oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Tiny Army

Hello, allow me to reintroduce myself, I'm Lisa. Wife, mama and Jesus lover. I have been away for awhile and I'm unsure where to start. Life has been full and rich, I feel abundantly blessed.

My little army? Oh they're doing good, real good. Our sweet dancing girl continues to prance her way down hallways, sidewalks and store aisles. She's preparing for her annual recital next weekend and we are all excited for it. In less than a month we will celebrate her seventh birthday and the end of first grade. This school year has gone by crazy fast and she has excelled. We are so very proud of her.

Our buddy remains as tender and kind as ever. He loves school and friends, but can still get lost in imaginary play. His race cars and legos are a staple that continue to entertain him for hours, Drake and I get tickled listening to his commentary on Lightening McQueen and Finn McMissile. He is such a special kid and never hesitates to tell me how much he loves me.

Little sister. Oh little sister. She has fully embraced her two year old status and has successfully managed to twist us all around her little finger while simultaneously driving us all completely mad. She loves clickety-clack dress up shoes, her baby dolls and playing boss mama. We love her so and life would be way too peaceful without her.

The Honey and I are doing well. Praying continuously for wisdom as we manage our little army and doing our best to love one another through our shortcomings and this crazy thing called life. I have missed this space so much, but have been daunted because I didn't know how to return. So I'm going to do it like this, a photo recap, snippets that best sum up the past two months. Enjoy...

 {lots of swimming at Grammy and Grandpa's}

 {beach for Easter pics, this sums up my kiddos}

 {we did the best we could}

 {cousin love}

{right of passage, no more two front teeth}

 {heart. bursting.}

 {warm weather ice cream trip}

 {cabo bound}

 {poolside bliss}

 {i wanna go back}

 {fwings :) }

{"take a picture with me mama"}

 {seattle girl's weekend}

 {in-flight shenanagans}

 {auntie kelsey and the jule bug}

 {pike's place}

 {nail painting, sammy free}

 {four generations}


 {mother's day tea}

 {sammy snuggles}

 {mother's day gift: cleaning without children}

 {family time}

 {little ones sneak in}

 {armed and dangerous}

{life is good}.

And there you have it...hoping to be more consistent with posts...I make no promises though. Night, night.


  1. Lovely, Lisa! You are gifted with words and with capturing moments in photos! I enjoy seeing you and Drake love on your tiny army!~oxo

  2. I absolutely adore your tiny army! They are some of my favorite kiddos :) and while I know its a tough job being their mommy, you make it look so easy. Someday Jake and I WILL make it to Cabo with you guys, its probably just going to take us a few years. Seeing your blog makes me really look forward to adding more to our army of one. Also, Emily looks like shes modeling in that group photos of the kids! Too cute. xoxo, its good to see a new post <3