oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday Confessions (a little early)

1. One week.

2. I decided to paint the kitchen this week. Let's just call it the domino effect. Now the kitchen AND living room have been repainted, furniture and decor has been repurposed, one couch has been eliminated and lastly I received a text from my brother tonight blaming me because he and my sis-in-law were at Home Depot buying paint...what can I say? I inspire people.

{french gray}

{transferred our dining area}

3. I'm obsessed with Instagram. I often check it before I tell Drake good morning. Sorry Honey.

4. I actually tear up every time I think about this one turning two. 

5. I send embarrassing enticing photos like these to Drake when he's traveling. This one is supposed to communicate "even though I haven't showered and I'm eating goldfish while watching Lois & Clark, I'm still sexy" Yeah, right.

6. Mother of the year completely forgot to blog about Halloween and sadly didn't photograph it well either...kinda hard when you leave your camera at home. Nonetheless, iphone to the rescue...

Truthfully the lack of pictures speaks volumes of how much I enjoyed Halloween, I was in the moment. I was present. Laughing with loved ones. Listening to delighted voices coo "trick-or-treat". Feeling nostalgic about my own childhood memories. Halloween was wonderful. Thank you Jess (and Mark (but mostly Jess)) for hosting :).

7. I love this man and the life that we have together. 

Happy weekend friends.


  1. I hereby confess:

    1. I was so hungry this morning by the time I got into work, I ate a muffin as big as my head for breakfast. Virtually no redeeming nutritional value in a muffin but it was sooooooo good.

    2. I have little to no sympathy for my husband's woes about not having "any" free time to do anything anymore, now that he's started his new job. "Welcome back to reality, honey!"

    3. I just ordered an eyeshadow kit from Sephora that I totally don't need, just so I could get a free tote, which I totally don't need, filled with samples, which I totally don't need.

    4. I am still ridiculously excited about The Movie coming out next Friday and I can't stop trolling the internet for movie clips and interviews and tidbits about all my favorite characters. I feel like I may have already seen the entire movie already, clip by clip.

    5. And I have already bought my ticket for Friday.

    6. And I am already plotting when I can see the movie AGAIN; Sunday, anyone?

    7. When all my clothes have been washed, I don't even have enough space to put them all away in my bureau so I've decided that means that I shouldn't do laundry so much.

    Happy Friday! Lisa - I look forward to seeing you bright and early on Sunday :-)

    1. #7...right there with you and I totally agree, just don't do all the laundry :)

  2. My turn to confess:

    1. My visit with my mother in law was very restful, pleasant, and enjoyable. I didn't come back feeling bad about myself. Maybe we all are growing up in good ways.

    2. I get another fun weekend with my husband. Coronado here we come. We are staying at the Glorietta Bay Inn with dinner reservations at Il Fornaio. I might just get used to this going away for fun weekends thing. :) (David won this through an incentive at work)

    3. I too have issues with laundry...however when all my laundry is done and IRONED it is David's clothes that take up all the room. What is wrong with this picture?!!! I put off doing the ironing for as long as I can..then it takes me hours to iron all his shirts..CRAZY

    4. I enjoy watching re-runs of NCIS. It's very relaxing for me to turn on USA channel and have an afternoon snack. It's only on on certain afternoons so I can't do this every day which is probably a good thing!

    5. I'm glad Friday confessions is back...

    Have a blessed weekend. Maybe I'll see you girls in Coronado when you run on by....


  3. Hello and Happy Saturday... I'm late, as usual, to posting.

    1. I'm obsessed with Lois and Clark. Well, mainly Clark... but I do like Lois as well. I must also confess that Jake and I took your DVD's of the show to Palm Springs because I really have no desire to watch anything else these days. We just started season three, and I'm loving it! While I still struggle with my attitude toward working night shift, now one of my main reasons I don't want to go to work at night is because I want to stay home and watch the show with Jake. (We're not allowed to watch it without each other) So now its not just that I hate leaving Jake at night, its also that I'm missing out on watching Superman be so awesome.

    2. I have gained a fairly significant amount of weight so far during this pregnancy (remember last week... my confession about eating, and eating, and eating???). I asked the Dr. if he thought my weight gain was okay and his response was: "Yeah, its fine, you'll probably just end up fat". I laughed at this when he said it and still continue to find it amusing. Why can I take his comment so well and yet if I were to hear that from anyone else I would cry? I'm not sure I understand my emotions at all.

    3. I am SO GLAD I'm not running the Silver Strand with you all tomorrow.... I really don't need one more thing on my to do list. Also, its glorious having an excuse not to run :)

    4. This one might really get some backlash. I'm more excited to watch more episodes of Lois and Clark than I am to see BD part 2.... Yikes! That even sounds terrible to me!

    5. So in my attempt to stop gaining too much weight too fast, I've decided to cut back on the dairy in my diet; primarily cheese (as recommended by my Dr.). And while I haven't been eating as much cheese I still bought TJ's cookie ice cream sandwiches. I'm not sure how I can rationalize this in my head. Cheese is worse than Ice cream sandwiches right?

    Sounds like you all have an exciting weekend planned! Enjoy!

    xoxo :)

  4. My confession is....I miss you all TONS!!

    This having four kids in various sports, all sorts of activities and a non-stop job is no joke!!

    I want to come to Breaking Dawn. Am I still invited?

    Love you ladies!


    1. We miss you!!!!! Can I pick you up Friday at 6:15??? xoxo