oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Come next month we will have lived in our house for 4 years. I can't even believe how quickly time has passed and that we have added two children, one born within the four walls of this house. Our backyard has been the last priority on the long list of household to-do's.

We (Drake's mom and I) made a small enclosure for the kids to play until we had the means to expand and really do what we want. As we are getting close to that point I thought I should cough up the money to purchase a couple of chair pads so that we could sit out there and get a feel for how we want our backyard. $70, I spent $70 on two chair pads and you would think we added another bedroom to our house. We have spent more time as a family in our backyard over the past 4 days than we have in the past 4 years.

It. Is. Wonderful.

We have been out there every night under the stars, music playing, kids dancing.

Amazing what transpires when television is out of the line of vision. Conversations, relaxation, family time.

After two days of backyard bliss, we coughed up another $70 for two more chair pads. I cleaned off the patio table, handed down to us from Drake's grandfather, that we had never used. Morning coffee, quiet time with the Lord, breakfast, afternoon snacks and dinner has all been enjoyed around the forsaken glass top in a span of two days. Amazing the fellowship a table with four chairs (plus chair pads) has brought our family. Wish we had done this sooner.

If you ever stop by and we don't answer the door, come around back, we'll pour you a drink and maybe by then we'll have two more chair pads.

Big things are happening this weekend...someone special is turning 6. Can't wait to celebrate her.

Now back to party prep...


  1. I love this. Its very "Summer" hanging out in the yard with kids playing at night. It also makes me think of the midwest for some reason. It just seems like something midwesterners would do. I love the color of the chair pads too :) Also Lisa, you look very tan next to Jules. You have definitely been outside! And yay for the big 6th birthday!!!! Wow, I know we say this constantly, but I still can't belive she's turning 6 and that it was that long ago I drove home from LA to meet my first little niece the night she was born. Anyways, cute post :) xoxo love you all

  2. Reminds me of the night the power went out all over So-cal and beyond. Where could you find us with family and neighbors....in our backyard having a great time. We made pizza on the grill and roasted marshmallows in the fire pit. We laughed and visited well into the evening. "Unplugging" from all the other distractions in our lives helps keep it real and alive. It makes us look into another's eyes, really hear what they are saying, and allow us to fully communicate with all our senses. I was getting my nails done yesterday and the gal next to me "could not" put her iphone down. The manicurist finally had to take it away just so she could finish doing her nails...it was not only annoying for the manicurist but for anyone sitting near by to hear that noise every few seconds of text, emails and phone calls. The gal getting her nails done was 34years old not some unknowing teenager. She was actually a pleasant person once the iphone was confiscated. A great reminder to all of us to unplug and enjoy the moments!!! Now I must go I have some birthday cake to bake and some decorating to do for a very special mermaid birthday party!!! I'm still refusing to believe she's going to be SIX!! But I love every year with her and I'm sure six will not disappoint...love ya

  3. great blog! we are working on unplugging right now, it isn't easy for us, but our family time is worth it :)