oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Confessions

1. I have cheated twice on my "detox". However, I have accomplished several of my goals already. I have discovered that I do better when not eating wheat and that when I'm not drinking a pot of coffee a day my breastfed baby sleeps through the night. Who knew? Weight loss...not so much. I have lost one pound in eleven days. On the plus side, my husband who has been detoxing for FOUR days has lost SEVEN pounds. Go Honey!! Oh Honey :)

2. My newest solution to the kid's bickering is to lock them in the backyard till they figure it out. Guess what?? They figure it out really quick. Our afternoons have been quite peaceful since I instituted this practice.

3. Since I now I have three children I'm better at turning a blind eye to germ traps. They'll survive.

4. Team Gross in the house!! I haven't washed my hair since Monday afternoon. I'm just lazy trying to conserve and also really appreciate what clean hair feels and smells like.

5. My knew knowledge of gluten sensitivities could be disheartening for a baker like myself. Rather than be discouraged I set out to find new recipes for some of my favorite treats. Here's the confessing part. Please note the bold letters spelling out HIGH FIBER on the package. Should you bake with this, don't go overboard devouring your finished product. I did...enough said.

6. I bought the equivalent of gym shorts at Express because they looked like the ones that Bella wore in Breaking Dawn. I also explained to the sales guy why I was buying them (and a pair for Sarah). Fortunately there was no judgement on his part because he was also a fan.

7. Drake had a board meeting. I had a coupon. I loaded up the kids and did the unthinkable...

no, this wasn't one of the two ways I cheated, I just got the kids Happy Meals.
I only cheat when chocolate is involved.

We have a date night tonight and I already know it's going to be good because my mom {the saint} is keeping all three of them overnight. This has had me anticipating and smiling all week. Here's some other things that made me smile...

Juliana picking out a "journal" and neon pens.

Soft clean baby skin.

Samantha discovering the magic water in Papa's blue cup.

The return of our morning walks.

Gorgeous weather the draws us outside and to the seashore.

So share with me a confession or two...better yet, tell me what has you smiling right now...Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Love this post.

    I am still smiling from the past weekend. We had a bball tournament in Anaheim. We spent three nights in the hotel and I cheered my boys on as they competed in 12 games over two and a half days. But the weekend was more than that. Here are some highlights....

    Our best friends got engaged. Chris popped the question on Sunday and Janelle said yes. We are so excited for them.

    I watched James do what he was put on this earth to do, coach boys to be better athletes and even better men. They definitely won games but they cleaned up their water bottles off the bench when the game was over, shook the referees hands, thanked their parents for being there and allowed the little sisters in the group to get their serving of pizza first. There is nothing better than watching the man you love do what he loves.

    We jumped on the beds in the hotel room (me included) and then I climbed in bed with both boys and watched The Voice until we all fell asleep.

    Isaiah hit the game winning jump shot at the buzzer after being down by 14 at the half. I cried, he cried, all the parents were hugging each other and jumping up and down then the team put him on their shoulders and carried him off the court. He couldn't get down fast enough to get to me. Did I mention how wonderful it is to watch someone you love do what they love? When your child has found his passion and his ability to lead and touch other people at 11 years old, it is an amazing thing to watch.

    There must have been 40 kids in the lobby of the hotel Saturday night. Eating pizza, sharing highlights from their games, swimming and of course shooting on the court outside. Alanah was right in the middle of it all. Directing the younger little girls, making sure the boys weren't playing elevator tag and laughing hysterically with the other girls her age. To put it mildly, our shy little girl has come out of her shell and is a beautiful young woman.

    It was also our 16 year wedding anniversary on Saturday. The celebration is postponed until next month in Vegas (how many days left?!?) but the parents on the team toasted us and gave us a gift. I never would have guessed 16 years ago that this would be my life but I wouldn't trade on part of it.

    I watched Kai come into his own this weekend. Having a big brother so close in age has it's advantages and disadvantages. He can fly under the radar but being overshadowed is also a possibility. He did not let this happen. He is the youngest one out there but he has the biggest heart. Some of the kids on the other team had a good 80lbs on him and it never stopped him. He doesn't hesitate to go up against the biggest players. When he got knocked down his teammates were right there to put him back on his feet, always smiling. He went head first off the court after a ball and already has an injury to his ear. Of course I asked him after the game what on earth he was thinking...he said "I was thinking, get the ball!" That's right son, if you go after everything in life like that there is no way you will fail.

    I left Monday hearing balls bouncing, whistles and buzzers in my head even long after we had left. It seems a small price to pay for the smile I've had all week. Boy am I lucky to be that mans wife and the mother to such wonderful kids.

