oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday: Confessions and Smiles

1. I removed the batteries from one of (we have three) our smoke detectors to replace the batteries in my milk frother, which leads me to my next one...
2. I don't froth milk for my {decaf} coffee. I froth heavy cream. With a touch of vanilla. It's heavenly.
3. In celebration of being free from the detox guidelines I polished off an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's for dinner on Wednesday night.
4. I paid Appliance Rescue $69.95 to tell me that there is nothing wrong with my dryer. The dryer vent/hose, whatever it is, just needs to be snaked. Apparently we need to take a course in home maintenance, oops.
5. I miss my Honey this trip even more than usual. Maybe it's because it's cold and he keeps me warm. Maybe it's because I finished my James study and I'm bubbling over with things I want to talk to him about. Maybe it's because we're both so excited about our upcoming getaway. Perhaps it's because he keeps texting me pictures of the snow and telling me how much he wants me there with him...I know it's a combination of all of these things. Mostly it's because it doesn't feel complete when he's not here and I'm feeling that more strongly this time around.

1. He comes home on Sunday.
2. These leggings.

3. This girl.  Getting to volunteer in her class. Having a little boy tell me that he wishes he could have her because, "I like her and she is pretty and the nicest girl in class." I think she's pretty special too Leiland :).

4. This boy. He tells me he "loves me so much." His prayers before bedtime melt my heart. The way he looks in footie pajamas makes me want to freeze time. His love for ice cream cones and the mess that follows reminds me that he is still only 3.

5. My mom. She allows me to be a better mommy. She gives us date nights. She watches the two little ones so I can volunteer in Juliana's class. She roams Costco with all three so that I can visit the on-site optometrist. She endures shoe shopping trips to Stride Rite (and believe me they can be painful). She helps me laugh over the mundane even sometimes frustrating aspects of parenting young children and helps me see the beauty of the process. Her selflessness does not go unnoticed and we love her.

Confessions? Smiles? Please share...


  1. Confessions:

    !. I am trying to not eat sugar~ as in desserts! Yesterday I had a pumpkin muffin and the day before I tasted some gingerbread I had made for bible study. Sugar seems to call my name.
    2. I think I have some of the smartest grandkids around perhaps they are just smarter than me!
    3. I have decaffeinated and sometimes I would like the burst of energy one gets from caffeine. (I just don't like how it makes my heart race!)


    1. Juliana reciting the 27 books of the New Testament. She gets so excited because "it's alot and really hard"!
    2. Trent reading me words out of the book I am reading to him.
    3. Samantha curling up in my lap with a baby doll. She is a little cuddle bug. (most of the time)
    4. Emily's little facial expressions when she's sleeping.
    5. Watching several people being baptized last Sunday. The ages went from age 9 to 91! Praise the Lord!

    Happy Friday...

  2. Happy Friday -

    My confessions:

    1. My house is a mess. The livingroom, the kitchen, my (and Michael's) bathroom... and I have actually come to grips with it. I'm no Martha Stewart and its just never going to be clean outside of the 4-5 hour window of time after the housecleaners have come and gone. Its life with a stay-at-home husband and an 8-year old. I could do more but it's just not high on my priorities at this stage.

    2. Let me set this one up: I run outside 90% of the time. By myself, when nobody else is around... to hear my body when it may make ... certain noises. So let me just say, I may have forgotten where i was on Tuesday morning when I was doing intervals.... on the treadmill... at the gym. Ooops. Sorry people.

    3. 2 confessions in one: I may have taken a "mental health day" from work this week (cough cough) and took the opportunity to run the San Elijo Lagoon Trail with Tom (because I am a good girl and don't run the trail alone) ... and as we were closing in on the end of the run, I got distracted and totally bit it on an exposed tree root ... Completely hit the ground and sprawled out oh so gracefully just as Tom came around the corner to see me laying there. To his credit, he did ask if I was alright before he started laughing. :-)

    4. I drink way too much coffee. That's about all I have to say about that. Its my "comfort food".

    5. I am trying to stop biting my cuticles. Again. Its a 40-year old habit. Wish me luck.


    1. During said "mental health day" Tom and I managed to shop for and order our new dishwasher, and it will be delivered tomorrow! I'm such a nerd but can't wait to read the manual and see all the nifty new things I can do with the new machine.

    2. Bought myself a cool new pair of earrings today :-)

    3. Came home to turkey chili in the crockpot, made by my sweet hubby.

    4. I have some fun activities on the weekend agenda. Looking forward to a good 2 days off work :-)

    See y'all soon! That is, if you'll still have me after THOSE confessions. :-) Lisa, you asked for it!!

  3. I'm late. What can I say? I'm sorry? Better late than never!


    1. I really tried for about 3 weeks after I contracted the stomach flu to not gain back the 4 pounds I lost. I am terrible at keeping focused, and thus, I am back where I started. Oh well :)

    2. I told Jake I would go to the gym today.... Not sure thats going to happen. I will do something though.

    3. So, as you know, I started my new job, and I must admit that one of my burning questions about the dress code was whether or not I would be allowed to wear nail polish. Though this might seem trivial, I have not been allowed to wear nail polish on a regular basis for almost 2 years because as a nursing student, it is against the dress code. So my new friend, and colleague (who was also hired as a new grad on my unit) and I had a discussion about which of us would bring it up to our manager. I finally said I would be the cool new grad nurse who is concerned about the style of her nails. So of course, my first question after our orientation to the unit was not in reference to something truly important, it was: "Are there any restrictions on nail polish?" Praise the Lord, there isn't! I guess I'm girlier than I thought.


    1. My amazing husband hit his goal for February sales and sold 205 policies! This is the first time he has earned a bonus and I am SO PROUD of him for his perseverance and hard work!

    2. My beautiful Lisa's birthday is today! Happy happy birthday! (happy birthday to you too Drake. You know I love you too!)

    3. I bought a new quilt from Pottery Barn. I have been admiring it for over a year. Its nothing overly extravagant, but its simple and clean looking which I love - and to top it off, Jake really likes it. I'm sure many of you know it can take him some time to warm up to things. But he liked this immediately - Score! (I'm sure it helps that I got the blue for him, even though I really prefer the white).

    4. Jake took me out to dinner and a movie on Friday night to celebrate finishing up my first full time work week. We went to Hunter and we both had the Alaskan King Crab and then we went to see "This Means War". I know he picked the movie for me. He is pretty great.

    5. Tomorrow is my first day working as a licensed RN on a hospital floor. This is totally exciting (and a little nerve racking). It makes me feel beyond blessed to have everything I worked for perfectly come to fruition.