oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Daddy Love

We made the drive yesterday we've become quite familiar with. The airport drive. I've gotten so good at timing it, that the past two times we've picked him up we've seen his plane flying in as we exit the 5 and make our way across the train tracks and into the hustle and bustle of Lindbergh Field.

Typically we have to circle the terminal a few times until his bag comes. Their big blue eyes know to pick through all the people waiting on the sidewalk and they usually see him before I do. "I see him!" "I see Daddy!" Their excitement can't be contained. They shriek and shrill as he opens the door to quickly greet them before the airport hall monitors shoo us away.

Inside our vehicle none of the weeks joys, sorrows, victories, injustices, or owies go unmentioned to Daddy. They must tell him everything he has missed. He is eager to hear. We have a good Daddy.

He takes us to lunch.

And to get cupcakes.

Once home the love fest continues. I know he is tired, but he knows they need him.

We had a beautiful Sunday. After church we went over to Grammy and Grandpa's to swim and bbq. Juliana was eager to show off her mad diving skills and Trent is content to squeeze on mismatched floaties and motor around the pool.

Samantha doesn't quite share their enthusiasm for aquatic activity.

She acclimated...kind of.

These cuties on the other hand would have stayed in all day and night...have I mentioned how much I love the exhaustion that swimming brings? Just sayin'

We will say goodbye again to Daddy in the morning. Work is calling him east this week. We will miss him terribly like we always do, but we are so grateful he works hard for us. I tell the kids he works hard for their warm beds, the food in their tummies and for their 24/7 access to Mommy. Indeed, they love their Daddy.

Mommy loves their Daddy too.


  1. Very cute post! The kids looks adorable! I love the pic of Jules and Trent jumping in together. Trent looks very focused and Jules looks like she's having the time of her life! And poor sammy, not a fan of the pool? She looks beautiful in that profile pic of her :) . And very cute pic of you and Drake at the end. You two look great together as usual. Love you guys xoxo

  2. I too loved the profile pic of Sammy. She did look kindof happy on Drake's shoulders. I am thrilled that they (at least Trent and Jules) enjoy the water. How fun to be able to swim even on a gloomy cooler day. What a great family post...love you