  2. Good Morning!

    Wow Cara, just wow :) It is always a blessing to start my Fridays off with this blog. Lisa, your posts are always so fun and uplifting, and Cara you just added an extra bonus of goodness to my day! Congratulations on 16 years of marriage! That is simply amazing. Praise the Lord we all have such wonderful husbands! Because its Friday I will add in my couple confessions, and per your request Lisa, a couple things that make me smile :)


    - I avoided washing my hair this week until yesterday. From Saturday to Thursday my hair was put on hold so that it could soak up some oils and enjoy being bathed in its natural juices.... sounds lovely right? No. It was gross - Team Gross. I went hiking twice and walking and did a 30 day shred video workout. I put baby powder at the roots a couple times to give it a little less shine. But it was all worth it. My hair looked beautiful after I washed it yesterday and Jake claims he didn't even notice that I took a 6 day hiatus from shampoo. Sometimes its nice when he isn't as observant about these things - he even told me I looked beautiful a few times this week. I wanted to say - really?! Do you SEE my hair!?

    - Speaking of hair, this confession is overdue (I forgot about it last week). I managed to drop my hair brush in our toilet. I was almost tempted to pull it out and rinse it off when I noticed some toilet paper had gotten stuck in the bristles - clean toilet paper, but still. I let the brush go and coughed up the $4 to buy a new one. It now grosses me out thinking I considered continuing to brush my hair with something that had spent time in our toilet.


    - I finally got an iphone. I do feel semi guilty because I am married to Mr. Simplicity and I know he sacrificed his preference for me. But he is wonderful and as we walked into AT&T he did all the talking and got me the phone I really wanted. Do I REALLY need it? No. Is it awesome to be able to text so easily and take unnecessary pictures for fun and share them with friends as well as check my email etc etc etc? YES! I am seriously loving it, and the GPS is really handy, and I have nursing software on there so I will be able to use it at work.

    - I start my new job on Monday! I have all new cute scrubs to wear (which makes this job even more exciting!)

    - My official RN license came in the mail! Woohoo!

    - I bought 2 new pairs of jeans last week. One of which was on super sale for $24. This is huge for me considering I have spent 6 times that amount on jeans before. And I love them!

    - The James study. God has really been doing a work on my heart and in my life with this study and has revealed things to me this past week that are helping me to heal. It is amazing how a burden I didn't even know I had has been lifted.

    - Jake has been working so hard these last few weeks (6 days in a row for a few weeks now) and I'm really proud of him. He is working toward a goal and I am so glad to see him so motivated and giving credit to the Lord for his success.

    - My Mom, Jan, Kelly, David, Anna, Jake and I are all going to Benihana tomorrow night to celebrate getting my license

    There are many other things making me smile, but my post is getting long :) All of you ladies make me smile! I love you all!

  3. Yeah it's Friday. Here's what's making me smile:
    ~It is Friday, February 24th and it has been one year since David's accident. We are healthy and strong. We have been blessed beyond anything we could imagine.
    ~Tonight I will have 3 of my grandchildren spend the night :)
    ~ Tomorrow night I will take dinner to Mark and Jessica and enjoy holding and loving on my youngest grandchild
    ~I got my hair highlighted and cut yesterday and it feels so good
    ~The James bible study is constantly in my thoughts and prayerfully reflects in my actions
    ~Juliana and I had an extra fun evening together on Wednesday night after AWANA playing beauty salon. She's the stylist and I am the client
    ~Just got my birth announcement for Emily Anne Sammons in the mail (adorable) !!!
    ~Reading these posts and comments :)
    Have a blessed weekend....

  4. Happy Friday -


    1. I bought 2 cupcakes from Sprinkles last Saturday and ate them BOTH. Not on the same day, but still. I felt like I deserved it becasue I had to work on Saturday and felt like I deserved it. (huh?)

    2. 5 Guys french fries. Need I say more?

    3. Julian apple pie WITH ice cream.

    4. Yeesh I had a big food week - no wonder I can't lose any weight.


    1. Moroccan Hair Oil - It sounds counterintuitive, but its really good for my hair; smooths fly-aways and makes the dry ends happy. Specifically the Organix "Moroccan Argan Oil" - makes my hair smile.

    2. Kahlua Cream Cheese Pie from Marie Callender's at lunchtime on Thursday made me smile (oops that maybe should also be a confession!!)

    3. Getting a new dishwasher with our tax refund.

    4. Planning ahead to do take-out dinner from PF Chang's on Sunday (using a 20% on-line order discount code). Tom and Michael don't like it so it will be All For Me. Double Pan Fried Noodles with Chicken is my fave.

    5. Contemplating a trip to Connecticut to see one of my oldest girlfriends (from grade school/high school/college) in May. Makes my heart smile.

    6. Watching BD for the umpteenth time - along with the documentary - Team Edward all the way.

  5. OK my whole comment is about eating. I'm not usually so food-centric (am i?)...

  6. you guys are all making me smile right now, LOVE all the participation!! Seriously I'm so encouraged by the little community we have established on this blog. love you girls!!