oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Up to Speed

It's Friday again. How did that happen? Where did the week go?

I know where it went. It went to the airport, to brunch, to Trader Joe's, to preschool, to Target, to dance class, to Starbucks and then to bed. Yet even in the midst of the busyness there still has been time for Bible study, breakfast with my favorites, morning walks, a heart to heart on my couch, and silly texts exchanged between good friends.

Bubbles have been a favorite around here for the little ones and big sister patiently obliges.

Last Saturday we gathered for what I hope becomes a monthly ritual. Generously pouring coffee and slathering cream and lemon curd on our scones as we swapped stories and shared laughter. Thank you Lord for the amazing women in my life.

Our drive to the airport brought Daddy home. We celebrated.

{monkey in the middle}

Sunday morning we played hooky from church and had an early Mother's Day celebration with Grammy. It was lovely. We even left with an appetizer for that evening {more on that later}.

Here's our week at a glance and then we'll move into confessions and the said appetizer story.

{i bought mint pants, huge step for me}

{trent has started branching out from Dr. Seuss} 

{baby enjoyed her pasta}

{pumpkin cookies in May...I see no issue}


1. All you can eat buffets can really bring out the chintzy in all of us, however most don't smuggle home an entire block of brie. Meet the Kellas'.

We enjoyed it with crackers and wine. I did stop Drake from shoving sugar packets into his pockets {seriously}, I must draw the line somewhere.

2. The only thing equal to the number of times a day my children say "mom" is the number of times a day they step on my barefeet. Sometimes I hide from them and sometimes Drake finds me.

3. I have ridiculous baby bangs growing in from my pregnancy with Samantha and I hate them.

4. My dinner last night was cookies.

5. My feet are being stepped on right now and I'm annoyed.

Well folks, gotta get...we are making homemade pizza tonight and slicing watermelon, the dishwasher won't empty itself and I smell something foul coming from my youngest.  Praying all you mamas out there have a blessed Mother's Day. Feeling generous? Share a confession or two...


  1. I have a confession or two (ok five):

    1. I saw Hunger Games again – yes for the third time (as you know). My husband officially thinks I am a nut-case. (ok who am I kidding; he already thinks this). My excuse is that every time I see it, I see something new. For example, this time, noticing Peeta’s Katniss braid-touch at the end, right before they are going to ingest the poison berries. Swoon!!!

    2. I have been reading like a mad-woman lately, for some reason. I love my Kindle. After indulging in so much young-adult fantasy fiction lately (Twilight saga, Hunger Games), why not continue with Divergence, Insurgence, and now the Trylle trilogy. I am really enjoying the light-reading. Its very calming.

    3. I was in a treadmill race with the old(er) guy next to me at the gym this morning. I’m happy to report that I won! I'm pretty sure he did not know we were racing, but come on. Its 5 a.m. and there are only a handful of people in the entire place, with 2 rows of about 15 treadmills in total, and he hops on next to me? Oh its on, mister. I chicked him big-time.

    4. A confession in advance; tomorrow I am going to be completely indulgent - my day will consist of: morning run, hair appointment (color and trim), cupcakes from Elizabethan Bakery, quinoa salad from Whole Foods, and as many Twilight movies as I can squeeze into the remainder of the day before I collapse into bed. If I get REALLY crazy maybe I can even watch The Notebook (skipping over the boring parts and lingering on the Ryan Gosling parts…which as everyone knows are the best parts).

    5. I dislike pants that zip on the side. It can be an awkward angle to unzip and then I start panicking because I’m trapped in my pants and I have to go to the bathroom!!! Yes I am wearing side-zip pants to work today, can you tell I’m annoyed?!

    Happy Mother’s Day! I think its going to be a good day! I am suddenly craving brie and crackers; may have to add that to the menu tomorrow.

    1. LOL, side zip pants. I don't like them either. Ugh, so jealous of your Saturday. A whole day to yourself sounds like a slice of heaven. Enjoy every second...especially the cupcakes and ryan gosling parts :)

  2. Here's goes:
    1) I have had way too much sugar lately...remember I was giving up sugar, Ha! Just one taste and now I'm hooked again/still
    2) I too do not like side zip pants or side zip dresses...I have also panicked and thought I would be stuck in the garment needing scissors to escape.
    3) Not sure if I like the no bangs look for me...I will however continue growing my bangs out because this has been a long process and I'm not a quitter.(at least when it comes to growing out my bangs:) )
    Looking forward to the weekend.
    Happy Mother's Day to all.

  3. Happy Friday Beautiful Ladies!!

    Lisa, I love the mint pants, cute! And I want in on the silly texts. I'm jealous and I want silly texts in my life. There's my first confession!

    Now on to the rest of my confessions....

