oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

9 Years: Now and Then

Nine years ago today we got married. I wasn't even of legal drinking age and we both worked at Starbucks. We rented a one bedroom apartment next to the railroad tracks for $750 a month. We loved each other more than anything in the world. We still do.

Our life looks a lot different now. Today I picked him up from the airport after he returned home from his umpteenth business trip this year. We had a wonderful lunch overlooking the bay and then went to pick up our three beautiful children from my mom's. We came home to our house we bought four years ago. Our front door is red. Behind that red front door lots of life is happening.

We are not perfect, but within the four walls of our house with the red door, we are choosing to love each other. Choosing to love each other more than we did the day before. Choosing to accept that we are flawed human beings, but with the help of a perfect Savior we can love each other the way He loves us.

Happy 9th Anniversary my Honey, I love you.

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