oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, September 30, 2011

October Eve

The air is cool and dry. The leaves are slightly starting to change. It's the eve of October. Our week has been spent holed up in our house. The kids have taken turns being sick. We've had a couple of brutal nights. Coughing, fevers, no sleep. NO SLEEP. But now we are well and it's Friday and it's the eve of October. Things are looking up.

Trent got his room back this week. So did Juliana...Princess Samantha has taken up residence in our bed lately. I mean why not?? It's a California king with her very own 24/7 milk fountain just inches away. I know I need to break this habit, but it's amazing the lengths you'll go to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Enter my best friend...

*I love you*

On Wednesday Trent woke up after sleeping over half the day (seriously he slept till 1:45 pm) bursting with energy. His fever was gone and we were both craving fresh air. Juliana had already left with Grandma for AWANA so I laced up and loaded up.  I knew EXACTLY where we were going.

It's a path we take often and it's a good reminder we are blessed.

In so many ways.

Friday is spirit day and big sis' has spirit


It's October eve and there's lots of excitement this month...

Halloween and a 3 year old birthday. Right now though I'm excited that the kids are healthy, Daddy will be pulling up in a couple of hours and my house smells like peach pie (yes, I'm on a pie kick right now).

"Give me that camera"

"airplane ballet" she calls it

Little sis' found the plastic cabinet and fell in love...yes that is a SVEDKA cup you see

Happy Friday. Happy October Eve.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My (little) Boy

I just love him...

that's all. I want to remember the days when he wanted me to hold him and asked me for kisses. He picks his nose, drools and pees on the bathroom floor. I adore him, every part.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend in Review

"In all their suffering, He suffered, 
and the Angel of His Presence Saved them."
Isaiah 63:9

 On Friday we learned that one of our anticipated nieces or nephew wouldn't be arriving in the spring. While there is comfort and great rejoicing in knowing the lullaby's of Heaven and the arm's of Jesus is all this precious little one will ever know, we are still heartbroken. My heart aches for my sweet brother and sister-in-law. However, God is faithful, He has a plan for them and the Angel of His Presence will save them. Praise you Father!!

In the wake of this news, Daddy's homecoming and week of nursing sick kids I was still hopeful that the weekend would be relaxing. And it was. Cinnamon rolls and coffee, check. Second pot of coffee, check. Naps, check. It all got done and then some.

two peas in a pod

love my babies

Saturday afternoon I was fortunate to escape for a bit. In the spirit of loving on Sarah, Jess and I took her for a pedicure. After that we picked up pizza for the rest of the gang (and us too). It was amidst the hustle and bustle of Pizza Port that we huddled together and cried. It was real and it was healing. I'm so thankful for the bonds of sisterhood. I'm so thankful for the beautiful women that my brother's married. I'm blessed to be a part of their lives and so are my children.

Currently, it's Sunday afternoon and we are watching football. There's still a little weekend left to be had. Sam is in her favorite spot...

And these two crazies are doing their thing...

the barbie's are in the "bleachers watching football"
As for me, there's one slice of apple pie left (yes, I made another one) calling my name. I think I will dish it up and take it to my bedroom and eat it in peace (is it bad I like to be alone with my food?).

if you've never had this caramel, get it. it's good on EVERYTHING

Friday, September 23, 2011

R & R

A couple of months ago Juliana asked me why I hugged Daddy so much. I told her because with Daddy is where I fit best. Yesterday he came home from a ten day business trip. That's the longest we've been apart since our dating years when he worked at a summer camp (over 10 years ago). When we are apart I'm not at rest. Seriously, I don't sleep well, eat well, focus well. However, he is home now and the weekend is here.

Plans?? Oh we've got big plans. Cinnamon rolls and coffee on Saturday morning. A family walk. Wine after the kids go to bed. Chips and dip while we watch the game on Sunday. Yep, big plans. Plans to do a whole lot of nothing. I can't wait.

With Daddy is where we all seem to fit best these days and we're soaking up every second this weekend.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sister's New Do'

Juliana has been asking since May to cut her hair. I finally caved and made the call. Our family beautician Aunt Lisa came with her bag of tricks and set up shop in our kitchen.

