oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I was reunited with an old friend today. I have practically abandoned this friend over the past few weeks. She's been sitting on a countertop in the corner of my kitchen, beckoning me. I think to grab her before I head out the door with the kids, but then I reason that I have my phone, which satisfies the same job in a pinch. Today, however, I could not resist.

It was the sight of barefeet caked with mud. Then it was the lopsided bike helmet sitting atop a blonde head. Next it was my sweet baby running through the grass, she runs now...So I dusted off my old friend and started clicking away.

It felt good to see things through her lens again. Everyday moments that have now been documented memories. Backyard activities that feel normal right now, but will slowly transition to pastimes.  After all he won't always be three with mud wedged between his toes. She won't always be five and racing along on her scooter. Our couch won't always be a pirate ship or a fort and old paper towel rolls will cease to be spotting scopes.

I'm told we will love every new phase we enter and I believe it. Yes, we will celebrate when we no longer purchase diapers. We will cheer from the sidelines at their sporting events and maybe, just maybe I will go to the gym when they're all three in school {maybe}. Right now though, it's pretty great too.

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  1. I was beginning to wonder if "she" had been lost. So good to see all the happenings going on around there. I was blessed to experience alot of happenings at my home last weekend. So glad Samantha is back to her busy pesty self.
    Love you all so much...