oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Technical Difficulties...

We had a great trip. I am still recovering. We made memories with our children that I will cherish forever. We were overwhelmingly blessed by the hospitality of Drake's cousin and her family. Allowing us to invade their home with our three children for three nights was INCREDIBLY generous of them. Had my mom not been with us I may have returned home with no hair (from pulling it out) and my finger nails bitten down to the quick. She was a tremendous help. We are blessed to have her, in turn I pray she was blessed by the time with her grandchildren and the breathtaking views of the Pacific Northwest.

I would love to share some pictures with you (I got some great ones) but my server is having trouble uploading the photos. I will try again soon. I hate to leave you empty handed so here's a few confessions.

1. Drake and I have cast aside all the shows we usually watch for The Voice and yes I have a crush on Adam Levine.

2. We had a dead lawn for the first three years we lived in our house. We now have the greenest lawn on the street and every time I drive up I experience not only a surge of pride about it, but also a little judgement toward all the other neighbors. I don't feel guilty because you know they judged us for three years.

3. This week I purchased the milk chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's. According to the nutrition facts there are 13 servings in the container. Between two people the container was polished off within a couple of hours. For the record I'm pretty sure I ate about 10 of the servings.

4. Remember that long list of things you said you would never do before you became a parent? Yeah, my three year old still drinks a bottle once a day. I've had to eat my words for sanity sake.

I can barely keep my eyes open, off to bed for me. Have a fantastic Friday, would love to hear some of you juicy tidbits if you're up for sharing...


  1. Good morning and Happy Breaking Dawn DVD release day to all of you!

    I have just a couple confessions,

    1. I wore my yoga pants backward to walmart the other day. I fit in over there just perfectly. When I came home and realized what I'd done, I laughed, and then thought "huh, that was weird, guess it was just a freak incident". But then, I bought some new adidas pants at costco the next day, and I tried them on at home. When I took those off, I had put them on backward as well. Not sure what to think of this - its strange that it happened in the first place, but twice in one week? I feel like Ross in Friends.

    2. I have been wearing the same sweater for the last 3 days. Its so comfortable and soft I don't want to stop. Who cares if its 80 degrees outside?

    3. I'm still not so sure about this weather. Its February! I wish we'd had a colder winter. Then again, maybe I feel this way because I was just in Cancun. This year has been unseasonably warm though. I know, I know, I need to appreciate this beautiful So Cal weather, but I'd like to be able to wear the sweater I spoke of in #2 and not sweat.

    4. I feel somewhat guilty lately as Jake leaves for work every morning. I have nothing going on right now. I'm just waiting (and waiting!) to hear back about my RN license and waiting to begin working (as long as everything pans out). I have lacked responsibility to anything besides Jake and our apartment for almost 2 months now. I love it, and I hate it. I just feel bad that Jake has to go off to work while I do as I please each day...

  2. Good Morning and Happy Friday! Here are my confessions:

    1. Thanks to the wonders of Netflix on my iPhone, I have gotten sucked into the madness of Gossip Girl. 5 whole seasons of wealthy upper East Side high school insanity to look forward to. Actually – a confession within a confession, I have already watched the whole first season and have just started on Season 2. Oh Blair, oh Chuck, oh Serena … what in the world will you be up to next? I can hardly wait … XOXO…

    2. Related to #1, as with all good obsessions, I have done far too much Googling of the Gossip Girl characters and was pleased to note that, similar to our favorite duo Edward and Bella, Gossip Girl’s Serena and Dan (Blake Lively and Penn Badgley) also used to date. Alas they broke up after Season 3 (or is it Season 4?) but who cares because I’m only in Season 2. Don’t burst my bubble.

    3. Team Gross – I went to the gym this morning and didn’t wash my hair – and now I’m at work. Is that wrong? Hey, it’s Friday. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    4. Last but not least, as Sarah already mentioned, it’s the day I’ve been counting down for since November … the DVD is released at midnight. I am listening to my brain and not my heart, however, and not staying up to midnight to make my purchase. Hope its not a mistake, but I will be hitting up Target bright and early Saturday a.m. (note to self – what time does Target open?)

    I want to wear backwards yoga pants too. Sounds fun. And comfy. However please don’t make me go to walmart. That place scares me. Lisa – remember you are on walmart duty for the dvd purchase. Can’t wait to get together with y’all to see the movie next week, but I can’t guarantee that I won’t have already watched it as many times as I possibly can between now and then. and I intend to get my hands (eyeballs) on that preview of BD Part 2 clip they are showing at Target at midnight tonite too – will keep you posted.