oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Confessions

Here goes...

1. I have only opened my Bible twice this week.

2. Being a mom is A LOT harder than I ever thought it would be. I have never been more convicted of my own sin nature until having children or rather THREE children. Trying to civilize uncivilized beings can really bring out the worst in me sometimes. Pride, anger, irritation. Being a parent is like character truth serum. Thankfully, the Lord is always faithful when I cry to Him for wisdom and guidance. Praise you Lord Jesus!

3.  I locked (word used very loosely) Juliana and Trent in the backyard yesterday.

be still my heart. so precious.

4. So I could eat this...

*warm from the oven...heaven.

5. Drake has a Santa Fe Alumni event tonight. I came up with a series of good excuses so that I could stay home, but the truth, I just plain don't want to go. I worry that people are starting to think I'm a recluse.

6. Snotty nose and dirty feet, this kid steals my heart.

He stood in the backyard tossing his hat in the air while screaming "yeehaw" for five minutes straight

Have a great weekend!


  1. I think its about time for me to get back on track with "Friday" confessions. This way you're not the only one :)

    1. It is 9:15am and I am still in bed. I've been awake for three hours but have been enjoying the silence and stillness... does it matter that I have laundry? Of course not.

    2. I started reading Midnight Sun this morning. Oh my, it is addicting for sure.

    3. I feel I "deserve" to read it because I passed my nursing school exit exam (without studying) and thus am also avoiding doing the paper I have due on Monday

    4. While reading, I am also fantasizing about the different breakfasts I could make myself.... hmm, who knows what it will be.

    5. I am very minimally annoyed at Jake wearing PJ pants in the previous post after I had asked him to wear normal pants when he left yesterday morning. In another secretive way, I think he's rather endearing and charming in those plaid flannels - even though I think its inappropriate for a 27 year old man to go out and about in pajama pants.

    Thats all for now... back to Edward and Bella :)

  2. Happy Friday! I confess:

    1. I ate TWO cupcakes yesterday. Ugh.

    2. My "boys" went on a road trip to the Sierras this week so I took Tuesday as a mental health day and laid on the couch and watched bad TV all day. Boy is daytime TV BAD!

    3. I tossed a couple empty plastic food containers rather than rinsing them and putting them in the recycling bin.

    4. Michael came home with badly chapped lips yesterday from the trip (being all outdoorsy with dad) and when we were snuggling in bed last night, i was too lazy to get up and get him some lip balm so i put lotion (!) on his lips. Hey it was handy on his night-stand!

    5. I make Hubby stop fast-forwarding through the commercials every time the Breaking Dawn preview comes on - even though its the same preview I've seen 20 times already!

  3. 7. I bought the special edition US Weekly on Breaking Dawn. I didn't realize until after I bought it that it was almost $10.

  4. Lisa - Yikes on the price, but hold onto that one; I'd like to check it out!! :-)

  5. will do :-)

    8. purchased Halloween candy today and made the big mistake of buying stuff I like. BTW peanut butter snickers=amazing!!

  6. Well here goes...
    1. I finally have fallen victim to THE COLD!!! After weeks of being around small children (3 of whom I am related) and adults who have been hacking, sneezing, blowing their noses, and sharing their germs I have joined their "team".
    2. I have been craving candy corn since the onset of this cold. I normally don't care for candy corn.
    3. I bought myself an electric teapot and I wish I had done this years ago. I am thoroughly enjoying cup after cup of hot tea. (feels good due to the cold)
    4. I only went to work for a couple of hours today as I did not want to be one of those people who shares all her germs when she is sick. I actually disinfected the phone, computer mouse and a few other surfaces that I touch in the office frequently to protect others from THIS COLD. I stayed away from all the children and staff as best as I could, then left as soon as I completed the few things I had to do( and the disinfecting)
    5. In case you have missed it I HAVE A COLD and I am soooo over it!
    Hopefully by next Friday there will be no mention of the COLD!!!