oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, September 30, 2011

October Eve

The air is cool and dry. The leaves are slightly starting to change. It's the eve of October. Our week has been spent holed up in our house. The kids have taken turns being sick. We've had a couple of brutal nights. Coughing, fevers, no sleep. NO SLEEP. But now we are well and it's Friday and it's the eve of October. Things are looking up.

Trent got his room back this week. So did Juliana...Princess Samantha has taken up residence in our bed lately. I mean why not?? It's a California king with her very own 24/7 milk fountain just inches away. I know I need to break this habit, but it's amazing the lengths you'll go to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Enter my best friend...

*I love you*

On Wednesday Trent woke up after sleeping over half the day (seriously he slept till 1:45 pm) bursting with energy. His fever was gone and we were both craving fresh air. Juliana had already left with Grandma for AWANA so I laced up and loaded up.  I knew EXACTLY where we were going.

It's a path we take often and it's a good reminder we are blessed.

In so many ways.

Friday is spirit day and big sis' has spirit


It's October eve and there's lots of excitement this month...

Halloween and a 3 year old birthday. Right now though I'm excited that the kids are healthy, Daddy will be pulling up in a couple of hours and my house smells like peach pie (yes, I'm on a pie kick right now).

"Give me that camera"

"airplane ballet" she calls it

Little sis' found the plastic cabinet and fell in love...yes that is a SVEDKA cup you see

Happy Friday. Happy October Eve.

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