oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thanks Mom!

Today my mom had a SeaWorld date with Trent. With Juliana in kindergarten it left me with three and a half full hours with just Sammy to do whatever I wanted. What can a mom of three kids not do?? Peruse Home Goods without both her stress level and irritation level rising so high her skin crawls. With just one sweet baby girl who sits in the cart and smiles (sometime screeches) a Home Goods shopping trip is quite enjoyable and productive (I won't show you the receipt). Pictured above is our pre-shopping "top off", guaranteeing that Sammy Lou would have all her needs met so that I could make the most of our shopping experience. These socks kill me by the way.

After kindergarten pick-up Juliana was hot (she is always hot) and since Trent was still with Grandma I loaded up my girls and we headed to Jamba Juice. For anyone that hasn't ridden in the car with Juliana recently, I must inform you that she has every license plate memorized. While Daddy will break laws on the freeway just to catch up to an out of state plate, I will not. Today we were in luck because the Village parking lot was a gold mine... Washington, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, oh the excitement!! On foot we circled the lot so that she could see all of them up close, by then she was really hot.

Despite the fact we gave her multiple tastes, Sam was green with envy she didn't have her own smoothie. Her frustration is marked on my shirt. Baby sister managed to grab the straw from my drink and fling it around as fast as she could in her tightly clenched fist. Another white shirt bites the dust...why do I still wear white??

*please note the focus

Apparently school and license plate hunting isn't tiring enough because she felt the need to run laps around the fountain. I WISH I had a quarter of her energy!!

While having time with just the girls was fun, it was great to have Trent back in my reach. He had a wonderful time with Grandma. Not only did he score a shirt he also got a map!! Yes, the free one they give you at the gate, it's his current favorite thing. Multiple times this afternoon and evening he needed my undivided attention so that he could give me a tour of SeaWorld via the map. Love him!!

Well the season premiere of Survivor is wooing me from the DVR, I must go. Mom, thanks again for spoiling Trent and me today. Goodnight!

P.S. Don't ever come between baby sister and a smoothie!

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