oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Kellas' Are Coming

We had a good laugh the morning we left because in an attempt to "warn" our gracious hosts' about the nature of our family, Drake's mom intended to send his cousin Julie an email entitled The Kellas' are Coming. Rather than sending it to cousin Julie she sent it to my mom Julie. It was very sweet and just a silly slip-up, but still funny because yes, the Kellas' were coming indeed!!!

The kids did great on the plane for the most part...Samantha had a few rough patches...their favorite part was the take-off.

Julie's home is gorgeous and she did an amazing job at making sure we were comfortable. I cannot say enough good about her and her family. I adore her and wish we lived closer.

They have a stunning view of Mt. Rainier from their backyard. She told us it's only visible on clear days which they rarely have except when the Kellas' have come!! It was clear and beautiful the whole time we were there.

Aside from a shopping excursion on Sunday (lululemon outlet, hello!!) we spent the whole day visiting with family. Drake's Aunt Colleen and her husband Van own a farm. Seriously cows, barn, make their own hay, the whole shibang!! To say the kids had a blast is an understatement.

Cold is not something I'm fond of, but these views never got old. This is the view from Drake's grandparent's living room, dining room and kitchen. One side of their house is all windows and I understand why.

Miss Priss wouldn't let anyone touch her. She's a such a friendly child (insert sarcasm), by the end I think everyone was just trying to avoid direct eye contact with her for fear she would think they might want to touch her. But oh how she's cute...

These two were inseparable. So sweet.

 Oh Trent. Our little buddy took quite a spill on the bicycle initially. Straight down the driveway and into a bush. You'll see scratches on his face in some of the pictures, but that didn't stop him from hopping right back on.

Juliana loved having Ethan around. She's asked me before when I'm going to have an older brother for her, sorry Sis that's not in the cards for you. Older cousins are really fun too though.

Only an offspring of Drake's would feel the need to take their shirt off because they're "hot" in February, in Washington.

see the scratches?

 The kids weren't the only ones having fun with their cousins. We heart Amber. In fact Juliana told us her two favorite people in Washington are Anna and Amber.

Have I mentioned Drake's grandparent's have a stunning home? It feels like a lodge. Had my children not been with me I would have been cuddled up on their couch with a cup of coffee the whole time. Maybe one day...in May of this year perhaps...Mom, I have something to talk to you about...

at least we tried

poor baby

Aside from me my mom is the only other person Samantha would let touch her, SO grateful she was with us!!

Praise the Lord for all the extra sets of hands that traveled with us!! We had a fabulous day in the city. Amber was the perfect tour guide :-)

Sister loves her baby doll.

They are watching cheese curds being made and Amber is explaining the process to Juliana

The BEST latte I've ever had
Goodbye Seattle, you were good to us.


  1. Squeeee - you had me at Lululemon Outlet!! Hope you got some goodies! What beautiful pictures; looks like you had amazing weather up there. It reminds me of home; having been in Southern California for so many years now (20 years?) I still can appreciate how beautiful it is up there. And cheese curd - YUM! Did you try it? Little baby sister looks darling in that pink coat! And is that a giant chair that Drake is sitting in? A Drake-sized chair; you need that in your home! Glad to see you guys had a great trip up there and that its a first up to the area for your mom! Look forward to hearing more about it. Have a super weekend!

  2. too many goodies at lulu...not looking forward to that credit card bill, jk. yes that is a drake size chair, in a chocolate store might i add. we brought cheese curds home with us and they are gone, positively divine!! looking forward to catching up next friday!!

  3. Looks like you guys had an incredible adventure! And I'm SO impressed you're already on top of the photo sharing...you must teach me how you do it! :) Glad you're home. Can't wait for our detox. XO

  4. Love the pictures! I am disappointed however that you did not catch Edward hiding in the background of your trip :( I guess he was really trying to make sure you didn't see him watching you from a safe distance.

    Cute photos, and gorgeous scenery. I bet if Jake and I were ever to move anywhere it would be somewhere like that. So beautiful. And the kids look adorable :) Fun stuff! I will have to make it up there one day to visit. I can't wait to experience Seattle one day :)