oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Week of Fall

Our first week of fall kicked off with Drake traveling. There's a different pace to our home when he's gone, one that we've gotten familiar with but don't prefer. Nonetheless, this week brought a host of activities and distractions to make the time pass by more quickly. 

Monday we ran some errands with Grandma, and little sister busted out her red boots.

Enough said.

Later that day I had a minor collision and busted the passenger side mirror on the good ole" Sequoia.

Bummer, especially when you have someone else's child in the car with you...thankfully no one was injured or even phased for that matter.

{i love their sweet friendship}

Tuesday morning brought a nice respite for Mama. All three were at school and I was able to do something I haven't done in awhile. SIT at a coffee shop and do my Bible study.

{bonus: ordering in a "for here" mug}

Tuesday night we were invited to Grammy and Grandpa's for dinner. Uncle Garret has been visiting from Norway and it was his last night. We ate outside and let me tell you their view never gets old.

Occasionally they will mention moving and selfishly I hope they never do.

Wednesday morning I was positive each of the kids received a memo in the night that instructed them upon waking to bug each other as much as possible. Fortunately after a Starbucks and an hour of watching Sammy prance around at dance class things were feeling a little better. The icing of the day was my sweet mom watching the little two so that I could not only run to Trader Joe's by myself, but also stock up on all the pumpkin goodies that have hit the shelves.  Pumpkin coffee, tea, bars, scones, butter, my heart is happy. 

Drake has landed in California, after a day in the office he will be home. We will tag team dance and soccer and our family will feel whole again. Right now I'm loving the fall breeze coming through my window, the smell of crock pot goodness coming from the kitchen and the scattering of crayons and toys that represent life in my house. 

God is good.


  1. Another blog post! <3! I am so excited for fall! Sweaters, boots (especially those cute red ones on sammy girl!) and the fact that the holidays are coming!!!! Too bad we tend to have a hot fall here in socal, nonetheless I'm enjoying some pumpkin things of my own. Including my little baby pumpkin :) Yay for fall and cooler nights. I was shocked to see it was in the 40's this morning, but loved walking outside and feeling the fresh crisp air that reminds me of getting up early to go to school as a kid. I'm surprised I didn't hear about this mirror breaking on the good ole sequoia. Glad to hear everyone is okay. Love you all xoxo

  2. So glad you're back posting.. Fun to see all that's going on in picture form. I see some of these things in real time but it's fun to see you have captured them permanently. Yes today was a good fall type day! Time for crockpots, soups, and hot tea!!
    love you, mom