONE! Thank you, thank you so very much.
    3. I have enjoyed the past two weeks with my schedule not being so busy. First week no Mom's Day Out..(Tue/Fri free) Second week no bible study or Awana (Wed/Thur free) Next week only Monday free back to full schedule.
    4. Had a grande nonfat mocha today.(my sweet sister got it for me and brought it to MDO) It's always been my favorite. Not enjoying them like I use to ..maybe I need to find a new favorite or just switch it up a bit. Any ideas?
    I am looking forward to a fun weekend which begins tonight with a sleepover for 3 of my "grands". Then tomorrow I plan on getting some scrapbooking done. Sarah, I'll be working on your wedding album. I WILL GET IT DONE SOON!!
    Have a blessed weekend...XXXOOO

  4. Happy Friday - I hereby confess:

    1. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time googling Josh Hutcherson this week.

    2. I have participated in Extreme Texting regarding Josh Hutcherson this week with a Certain Party who shall remain unnamed, in order to protect the innocent (or not-so-innocent…) You know who you are…

    3. I supported Team Gross two days this week at work. And yes I even had worked out both mornings … Is that wrong?

    4. The Easter Bunny brought me Peeps for Easter and I still have not tried one… That seems wrong. I confess I have never eaten a Peep.

    5. I bombed out on my 10-mile long-run last Sunday and did a wimpy 5 miles and then sat in my car in the sunshine at the beach and read on my Kindle for 30 minutes before going home. It was delightful.


    1. Re: #1 above – if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. That guy is adorable. In every way.

    2. Re: #2 above – I’m grateful for the wisdom that guided my husband to sign up for the unlimited texting plan for my phone.

    3. Re: #3 above – I figure I’m saving on shampoo and conditioner, right? Saving the environment right? That can’t be wrong in my book.

    4. Re: #4 above – I love my purple Peeps and I love the fact that my sweet child and husband were so excited to get them for me.

    5. Re: #5 above – I have a redo slated for tomorrow morning and I will eat a Peep as my reward!!

    6. Team Edward for-evah!!!!!!

    7. Sarah – Re: your #6 – I’m game when you are…

  5. I love you all so much! All your confessions make my week. Beth-thank you for protecting the "not so innocent".

  6. Lisa - forgot to say - I always love your photos. Sorry about the tattoo prank; hee hee.....

    Sarah - how do you still have Girl Scout Cookies? you are exhibiting extreme willpower; i am impressed.

  7. I still have girl scout cookies because my mom gave me 2 boxes on Easter. So really, I don't have that much will power, I wish. And I would like to tell you all that I've restored our apartment to its previous tidy glory. It was tough, but I realized I needed to stop blowing it as a wife! Laundry is going, dishes are clean and dinner is in the oven!

  8. S - I'm really impressed now. As for me: I'm still Googling and still texting. In other words my confessions still stand.

  9. Friday Confessions:

    1. I confess that I am absolutely, unequivocally trying to "break in" to this cool group of women and I'm using this blog and the comment section as an "in." ;)

    2. I think you all are quite cool and I hope to be invited to more GNI's (Girls Night's In)...though I think Lisa and I just planned an Anne of Green Gables Marathon earlier today. Anyone?!

    3. I hate to brag, but I'm pretty certain I'm the ideal next candidate to join Team Gross...we're talking Captain material here...it's that GROSS. :)

    4. I LOVE Peeps and I didn't buy a single one this Easter. No, instead, I opted for Chocolate. NOT helping.

    5. Disclaimer: I love my littles. LOOOOOVE!!! But I could trade them in for a day or two of absolute productivity. I know I will miss these days and should be treasuring EVERY moment, but somedays I just REALLY want a break. I know, Mother of the Year!

    That's all for now... Enjoy the weekend! Looking forward to manana...


    1. Oh Mandee you're totally in, especially if you're willing to play for Team Gross!! Or Team Edward, Team Peeta...the list could probably go on. I'll give Beth you're number so that she can text you pictures from her Edward/peeta library when you need encouragement ;) love you so much friend, see you tomorrow!!

  10. Reading these made me smile from ear to ear. I love all you ladies!!


    I knocked it out of the park for Team Gross this week. I taught classes all week at work and needed to let out a little stress in between a couple of classes. I went to the gym down the street and ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes. Took a baby wipe and toweled off. Put my business suit back on, brushed my hair and taught three more classes that day. Go. Team. Gross.

    I need contacts to see. But, I bought glasses that are not perscription, just frames with clear lenses. I justified buying them because I always see better with my contacts but I like the look of glasses sometimes. The real reason I bought them is because I think they make me look smart. I wear them and it's like putting on my superman cape. I think my brain works better with them on.

    I work with a mean girl. And worse than that a mean girl that thinks she knows it all. She is literally never wrong and always has the best idea (in her opinion). I let her squirm in a meeting trying to answer a question that she clearly had no idea the answer to. I could have easily bailed her out. I didn't. I sat quietly.

    On Wednesday I had a cinnamon roll, a mocha, 2 oatmeal raisin cookies and a bilzzard from dairy queen. That was my nutritional intake for the entire day.

    Our sweet Savannah is a persistant girl. After the 100th time of asking me what we were going to do next, I put a movie on for her in the living room, closed my bedroom door and read a magazine. I ignored the knocking and she went back to her movie.

    It is almost 9am on Saturday. I am an early riser but today I'm still in bed. I drank my coffee here, and I may just stay here all day. I had plans to get up early, take a hot shower, shave my legs for the first time in a week....but I'm still in bed instead. Makeup on from last night, coffee breath and hair in a bun. Team Gross in full effect. My husband is a lucky, lucky man.

    Love you ladies. Happy Weekend!!