oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday folks and Happy 26th Birthday to Mark!!!

Let's get right to it.

1. On Tuesday I went to three different Starbucks'... I have also rediscovered my love for iced caramel machiattos.

2. Again on Tuesday, I dropped both the kids at school picked up a magazine and drove around till Samantha fell asleep. I then parked at the beach and caught up on errrr, current events.

3. I bought the kids M&M's for the plane ride and ate them, ooops.

4. I let Juliana go out like this...

Christmas best + cowgirl boots. In February. At the park. Love her.

5. Drake had a meeting last night so I did what most moms would do. I used my buy one get one free coupon at Chick-fil-A. We drove thru and then headed for the park.

Off to Seattle for us, anyone else have cool plans for the weekend? Or confessions you need to get off your chest...? Do tell.


  1. Good Morning and Happy Friday.

    I have some obsessions, oops I mean confessions....

    1. I cannot stop thinking about the Hunger Games books. I have read the first two books twice. I practically tackled a 12 year old girl for the 3rd book at the public library. I have made it required reading at my house. I have the 3rd book (yes I was the winner at the library) on my nightstand in sweet anticipation of a plane ride Sunday when I will begin reading it. The story is a constant topic of conversation at the dinner table. I think James thinks I may leave him for Peeta. Yes, I am clear that it is a problem.

    2. I can't get enough Thin Mints. I packed the last four in my lunch for work then told the kids we were all out and they would have to take Oatmeal.

    3. I spent too long online last night planning an upcoming trip to Las Vegas in March. I am so excited that I think I am gong to make one of those countdown calendars. You know, like the kind the kids use to count down the days until Christmas.

    4. I am beginning to really enjoy Thursday night basketball practice. James takes the big kids from 7-9. Which means I get my little lady to myself for an hour and a half before she goes to bed and then a sweet hour all to myself. What did I use that hour for last night you ask me? The Bachelor on DVR and Thin Mints...my name is Cara and I am an addict.

    5. I had a serious talk with myself about adopting again. My sister has a new little foster boy. His story is heartbreaking and one look at his brown eyes and I was in love. I am a sucker for brown eyes, by the way. Anyway, I know there are so many more babies just like him and I started wondering how much harder five could really be compared to four. My husband quickly reminded me we agreed we were done at four. In turn I reminded him we were done at two but God had other plans. I seriously doubt our family will grow any further but I must confess that the thought has crossed my mind a few times this week.

    Big weekend at our house. Our baby girl turns six. She was born with all kinds of obstacles. Things that sweet babies should never have to overcome. But she has torn down every one of them. She is a handful in the best possible way. The doctor told us that we would aim for her to function as a four year old at six. For those of you that know her, you know that the doctor was wrong. Tonight and tomorrow, we celebrate Savannah. Then Sunday I am on a plane to visit Meme for a day and then on to Dallas for work. Be back Thursday.

  2. Good Morning,

    Wow we're getting an early start today! Lets see, I don't think I have many confessions, but here's a couple not so interesting ones:

    - Last night as Jake went to make himself a root beer float he went into the freezer and got out the vanilla ice cream. He immediately said "Thanks for only leaving a spoonful of ice cream". I didn't respond, then he said "Actually maybe it was me, I guess I'll use this as an ice cube". I'm just going to let him keep believing that. I don't like ice cream right? I do when I have chocolate syrup and peanut butter chips to put on it to break it up... Poor guy, he didn't know he would be marrying a woman who would let him go on believing lies.

    - Ginger has been staying with us since Monday. I am of course hiding her, even though the management now knows we have a dog and we are dutifully paying for Millie to be here. But, an extra dog means extra pet rent. So, Ginger has been cooped up in our apartment all week and she is just as loud as ever. I hope our neighbors don't think she is a permanent fixture. Sorry about all the barking!

    - My books seem to have a shelf life of how long they will interest me before I forget to read them. I bought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for Mexico and didn't read it out of my guilty need to study. Now its just waiting for me with no excuses. I can't seem to get myself to get into it yet. Usually when this happens, it means that it will end up on my bookshelf. Hopefully I will get it together.

    - Confession 4: My confessions are not really that interesting this week. Beth, I look forward to whatever you have to say and Cara, I am STILL obsessed with the Hunger Games books and its been a few months since I read them. I might have to reread my copies before I get to the dragon tattoo girl. I CAN'T WAIT for the movie in March -and here's a confession - I'm more excited to see The Hunger Games than I am for BD to come out on DVD... Ooops did I say that?

  3. Ok here we go.....

    1. Team Peeta

    2. Girl Scout cookies - specifically, those horrific Tagalongs. They aer tagging along my tummy.

    3. I have been diligently scouring the internet for sneak peeks or any inkling of information about the upcoming DVD release (next Friday Feb. 10 in case you haven't yet obsessively marked your calendar like I have) ... sadly, so far nothing I have discovered has knocked my socks off. Maybe they are keeping the best under wraps? They are showing a clip of Part 2 at midnight at Target but I think I might be too old for that sort of thing?

    4. I messed up on a Tooth Fairy payoff last night and Michael totally busted me this morning. Oops! Well he wasn't really a believer anyway but still... kinda sad. (cue Cat's in the Cradle song...)

    5. Last but not least ... and despite Confession #1 ... Team Edward!! I can be on two teams, right? (Fun Fact: Google search of the term "Team Edward" comes up with 184 million hits; how crazy is that? See I'm not the only one...)

    Sarah - I am going to pretend I didn't see your Confession #4.

    XOXO Beth

    PS Happy Birthday Savannah!

  4. Ok, one more for fun, yesterday I used a blow dryer to dry my sweaty hair after my run because I didn't feel like washing it. My name is Lisa and I am gross.

  5. Awesome Lisa!! Hey I think using the hair dryer is going above and beyond! Isn't that what ponytail holders are for?

    Team Gross!!!! (who's with us?! Anyone?.... )

  6. Oh we already know I am on Team Gross as well. I have zero excuses as well. At least you two have children that can "distract" or "detain" you. I am purely lazy.

    I'm Sarah, I don't wash my hair for days even if I work out.

  7. Team Gross for sure!! Should we get t-shirts??

  8. I have just finished packing and it is 11:45pm. I need to be up at 5:00am to shower and dress before I am picked up at 6:00am to head to the airport. I have not gotten alot of sleep the past few days as I was on "stand by" Tuesday night when labor began for Jessica. Then after experiencing the miracle of Emily's birth as tired as I was I had that "high" of new baby so sleep did not come immediately. David is at the river and I don't sleep as soundly without him so I may just pass out when we get on this plane to Seattle.
    I have never been to Washington so I am looking forward to the adventure. It truly is a bonus to get to go with 3 of my favorite people ages 5 and under.
    I really should get to bed..Good night, sleep tight!!