I think I was dragging my feet because it took so long to get her hair where it was. Girlfriend was born completely bald and finally had long gold locks cascading halfway down her back. The braids, the buns, the bows, the possibilities were endless. But let's be honest, she's stinkin' cute and can rock any hairstyle...

So far, she loves it!!! If that changes she'll learn (as I have following my own recent hair mishap), HAIR GROWS!!! Love you're new hair Julebug and love you a gazillion times more!!

For the Love of Fall

Fall is the favorite time of year in our neck of the woods. For Drake and I a large part of our history together is embedded in the autumn months. We fell in love in the fall, got married in the fall, found out we were expecting our first child in the fall, we welcomed our second child in the fall. Almost every year (with the exception of when I had Trent) we have taken a trip in the fall. It's usually to a city where the season change is more drastic and we can travel on foot to explore. This year is not looking promising for a trip, but we are still embracing all the traditions of fall here at home.

Fortunately for my kids and unfortunately for my waste line, I love to bake and feel extra inclined when the weather turns cooler. Since our apple pie on Friday, we have made pumpkin muffins and sugar cookies. Sugar cookies are a household favorite. Rolling out the dough, cookie cutters, frosting and sprinkling, the kids LOVE it!! I LOVE watching them.

 Looking forward to many more baking days ahead. Trying out new recipes and "falling" back on old ones.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hodge Podge

Today was busy and I have much to say, much I want to remember. Although I am tired, today was one of those days that I'm already laughing about and one of those days I will long for when my children are grown.

Samantha is 8 months today. Her babyhood seems to be slipping through my fingers. How is she already this old?? It felt like Juliana was an infant for eternity, Trent less and this one I can barely blink and she's already pulling up on the coffee table and attempting to let go. However, when she burrows into my neck and sucks her thumb I stop trying to do whatever I was doing with my other hand and just hold her. I rest my head on her's and savor the moment because I know that it's fleeting.

                      * Hello little Beauty

Trent stayed home from school today because he had an appointment to get allergy tested. The appointment was in Encinitas right around the corner from the "good" Target. Newly remodeled, a family bathroom that you can literally pull your cart into (and I do) and a Starbucks that provides cup holders that latch to your cart for shopping/sipping convenience. I had a birthday gift I needed to pick up as well as the usual stuff, diapers, plastic baggies, etc. Anyways, we get in the car and Trent asks if he can look at his book. "oh sorry buddy, that sticker book is for Juliana's friend". Trent, "no my new Cars book." Me, "you didn't get a new Cars book". Trent, "it's in the bag, I see it." Sure enough there it was.

He must have snuck it in during the commotion in the book aisle. Commotion? Yes, commotion. There was a lady sitting smack dab in the middle of the aisle reading two of her children a book while her infant pulled all the books off the bottom row. I get it lady, you're the cool mom that pauses mid-shopping trip to read your kids a book you don't want to buy. FYI, there's a Barne's and Noble across the parking lot, let's move story hour over there so that THIS mom can grab a sticker book that hasn't been drooled on and not be late to her son's doctor's appointment. Ahhhh, felt good to get that out.

I'm sure you're wondering how I didn't see the new Cars book at check-out, I'm wondering that myself. I'm thinking Trent put it up there while I was removing the marshmallows he threw in as well as turquoise footless tights (these I considered keeping, but they weren't my size). Anyway's,  I let it slide. He was so disappointed to miss school and we were headed to a waiting room I knew wasn't going to provide child friendly reading material. I learned some new things about him today. Keep a close eye on him in Target and that he has sensitivities to both dairy and peanuts. Poor kid, he loves yogurt more than any other food.

Let's jump to bath time because seriously you can't make this stuff up. Tonight Juliana decided that the bathtub was going to be a jacuzzi. This idea was not communicated to me and I walked in just in time to see Trent attempting a cannonball off the side of the bathtub right above where Juliana was "back floating" (term used VERY loosely). I had to explain to them that even though we can cannon ball and "back float" in Grammy and Grandpa's jacuzzi, our pretend jacuzzi is reserved for sitting and soaking. I love that my girl is always looking for ways to make things fun, she's like her daddy in that regard. Unfortunately her good intentions aren't always the wisest ones. At least no got hurt (this time).

