oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

I always have mixed feelings when Sunday night rolls around. I typically have a very full belly after a delicious meal at my parent's {gotta love Sunday dinners} and while I'm sad that our lounging family time has come to a close for the week, I find myself eager to slip back into our weekday routine. This Sunday night is no exception.

It was a wonderful weekend. We changed it up a bit. In lieu of a family walk and the Farmer's Market we celebrated a very special three year old.

 If you ask Trent who his best friend is he will tell you "Cuppie!" As Juliana says, they are "professional friends."

Her mama is my professional friend, sister in Christ and fierce prayer warrior. We just click so it's a blessing the kids (husbands included) do too.

Oh yeah, she's also an amazing hostess...

Cupcake sugar highs led to a dance party for the girlies while Trent took it upon himself to test out some of Cuppie's new birthday scores.

The little sisters get down

Happy Birthday sweet girl, it was an honor to celebrate you!!

With the cooler weather rolling in, rather than stay for the second service at church we headed home to play with new blocks, take naps and test out a new {to me} soup recipe.

Sammy takes it upon herself to taste test all new toys that come into the house.

Word building is just so much work.

While he slept, Juliana went to work on her latest creation. You can see that necessary costume changes were made so that she could make a Valentine's book for Grammy's birthday...don't ask :).

I do love weekends, but I'm itching for Monday. A morning walk to invigorate my body, scrubbing my countertops clean after weekend cooking adventures and getting all the loose ends of laundry tied up and put away. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, we'll be in touch!!

*BTW, Cuppie's real name is Avery, I know some of you were curious

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  1. Looks like an amazing party with a bunch of fun cowgirls and boys! Love the color scheme!