    I am reading 50 Shades of Grey. Anyone that knows anything about this book knows why this is a confession. Oh my!!! I feel embarrassed anytime I pull it out to read it in my work cafeteria. I have seriously considered putting a book cover on it. And yet I keep reading. It is so.... interesting, maybe that's the right word.

    I made a trip this week to the langiere store. The one with all the little outfits. I'm totally blaming the book. Anyway...... I tried on an outfit. I got stuck in it. I couldn't get it back over my chest. I had to ask the lady to pull it off me. She was wonderful. I wanted to die. Clearly I left without buying anything. My husband is obviously living the dream.

    I got a promotion at work this week. I smiled at the "mean girl" when it was announced in the staff meeting today. She reports to me now. Bring it on, sister. I have four kids, I'm not afraid of you.

    We took James' basketball team to toilet paper Coach and Kelly Bickley's house on Saturday night. It was my idea. I was always too afraid to do it when I was in high school. It was so much fun and all of the kids said we are the cool parents. Oh ya, the cool ones!!

    I walked into a meeting today to give a presentation. About 50 people. I said hello and started to sit down, of course at the head of the table, and missed my chair completely. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am now the person responsible for your 1.2 billion dollar operating budget. I'm sure they felt like they are in capable hands. Perfect.

    I think that's all for me now. Love you all!!

    Happy Mothers Day to the best women I know.


    1. I'm DYING!!!! Congrats on the promotion and so sorry you missed the chair. James is a lucky man and you're totally a cool parent.

  4. It's Friday! That used to be something really thrilling to me... it meant the weekend, a time to get dressed up, to go out and to enjoy friends (or date night with my man). Now, its yet another night in...cleaning this, working on that...its rare that I can even differentiate that it's a Friday night let alone sit down to enjoy a movie. Except for tonight!

    Though its almost 9 p.m. and my eyes are drooping, I'm going to do something I haven't done in MONTHS.... I'm gonna pick out a movie and watch it...guilt-free. And not just any movie, a chick flick! Yes, that's right. And it'll more than likely be one of the following go-to's: 1) How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, 2) The Holiday, 3) The Wedding Planner, 4) Legally Blonde, OR 5) One of the Twilight Movies. I wish you guys were here to enjoy it with me...


    1. I ate waaay too much Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Tracks ice cream tonight. The even more pathetic part of the confession is that I liked it, but I could have gone without...I just didn't have any other great "sweet" options lying around the house. Talk about a waste of calories! I hate that.

    2. My creative side gets me in to a lot of trouble. I want to create, decorate, make, design, plan parties, sew, craft, photograph, scrapbook, etc. For example, tonight I was looking at invitations on Etsy for carnival-themed birthday parties. What?!?! I need to find the perfect (work from home) job that allows me to channel my inner design diva and get PAID to do it!

    3. If I could, I would do Bible Study ALL DAY LONG!!! Seriously. Sometimes I wonder if there is a job out there that would pay me to do Bible Studies. If you've heard of one, let me know! Or I could send you my resume... ;)

    4. Mother's Day is on Sunday, and I don't have a gift for any of the Moms in my life. :( It's not that I didn't plan for one...it's just that someone (I won't mention any names...littlest brother of mine) was supposed to print out photos of the girls from a recent photo shoot so I could frame them (yes, I have the frames!) and give them as gifts. Now it's Friday and I still have no photos (aka. no gifts). I can't not give these women gifts...what is a girl to do?!

    5. I'm only to number five and now I'm going to have to confess that I lied. I am NOT going to stay up and watch a movie tonight. I am EXHAUSTED. I am going to conclude my confessions, change into my jammies and jump into my freshly washed sheets... I'm sure I'll be out in 5 or less. Can we say PATHETIC?!

    Cara, what I would have paid to have captured that moment on video. Priceless! Love you ladies. Thanks for letting me be a part. I wish I could have made breakfast on Saturday. Please let me know if you do it again.


  5. These Confessions are AMAZING! I love this (even though it is Tuesday...I want in!)
    1.) I ate a bowl of ice cream about 30min ago, while watching a workout video that I plan to do sometime in the near future. :)
    2.) I have been scouring facebook, blogs, e-mails, and the foodnetwork for the past 3 1/2hours, accomplishing absolutely nothing; when I told myself I would thoroughly clean the downstairs tonight since I have an old friend coming over tomorrow evening for dinner (she has no kids a.k.a. her life is immaculate)
    3.) I have no "mint" colored jeans and I am jealous :)
    4.) My child was late for school again today and we live less than 2min away (I have many things I can blame the tardiness on, but the office doesn't seem to care)
    5.) I still have day 5 of my bible study to complete and the assignment was given 2 weeks ago...I think I'll do it now.
    Love ya Lis! Thanks for letting me share
    P.S. I also want to be in on the silly texting!

    1. Jamie~ Love that you joined in the fun and LOVE that you were watching a workout video while eating ice cream, that made my day!! xo