oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy October

October is here!!! Typically by this time of the year my mind is spinning with holiday ideas...Halloween crafts and fun, a new recipe for Thanksgiving, cookie decorating with friends come Christmas...currently my mind is just spinning, period. Drake has been traveling (again), I have been taxiing kids to soccer and dance. By the time night hits the only thing my mind can process is "put on comfy pants, pour wine."

With all that being said this phase of life comes with it's own kind of fall fun. A faster pace, but still festive and fun.

{sharing a snack while big sis' is at school}

{soccer with starbucks}

 {soccer with snacks}

 {soccer with friends}

{soccer with smiles}

{Fall Festival Champions}

Even with all the back and forth due to soccer and dance class we have managed to find time to introduce Juliana to The Sound of Music, still ride bikes in the cul-de-sac, test out new pumpkin goodness from Trader Joe's and squeeze in a date night.

I know that all of our schedules get busy, but I'm praying that all of us can make time to butter up a pumpkin waffle and enjoy some time with the ones we love most. Happy October!


  1. Happy October to you! Love all the pics of the kiddos :) And I love how much they're enjoying soccer. Trent especially! How was the pumpkin bread pudding... sounds like it could be a hit or miss??? Glad to see Drake is home again :) xoxo

    1. pumpkin bread pudding is definitely a hit!!! so good.