oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Confessions

First off, YIPPPPPEEEEE it's a three day weekend!!! I think this calls for a bonfire and roasted marshmallows tonight :)

{sunday funday at grammy and grandpa's}

{this relationship is a special one}
1. I have dried the same load of laundry three times.
2. I let Juliana play hookie today (kind of...) and after my doctor's appointment (yes, I have a sinus infection) she asked if she could get a headband like mine...blame it on the Sudafed...I obliged...

{can't handle that pretty little face sometimes and the fact she's almost 7}

3. Sometimes when Samantha is unbearably tired I tell her we are going to run an errand. I then roll the windows down, strap her in and open the garage. While I'm "getting Trent and Juliana" this happens...

{works like a charm :) }

And we never left the driveway, seriously if I could get away with strapping her in this seat for bed I would.

4. This afternoon after our monthly chiropractic appointment for you know, health and wellness, I drove the kids through Carl's Jr. for dinner. Life is all about balance, right?

5. I have gained 5lbs. since the last time I was at the doctor and the funny thing is I couldn't care less. I plan on kicking this sinus infection in the bootie and thoroughly enjoying the BBQ we are having Monday.

Happy Memorial Day weekend all!!!! Pray for our soldiers and their families, we are so blessed to live in the land of the free, God bless!!

P.S. It's recital weekend, so keep my performers in your prayers :)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! Sammy looks years older (more mature) in that pic of her sleeping! And that one of Jules and Drake is adorable. Drake, looking very handsome!!! And what cute kiddos! I am SO HAPPY the confessions made there way back to the blog :) :) :) Okay, for mine...

    1. I went shopping for Luke at the outlet mall today. Ive realized it is dangerous if I know I'm going shopping for him. If I'm out on errands and not supposed to be shopping for him I can resist, but today I was headed to Carters. I always thought it was dangerous to shop for myself. Oh my, its worse to shop for your baby. Needless to say, his 6 month wardrobe has been enhanced and I spent too much money. Hey, at least I got $20 back to spend in the store by June 30. So really its like saving $20 on what I spent right? Okay, well if not, at least it was a great sale at the outlet mall... I didn't buy anything full price :)

    2. As you all know I have about 20lbs hanging on after the pregnancy. Am I diligently trying to get it off? No. Did I buy cookies and cream ice cream at the store yesterday? Yes. Have I already had some? Yes. Its ridiculous how much I have been craving sugar since he's been born. I must be back in a sweets phase or something. If I could do a detox right now I would just to get myself back on track, but alas, I am breast feeding and that doesn't mix with detox. So this souvenir I have left from pregnancy might just have to stick around for a while. Not sure you all will be seeing me in a swim suit this summer. Or, I might have to break in that one piece with the skirt and floral print I've been saving for when I retire one day.

    3. Every time I go out to run errands I seriously consider going through a drive thru and getting a milkshake (refer to the previous confession). And while I haven't yet given in to this temptation, its only a matter of time before I break.

    4. I have a month left of maternity leave and then I head back to work. The anxiety is already building up inside of me. I have literally dreamed about work the last 5 nights and in each dream something is going wrong: I have forgotten I have patients to take care of, I am trying to take care of a patient issue but I am also in labor with another baby at the same time etc etc. Basically in every dream I am blowing it in some way or another. I hope this isn't a premonition. I'm sure I will get into the swing of being a full time working mom, but I guess my subconscious is feeling stressed.

    5. I have no problem not going out at all. I know for many having a baby puts a damper on their social life. And while this is true, I'm really enjoying having the wonderful excuse to not do anything but stay home and take care of Luke and make dinner etc. Why am I such a homebody? It doesn't bother me at all if I don't go out for days at a time. What does my future hold if I like to stay home so much? Will I eventually become a recluse? Who knows. Anyways, I'm loving being at home.

    If I think of more I will let you know :) xoxo Sarah

  2. OH Sarah loved your comments. Here are my belated confessions:

    !. I bought a dark chocolate sea salt with caramel candy bar to break into pieces to eat over several days....I ate it all in one setting. I might have gotten a dark chocolate w/coconut bar too...just sayin'
    2. I wish I could wear my work out clothes everywhere. I mean I already wear them most places but if I could wear them to work, AWANA, the doctors, etc. How comfortable life would be.
    3. I am going to Cedarbrook Camp with the kids from church in July. I'm actually getting quite excited about it. A week away with 3rd-10th graders. Maybe I am going crazy!!!
    4. Looking forward to wrapping up MDO and AWANA this week..love both programs but ready for a break!!
    5. This confession is actually from Saturday.. why do they put a child in the front of the dance for recital that does not have the routine down as she should when my granddaughter(along with many of the other girls) has it down well and is adorable too! It is very distracting when someone is a couple of moves behind. This annoyed me! Just sayin'
    6. I am up way too late and have been the past few nights. Praying this does not catch up with me. Don't have time to be sick right now..VBS is coming.

    Sarah, there is nothing wrong with being at home and liking it. I love being at home too!
    That's it for now...like I said I have been up way too late,
    Good night!