oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Back by Popular Demand...

Friday Confessions.

1. I have avoided bedtime stories every night this week. They each like to read their own book. It takes awhile, it's somewhat tedious and I just didn't have the mental patience for it this week.

2. I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night, but I can remember that Drake ate lobster on Tuesday night. He just happened to be in Maine for work and managed to squeeze in a lobster dinner. Did I mention there was a side of lobster stew in there? The man that hates soups and stews because "the steam makes him hot" somehow managed to choke down a hearty bowl of lobster stew. I am grateful for his job, however, I do get slightly bitter at all the amazing restaurants he gets to eat at. Oh Honey!

3. Something "started" this week that has been absent from my life for over two years now. I used the visitation of this old friend as an excuse to consume as much chocolate as I wanted. There may have also been a frightening amount of peach cobbler thrown into the mix.

4. All three hampers are overflowing.

5. I only exercised once this week and I went an entire day without brushing my teeth. Gum anyone??

6. Sarah told me that she weighs herself once a week just to keep things in check...I haven't weighed myself since January. I finally worked up the courage this morning. I have gained almost 6 lbs. This does not make me happy.


1. The way this one sits in her carseat.

2. Close friends that feel at home in my kitchen and a table full of kiddos and their sweet laughter.

3. Trent and Avery's relationship. Hands down they are the most adorable three year old best friends ever!!

4. Juliana's fashion sense. Sister adds flare to everything she wears.

5. Samantha is battling an ear infection which makes me sad, but I sure do cherish the nighttime baby snuggles.

6. My Honey comes home tomorrow. Whether or not he smuggled home some lobster for me I can't wait to wrap my arms around him.

What about you all? I'd love to hear how your week was...


  1. 1. OK is Team Gross played out? Because I played for the team this week … sorry co-workers, for the crazy hair.
    2. My boss was out of the office a couple days this week and those couple days were a-mazing.
    3. I have been so engrossed in reading this week that I sat in my car after getting into the train station in Encinitas a couple times to finish off a chapter … or two … and then report to my hubby that “…the train must have been running a few minutes late…”.
    4. As much as I have been thinking about the Hunger Games (and Peeeeeeeta!), I was thrilled and excited to read that Robert Pattinson was selected to act in two more movies just this week – a movie called Rover, and a movie called Mission: Black List. Neither role have anything to do with sparkly vampires or any other supernatural beings. Because you know RPatz and I are tight, I’m so happy for his success. I think he has a good head on his shoulders (wink wink) and he deserves to go far.
    5. I have had some good workouts this week. I also have eaten a lot of sweets this week. So they offset eachother and I am even, right? Isn’t that how that works?
    6. My hubby and my dear child will be going up to LA next Saturday to celebrate First Communion and Mother’s Day with his family and … oh bummer, I have a hair appointment that absolutely cannot be postponed. So, looks like I will have to stay home and miss the trip. Darn. A whole day to myself, whatever shall I do?


    My hubby has a surprise planned for me for Mother’s Day – I’m excited! Mother's Day is a hard one for me recently as I don't have a mother to honor, so maybe this year will be a good one.

    Getting together for breakfast with my buddies tomorrow morning!

    The pizza dough lady at the Farmer’s Market loaned me her pizza pan (!) so that I could make a perfect pizza last weekend.

    My friend Elsa brought me a surprise cupcake from Sprinkles – Choco-loco – what a treat!

    And that wraps up the week - nothing too scandalous. Wait, maybe I should have confessed to the potty pit-stop I had to make on my run on Monday morning ....oops is that TMI? Every runner does it, right?

  2. Oh Honey if you would like me to take you out for lobster dinner we can make that happen...and no I was not able to smuggle home any lobster for you. I am however coming home earlier than expected and this makes me happy as it is amazing how much an additional 6 hours are worth ($75 in case you are wondering). This is why I hate American Airlines as they clearly had many extra seats on the flight I am on right now and my scheduled flight this afternoon was packed. The best benefit of this flight is that I am now a Gold status member which means I can stand by for free and maybe a few perks here and there nonetheless I am not a fan of American Airlines...oh and I get to check my bag for free...woohoo...I had those perks 5 years ago before airlines nickel-ed and dimed you for everything and I got peanuts (which I do not anymore)! I flied Jet Blue Airway out here and they rock as I got multiple snacks and drinks and watched daytime television as well as The Voice (great show that Lisa and I got addicted to thanks to knowing 2 people on this season). I like traveling for my job and staying in new cities and seeing new things(like Maine), but it really sucks that Lisa can't join me for these experiences as I know she will come on a few of these trips (thanks to a wonderful mother-in-law) down the road! I also do really miss Lisa and the kids and can't wait to come to the care today when I land in San Diego and hear them all say daddy. I also cherish the time I have with them and I don't think I realized how tough this stretch is going to be on me as I will be on the road every week until early June. Did I mention that my wife rocks! It has been a great blessing for her to stay at home with our kids and we agreed that we would do anything possible to make this happen but being on the road can be tough. I love you honey and I appreciate you letting me banter on your blog!
    -Drake (the husband of the blogger)