oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Trick-or-treat, get less sleep, give me something more to clean~ the Mom

Little one had a tummy bug on Halloween, which meant change of plans and some disappointment for all involved. No cousins, no friends, Daddy was out of town, but fortunately we have a Grammy that lives close. She was willing to brave our infected home to take the older ones out trick-or-treating.

 {funky cowgirl and spiderman}

 {not to be left out}

{baby sister cried when the big kids left to trick-or-treat}

I did feel bad. Trent seemed to be the only one completely unaffected by the change of plans. He had his costume on by 2 pm and was happy to circle the block with just his big sister. As long as candy was still involved it was a win for him. Juliana on the other hand did shed some tears and so did Mama, but I think we were all better off with our low key Halloween. By 8:00, Sammy girl was pretty much back to her normal self and we all went to bed. End scene.

Oh...and at least she still got to wear her costume to dance the day before.

{Cutest. Bunny. Ever.}

One more little tidbit, the high point of the evening was when Sammy threw up in the entry way right in front of a group of jr. higher's trick-or-treating. Let this be a lesson in abstinence kids.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Boy is 5

He is sweet. He is brilliant. He is kind. He loves Jesus. He is Daddy's biggest fan, Juliana's student and Samantha's best friend. He owns a tender place in Mommy's heart. He is an absolute joy.

Without fail the kid's birthdays hit the bittersweet button of my heart. A day to commemorate that yet another year has slipped by and that I only get one chance to do this right. One chance to lay the proper foundation on impressionable minds. They are little still and I cherish the time that they are cozied in my nest, knowing that when I go to sleep they are tucked safely under my roof.

My birthday prayer for my boy is that he will continue to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. That he will have an obedient heart, a discerning mind and a purpose to love others more than he loves himself. I pray that the Lord will continue to protect his innocence and his purity and that as his parents, Drake and I would pursue righteousness and wisdom to shape him into a Godly man.

Trent, you exceed everything I could have hoped for in a son. I love you so much it hurts. Happy 5th Birthday!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall-ish Things

{trader joe's pumpkin display}

 {afternoon tea parties with pumpkin bread}

{thursday night football}

{afternoon soccer practice}

{gorgeous trees}

{breathtaking sunsets}

{delicious beverages}

That's all for now.

Our Tagalong

We spend a lot of time together her and I.

She is a cantankerous little thing.

She sure loves her babies though.

And her sweets.

She adores her big sister.

And Lord have mercy do I love her.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Feeling Fall

Good glorious fall morning!!! My back windows are open and I can hear the rustle of leaves in the trees as the wind blows and the slight chill wafts into my house. I opted to forgo dance class this morning and slowly sip my coffee as I go through our pumpkin patch photos from yesterday. Each one bringing a smile to my face. Every year our family "patch" grows with one more little pumpkin and come next year there will be one more.

Grandma sure isn't complaining.

This guy was able to join us, such a treat on a weekday afternoon.

I love him so much, can hardly believe we will be celebrating ten years of marriage next month.

Of course, these three are proof that it has indeed been that long...

Following the patch, we all headed out to dinner, Papa met us there on his way home from work. Yet another thing that makes me feel all sentimental this time of year, family. We are so blessed all of our's live close (minus Uncle Garret). I love that my children know their aunts and uncles and cousins. That they can be bonded and know they are loved unconditionally.

There is rain in the forecast for today (insert happy dance icon). I'm making a big pot of vegetable soup and baking pumpkin bread. What about you?? Doing anything to feel fall??

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy October

October is here!!! Typically by this time of the year my mind is spinning with holiday ideas...Halloween crafts and fun, a new recipe for Thanksgiving, cookie decorating with friends come Christmas...currently my mind is just spinning, period. Drake has been traveling (again), I have been taxiing kids to soccer and dance. By the time night hits the only thing my mind can process is "put on comfy pants, pour wine."

With all that being said this phase of life comes with it's own kind of fall fun. A faster pace, but still festive and fun.

{sharing a snack while big sis' is at school}

{soccer with starbucks}

 {soccer with snacks}

 {soccer with friends}

{soccer with smiles}

{Fall Festival Champions}

Even with all the back and forth due to soccer and dance class we have managed to find time to introduce Juliana to The Sound of Music, still ride bikes in the cul-de-sac, test out new pumpkin goodness from Trader Joe's and squeeze in a date night.

I know that all of our schedules get busy, but I'm praying that all of us can make time to butter up a pumpkin waffle and enjoy some time with the ones we love most. Happy October!