Lastly, my living room has blocks scattered everywhere, laundry on the couch and my kitchen is a mess. The kids and I made our first apple pie today. While it was baking we boiled up some orzo pasta and danced around to Adele. I'm no Barefoot Contessa, but I do love being in my kitchen. I love creating and tasting. I love Trent sitting on the counter in Buzz Lightyear underwear eating flour and Juliana on the step stool RIGHT next to me rolling the dough or pouring the sugar. I guess I'm hoping that if I engage them enough now they'll still want to hang out with me later in life. Mom, clearly you did something right because you're probably wondering now how to get rid of me...kidding.

they both just love to "help" her

Bless her heart, I think she hopes by sucking her thumb, they'll bug off. Sorry sister.

Thanks for sticking with me, feels good to get it all out. Feels good to know I can remember this day. Oh, and our pie...it's good. So good I'm kicking myself for not picking up vanilla ice cream earlier.
Happy Friday (all five of you who read this, you know I love you).

I cheated and used pre-made crust. I still had to roll it though.

My "fluted" edges need work, but looks aside, I did good.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Afternoon Dress-Up

*please know the Donald Duck costume is 18-24 months
(she is 5 years old)

A huge thanks to Aunt Lisa for bringing over the costumes, they provided lots of afternoon entertainment.
Donald Duck and Nemo ran around and giggled, built a fort, and did what they do best...get right in their baby sister's face.

 In other news, my wonderful "little" brother (who's 6'4") caught a mouse that was camped out under my bed for me. His original plan was to catch it the old fashioned way...he walked in with a bucket and asked for a plate with peanut butter. When that wasn't working my sister-in-law sent him home (bear in mind it's almost 11 o'clock at night) to get their electronic mouse trap. He set it all up and then came to my house this morning before work at 6:30 am to dispose of the torched little booger. Thanks Mark and Jess for your dedication in allowing me to have a rodent free home.

Samantha had her first baby play date with Asher. These two actually had the same due date, but Asher beat her to the punch and arrived five days earlier. I think I more benefited from the play date as I got to enjoy adult conversation with a good friend. Annie and Asher you're welcome anytime.

It's getting late and my mouse free bedroom is calling my name...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thanks Mom!

Today my mom had a SeaWorld date with Trent. With Juliana in kindergarten it left me with three and a half full hours with just Sammy to do whatever I wanted. What can a mom of three kids not do?? Peruse Home Goods without both her stress level and irritation level rising so high her skin crawls. With just one sweet baby girl who sits in the cart and smiles (sometime screeches) a Home Goods shopping trip is quite enjoyable and productive (I won't show you the receipt). Pictured above is our pre-shopping "top off", guaranteeing that Sammy Lou would have all her needs met so that I could make the most of our shopping experience. These socks kill me by the way.

After kindergarten pick-up Juliana was hot (she is always hot) and since Trent was still with Grandma I loaded up my girls and we headed to Jamba Juice. For anyone that hasn't ridden in the car with Juliana recently, I must inform you that she has every license plate memorized. While Daddy will break laws on the freeway just to catch up to an out of state plate, I will not. Today we were in luck because the Village parking lot was a gold mine... Washington, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, oh the excitement!! On foot we circled the lot so that she could see all of them up close, by then she was really hot.

Despite the fact we gave her multiple tastes, Sam was green with envy she didn't have her own smoothie. Her frustration is marked on my shirt. Baby sister managed to grab the straw from my drink and fling it around as fast as she could in her tightly clenched fist. Another white shirt bites the dust...why do I still wear white??

*please note the focus

Apparently school and license plate hunting isn't tiring enough because she felt the need to run laps around the fountain. I WISH I had a quarter of her energy!!

While having time with just the girls was fun, it was great to have Trent back in my reach. He had a wonderful time with Grandma. Not only did he score a shirt he also got a map!! Yes, the free one they give you at the gate, it's his current favorite thing. Multiple times this afternoon and evening he needed my undivided attention so that he could give me a tour of SeaWorld via the map. Love him!!

Well the season premiere of Survivor is wooing me from the DVR, I must go. Mom, thanks again for spoiling Trent and me today. Goodnight!

P.S. Don't ever come between baby sister and a smoothie!