oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Trick-or-treat, get less sleep, give me something more to clean~ the Mom

Little one had a tummy bug on Halloween, which meant change of plans and some disappointment for all involved. No cousins, no friends, Daddy was out of town, but fortunately we have a Grammy that lives close. She was willing to brave our infected home to take the older ones out trick-or-treating.

 {funky cowgirl and spiderman}

 {not to be left out}

{baby sister cried when the big kids left to trick-or-treat}

I did feel bad. Trent seemed to be the only one completely unaffected by the change of plans. He had his costume on by 2 pm and was happy to circle the block with just his big sister. As long as candy was still involved it was a win for him. Juliana on the other hand did shed some tears and so did Mama, but I think we were all better off with our low key Halloween. By 8:00, Sammy girl was pretty much back to her normal self and we all went to bed. End scene.

Oh...and at least she still got to wear her costume to dance the day before.

{Cutest. Bunny. Ever.}

One more little tidbit, the high point of the evening was when Sammy threw up in the entry way right in front of a group of jr. higher's trick-or-treating. Let this be a lesson in abstinence kids.

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