oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Camera Dump

I have been itching to document the past week. It has been rich with birthday celebration, family gathering and the grand finale of Juliana finishing kindergarten. Unfortunately disease has also loomed over our household infecting everyone (minus Daddy), and the TLC for my family has kept me from blogging. Life, it's what happens while you're making plans, right?

Now here I am, blogging from the bathroom. I filled up the bathtub for Trent and Sammy and I'm hopeful this will entertain for at least 15 minutes so that I can get this post done.


Someone pooped in the bathtub, there went that strategy.

Trent is now reading and Sammy is pulling the wipes out of the container...let me do this as fast as possible. 

Under the Sea Pool Party

Juliana's Birthday Dinner at Grandma and Papa's

Last Day of Kindergarten

There you have it. Perhaps one day I will go back and caption all the photos. There is so much I want to say, so many emotions that are stirred with each picture.

A sensory overload of smells and feelings... the baby shampoo I still wash Juliana's hair with and the weight of her body as I hugged her goodbye on her last day...Trent's laughter in the pool...the smoke from 6 birthday candles...Samantha, the ways she clings to me...my dad measuring Jules on "the wall"...wanting her party to be just right...

We are surrounded by so many people that love us. We are blessed.

Happy Weekend.


  1. The pictures were worth a thousand words...I actually have tears in my eyes thinking about all the special memories we are making with our kids. Obviously the picture don't detract from the important words like "someone pooped in the bathtub". I love being on the outside and sharing these special moments and memories with you. I am now inspired to write on my blog, love you!

  2. Wow!! Talk about emotional overload with the main emotion being JOY!! Look at our girl growing up! I told her she couldn't get any older than six~ She told me "Grandma it doesn't work that way, I have to get older!" Oh well I tried. Loving each stage with her and remembering how busy it all can be and not to miss the moments...Even when some of those moments involve POOP, literally and figuratively. Here's to our 1st grader and to life always changing~with love~gma:)

  3. This really was a BIG post. There have been many things happening the last month. PHEW! The pictures are adorable of all the little girls in their suits enjoying the pool. And I Love the one of cuppy in her little bikini. Precious! Jules is such a cutie pie! Love her! Wow first grade! I'm sure she will do well and she will enjoy it the whole time - thats just how she is! xoxo