oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


First off, I adore my husband. He left for the airport this morning at 4:30 am. This new position is really taking some getting used to. Not only do I hate it when he leaves and miss him like crazy, getting him out the door with everything he needs is a huge task. He will have printed every coupon he could find for the area to which he is traveling, but does he have his wallet? his phone? his pants? I kid...all of these things have been left at some point. Getting him out the door with everything he needed was a success this morning, going back to sleep was not.

Rather than brew coffee I climbed back into bed with Samantha (she joined us around 2:30). I probably kissed her 100 times. I couldn't help but stroke the fat pads on top of her hands and breathe in the lavender scent coming off her soft head. Just like the other two, she is a delicious baby and she is mine. Thank you Jesus.

Both my "big" kids are back in school. Trent started preschool today. How is my boy already in the three year old class? He scanned every cubby until he found T-R-E-N-T and proudly pointed and said "that's mine", placed his lunchbox inside, kissed me and didn't look back. Buddy, can you at least act like you're going to miss me?

Since Juliana doesn't start school until 10 am, we had some time to kill. Starbucks?? After my early morning I could definitely go for a second (okay third) cup of coffee and a bagel was sounding pretty good too. Samantha fell asleep in the car so we hit the drive thru  and then parked in front of the elementary school. Jules moved up to the front seat so we could split our bagel and discuss important kindergarten matters. While I was spreading the cream cheese she told me exactly how many girls in her class had Twinkle Toe shoes and who's lit up and who's didn't. When I handed her her half of the bagel she held it up and said, "cheers". We tapped our bagels together and enjoyed.


I love all three of them so much. Right now my heart is particularly heavy for Juliana. Before we got out of the car I held her little face in my hands and we prayed together. We are called to be salt and light, yet releasing my little girl to the influences of public school and children who's mommy's and daddy's don't know Jesus is hard. During the recent power outage we found Juliana in the candle lit bathroom singing in front of the mirror This Little Light of Mine. Knowing that she holds this truth in her heart at five years old and knowing that we serve a Mighty God who holds us in the palm of His hand at all times is my comfort and my peace. So let your light shine sister!!! Cheers!!

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