oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Will Miss This

Sometimes I'm overcome with emotion over a song. Anyone?

Today I was driving home from Trader Joe's with just my Trenter Bug in the back. He had scored stickers and a lollipop {organic} at the check-out and was now wearing both. He loves his rain boots and although it wasn't raining today he proudly pulled them on before we left. This song by Trace Adkins came on. I had tears rolling down my face after the first chorus.

I can so relate. Today of course is Sunday. Sunday morning is notorious for being a difficult morning and as God would have it this morning we (I) was in charge of snack for our Sunday school class. We left in our usual fashion. Everyone was dressed and fed, but the house was ransacked. I prayed away my irritation and the Lord faithfully reminded me that my messy house didn't matter.

One day, Lord willing, it will just be Drake and I driving to church together. There won't be three dangling pairs of feet in the backseat. We won't be answering 100 questions while we drive down the 5 and we will miss it. I ache just thinking about it.

Thank you Mr. Adkins' for the gentle reminder. It was needed. Perspective is such an important thing.

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  1. That song gets us everytime! A great reminder to enjoy all the milestones and little things that little ones bring. Looking forward to seeing you all at dinner. xo