oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Team Gross and Some Randomness

I went ALL out tonight folks

A few of my peeps' and I {as in close girlfriends not the fluffy Easter candy you all know I love} have a secret club/team we are members of, Team Gross. You qualify for this team if you have gone days without washing your hair {bonus points if you have exercised and still have chosen to forgo shampoo}, have worn the same yoga pants for days in a row {this might just be me} or have basically just given thorough personal hygiene the shaft for any length of time. A dead giveaway that you're playing for the team, a hat of any sort, greasy hair twisted in a bun with a headband holding back strays or God forbid just the stench of you alone screams you need a good cleansing.

On this team we are able to admit our "distgustingness" to one another and there is no judgement from any of the other members. Example, today I finally removed a shirt I had had on since Monday night. If you know me, you know the shirt. Black cotton long sleeved v-neck from Target. It's multi-functional. I can wear it with pajama pants, jeans and work out pants. And I do. And I did. It's Wednesday people, I had been wearing the same shirt since Monday...Team Gross!!

Tonight though it was time to sit the bench...and SHOWER!!! Let me tell you something, the perk of playing for Team Gross is that when you finally do sit out for a bit, it feels amazing!! The shampoo smells so much richer, your hair feels so much softer and peeling off the black cotton long sleeved v-neck (from Target) is a taste of victory!

Some other random tid bits from our day include a glorious morning walk.

Watching the kids page through our wedding album and delicately explaining to them why they weren't there.

Playing peek-a-boo through the window with my sweet baby love.

Afternoon coloring with my bubs.

And putting the little ones to bed and sharing a bag of popcorn with just my Julebug.

That's all I've got for you folks. Tomorrow is Science day at school and I'm one of the parent volunteers, better rest up! Oh yeah, one more thing...another qualifier for Team Gross is eating stuff like this...for DINNER...



  1. While you have had some amazing posts, I think this one qualifies for top 3 simply for the fact that I laughed through the whole thing. TEAM GROSS unite! xoxo I love you

  2. Yes way to take one for the team! Team Gross for the win! (or for the lose, I guess?) That looks like a fabulous dinner by the way. :-) See you soon!