oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Confessions and Smiles


1. A three in one...

The worst part, I could careless that adorable Reese is pregnant, I just wanted to know about Bachelor Ben and Courtney...and of course the sad split of Carlisle Cullen and Kelly Taylor...you know what I mean. At least the cookie is homemade.

2. The Hunger Games came out this weekend and I have not seen it yet. However, by the way I've been eating you would think I was preparing to compete in the arena myself. Seriously, I don't know what has come over me, I can't stop eating. For the record, I'm not pregnant. I checked. Twice. I might start to look pregnant though if I don't get a handle on it. I'll work on that tomorrow...definitely by Tuesday.

3. Samantha is on antibiotics for an ear infection. I skipped a day of dosing because the process is so painful. I pin her head between my knees, plug her nose and pinch her mouth. Then quickly hold her mouth shut so she must swallow. We do this twice a day. She hates it. So do I. Friday I just didn't have the energy. We'll make up for it though. Please don't judge me.

4. There are three laundry baskets of clean clothes in our house that have been untouched for two weeks. At this point I'm considering donating every item. Clearly we haven't missed any of this stuff and loading it in my car and dropping it somewhere sounds easier than folding it (well first throwing it back in the dryer to fluff) and putting it away.


1. Saturday morning walk and coffee with Auntie Jess and cousin Emily.

2. Family snuggles

3. Grammy and Grandpa came home from New Zealand

4. Samantha and her swim ring crown. You can often find baby sister walking around our house with one on her head.

The list could go on, but right now my computer cursor is misbehaving and it's making it difficult. I'm tired. It's been a good weekend. We experienced both sunshine and rain. Time catching up with friends was balanced with time snuggled up catching up on our DVR. I feel ready to take on the week and maybe even those three laundry baskets, we'll see...


  1. Good Morning :)

    I was trying to think of a few confessions, not sure they're up to the usual standard, but here it goes:

    1. I haven't seen The Hunger Games. I feel like I'm not a true fan. I told Jake I would go see it with him, and it just didn't work out for this weekend. Sigh, I'm very sad about this :(

    2. I'm like an old woman. I am working night shift tonight and I tried to stay up late last night so I would be tired enough to take a nap today. I made it until midnight and then I gave up and went to bed. How pathetic am I? I'm still in my 20's and yet i'm usually in bed around 9:30pm every night. I guess I've never been very wild... I like sleep too much.

    3. During my attempt to stay up late last night I resorted to eating to help me stay awake. We don't have much snack food right now(besides que bueno - and I'm not eating that at 11pm, it feels too gluttonous) so I ate some left over fish. It was good, but I ate it cold. It was not the best thing I could have eaten but it was what we had. I was desperate. Who eats left over fish at 11pm at night?

    4. Its kind of been a tough transition going from doing nothing to working full time. Its been harder and more exhausting than I thought it would be. I confess, I did not fully appreciate what all of you who work full time do every week! I get it now.

    Thats all for now :) xoxo love you

  2. I'm late! Here we go - I feel very confessiony...

    1. I snuck out of work on Friday at noon after getting back to San Diego from a business trip, and went to see The Hunger Games movie. It was Awesome. I am a true fan (ahem, Sarah).

    2. I blew off working out 3 days in a row. I don’t think that’s happened since I started my “fit for life” campaign back in 2009. I paid the price for it with a semi-longish run on Sunday that was kinda gross. It was a good reminder why I shouldn’t let too much time pass between workouts. Yes I’m old.

    3. Because of said-business trip last week, I made some poor food choices. Dessert after lunch and dinner? Yes please!

    4. And I ate the last two Girl Scout Thin Mints. They were in the freezer and just staring at me one evening last week, so I had to eat them to shut them up. Nobody likes noisy cookies.

