oh honey

oh honey
days are long, years are short.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

5 Confessions

1. Samantha is almost 9 months and is not on solid food. She's had a taste here or there of this or that, but for the most part it's all liquid gold for my girl. However today I gave her a carrot.

I just think she's too cute

2. Instead of hot chocolate for a rainy day treat I whipped up sugar cookies because I was wanting one (okay, I ate four). The kids didn't seem to mind, especially when they got to decorate.

FYI, if it's October we have candy corn in our house

3. I struggle with this puzzle and they (Juliana) handle it no problem.

4. Promptly at 5:00 pm I poured myself a glass of wine. Drake was getting a massage and I wanted to be just as relaxed as him.

5. I feel bad for skinny babies and I'm secretly glad I've never had one.

That's all I've got right now. What about you? Any confessions you want to get off your chest? Feel free to share.

Look at her with a spatula, maybe she'll be a baker like Mama


  1. Confessions??? Well, I have done absolutely zero studying for this last semester of nursing school even though it is week 6 and there are only 10 weeks left.... And, I secretly love all those scrumptious babies of yours too, okay, thats not really a secret!

  2. I confess that I don't know how to turn on and off my own TV with all the gadgets and remote control setup that we have. I have to ask my 8-year old to do it for me. I also confess that the passing of Steve Jobs has been more upsetting for me than I would have thought; i'm no techno-geek but the man was a creative genius I think.

  3. agreed about steve jobs, so sad for his family.
    I have another confession. I'm currently more excited about the Breaking Dawn release than Christmas. Let's all plan on going together. Beth-I will bring some pumpkin cookies to snack on...

  4. Yes its coming up in a little more than a month; let's do it! :-) Do you want to go on the 18th? I can take the day off work...

  5. oooh, maybe. or we could go that night. make it a girl's night and grab dinner beforehand. let me find out if Drake is in town or not.