    5. After seeing everyone’s fun spring décor coming out, I was weak at the “$100-store” (aka Target) and now my house looks like spring too! Wait ‘til the hubby sees the bank statement :-)

    6. I’m still hooked on Gossip Girl; finally have made it to the current season (Season 5) so I’ll probably have to find some other series to obsess over. Aren’t you glad?

    7. Speaking of obsess; I still Robert Pattinson.


    1. Seeing The Hunger Games movie with the hubby on opening day.

    2. The Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie preview shown at the Hunger Games movie. Edward, Bella… can’t wait to see you again in November!

    3. Having my husband finally agree/understand why I like to see movies multiple times (after I spent the rest of the weekend dissecting the Hunger Games movie as compared to the book – I think he just said it to get me to shut up but hey, I’ll take what I can get)

    4. Eating dessert after lunch AND dinner at said-business trip. (yes this is a Confession and a Smile)…we’re talking, GOOD dessert prepared by the chef. Yum.

    5. My new minimalist running shoes (Merrills). Yes, I like to pretend I’m a real athlete.

    That’s all for now! May the odds be ever in your favor.

  3. p.s. # 7 - that's 'posed to say I HEART Robert Pattinson.

    p.s.s. you probably already knew that :-)

  4. Well here goes....


    1. David came home from work on Thursday with an issue with his throat. He was unable to talk very loud without it hurting. I have tried to get him to talk softer for years. It was kind of nice hearing him talk so quietly. He is returning to his normal volume.

    2. I spent another Saturday morning at the river reading an entire book (very quick read) "The Vow" while David was working away on his projects. I go to relax, he
    goes to do projects..we are a team...I did buy a planter and fill it with succulents and one of those wonder watering balls.

    3. I am really looking forward to next week(No Mom's Day Out). I will taking Lisa out to lunch for her birthday without kids. I love my "grands" more than I can even express but I also enjoy/love my daughter and I am looking forward to completing complete thoughts and sentences without interruption or having to censor due to little ears.


    1. Our river place is such a wonderful "solace" when things get crazy here.

    2. All the signs of spring..even the wind- Let's go fly a kite :)

    3. Getting hugs from Samantha...she's a really good hugger..

    4. Sarah is going to get to work days..Praise be to God.

    5. Emily Anne's little smile.

    6. Juliana's chatter as I walked her home from school yesterday.

    7. Trent's belly laugh...hands down contagious.

    8. He is risen! He is risen indeed!


  5. Mmmhh...Confessions...this oughta be interesting.

    1. I saw Hunger Games last night. Now, having had almost 24 hours to reflect on the movie and to also disect it to bits, I must admit, it left a little to be desired {Sorry Beth!}. Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of the series - the books were great! - but the movie got a little lost in translation?! I think there was just too much content to fit into one movie, for my taste that is. That said, there is something fun about watching a good book come to life, so at least it wasn't all for not. ;)

    2. While at said movie, I ate a Twix AND a mini Snickers bar!!! I was up past midnight {Sarah, perhaps this is the key!} and had an almost impossible time falling asleep from the caffiene. Not. Worth. It. I definitely coulda used that nap! ;)

    3. I signed Autumn up for her first season of CYT. I'm pretty certain I'm more excited than she is {I'm an Alumni}...

    4. I think the Lord just opened up the perfect opportunity for me to be able to go back to work AND stay at home all at once. I'm beyond thrilled at the prospect and SO thankful for God's perfect ways/timing!

    5. I haven't excersized in FOR.EVER! Beth, I am beyond inspired to think that 3 days off is the longest you've gone in years. Talk about conviction. Thanks girl! ;)

    6. I just ordered another Beth Moore Bible Study and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I just can't get enough. What is it that she calls it? Magnificant Obsession?! Well, I'd like to THINK mine is something like that. Holy enough not to be a bad kind of obsessive... Just sayin'...

    Love you girl!


  6. LUVING all the participation!! Feels good to get it out and also be thankful for all we have to smile about.
    Sarah-guess we're the only who need to see the Games...do you think we can convince Mom to go to??